Hitomi: 2010 Films Ranked

Published : December 21st, 2020 Written by Panking

I'm back with the next entry in my yearly ranking series for Hitomi Tanaka. This time we're looking at the year 2010. These early years were admittedly a bit rough but this year saw a nice improvement from her. This is partially due in part to shooting with more big-name studios in Moodyz and Oppai. 2010 also saw her branching out a bit and trying some new fetishes such as bukkake and creampies. Plus she was given the opportunity to try new themes such as fan thanksgiving, teacher, and nurse. Hitomi started to become a bit more comfortable on-screen but still suffered from underwhelming performances admittedly. Anyway, 2010 was a very hit-or-miss year with some big highs and massive lows. With all that out of the way let's begin with my least favorite film from this year.

11. DASD-132

"500 Cums In A Row"

Easily the worst film of this year as it's not even close. DASD-132 features no plot or story at all which shouldn't be surprising. Instead, it's all about Hitomi taking 500 loads of cum either in her mouth or pussy through sex. Hey, that sounds like it good be decent right? If you're a big fan of creampies and lots of semen then this should be a dream cum true. Not in this case though as every single cumshot here is 100% fake. The cum isn't even remotely realistic looking either as it's some of the worst looking fake jizz I've ever seen. Everything from the color to the thickness is completely off. And that's only the beginning of the issues with this film. There are 3 other critical flaws and the first is her performance.

To be blunt her acting here is terrible. She's entirely submissive, doesn't engage at all, and often just lays there like a dead fish waiting to be glazed. The next major problem is the pacing. This film is a staggering FOUR hours long. It's insanely bloated and repetitive. All the scenes take place in the same room pretty much featuring the same exact setup. Perhaps the most criminal offense is the garbage sex. For one the cumshots are laughably bad as each one is the same shit every time with the guy approaching her and shooting one or two shots of "cum" and then leaving. The quality of the sex scenes is dreadful with each lining up and fucking her lasting only about 10 secs before "cumming". There is absolutely nothing redeeming here.

10. MIDD-648

"Tease the Colossal Tits of This J-Cup Celebrity 'Til They Fall Off!!"

I'm sure this film will have its fans but I am not one of those. Definitely one of my least favorite films of hers from this era. As you can probably tell from the back cover the film's setup centers around titty stimulation. Most of this is achieved through groping and vibrators along with a few other toys. There are absolutely no plot elements featured in any scenes making them feel very repetitive. "Repetitive" is a perfect word actually to summarize this entire film. Overall it contains 5 scenes in all with three being full sex scenes and the other two being strictly just stimulation/toying scenes, which are incredibly dull and dragged out.

Not to mention each sex scene itself contains plenty of that already. Also, I should mention that one of the stimulation scenes features a group of guys using toys on her while wearing masks and having her restrained making for a very odd scene. Beyond that, her performance is super submissive as expected and the production values feel pretty cheap such as the settings used. Admittedly Hitomi looks quite good but the same could be said for every film of hers just about. There's really nothing of value here at all. Completely forgettable with repetitive action, a weak performance, and dull production values.

9. MIDD-599

"J-Cup Super Colossal Tits: Titty Fuck Special"

Despite having "titty fuck" in the title, there's really not a ton of focus on it funny enough. The result is a mostly average and somewhat forgettable film. The main center of attention here isn't on paizuri really but instead just her boobs in general. So as such the title is definitely misleading. Anyway, the film boasts a meaty 240-minute runtime spread across 7 scenes in total. Overall there's a mix between 4 full sex scenes and the rest encompassing some outercourse, paizuri, and titty stimulation. Now usually I'm all for more scenes and action but here I gotta say it's incredibly bloated and dragged out. A lot of scenes overstay their welcome and spend too much time groping, kissing, and playing with her tits.

It's not very satisfying at all and feels like a waste. Plus there's nowhere near enough proper paizuri action and the one scene we do get that's devoted to it features a very underwhelming cumshot. Overall her performance isn't too memorable either. She can get pretty whiny at times and isn't that engaging. Just a typical lackluster early Hitomi performance. At least the production values are fine with solid lighting and great camerawork capturing some nice shots of her breasts. In the end, if you want to see Hitomi in action with a focus on her tits then you'll maybe be satisfied. But beyond that, there's little value here that you can't get in a much better film.

8. PPPD-115

"OPPAI Porn Star Hitomi Drops In On Big Tits Enthusiast"

Normally I'm a big fan of the fan thanksgiving genre so a video featuring Hitomi should've been a home run. But instead, this film fails to meet those expectations and severely under-delivers. As you'd expect the premise centers around Hitomi meeting fans in their homes and indulging in their fantasies with her. A simple but effective premise that I think many of us would love to be apart of. Some of the interactions with the fans are great such as when she lets a fan take some pictures of her or motorboat her tits. However, my main issue with this film is the pacing and action. There are only three entire scenes throughout the whole film with two being full sex scenes and the other a paizuri scene.

The problem is how long it takes scenes to get going. I understand giving the fan some bonding time with her and not jump straight into the sex but it's still very slow-paced. If they cut some of it out they could've easily included another scene. Even then the action isn't that great as the intensity is lacking and the cumshots are pretty weak. But to be fair, that's to be expected with this type of film. Beyond that, her performance at least is decent as she's fairly engaging and playful with the fans. And technically it's a solidly produced film but nothing particularly stood out. While it's not the worst fan thanksgiving film it certainly could've been much, much better.

7. MIGD-347

"Shaved J-Cup Hottie Hitomi Goes to Extremes: Bukkake, Creampies and Deep Throat!"

The title pretty much sums up what to expect out of this film. MIGD-347 gives you a little bit of everything. There's absolutely no real story or plot to be had instead choosing to focus entirely on action revolving around creampies along with some deep throat and bukkake. Also, they constantly highlight her shaven pussy so if you're into that you'll really appreciate that aspect here. Now I shouldn't have to tell you that there's a good chance the creampies are fake. They do look somewhat convincing though. Anyway for what it's worth the action is solid enough with some good sex scenes and a terrific bukkake scene. However, it's a bit too bloated with too much time spent on foreplay dragging out the runtime to 3 hours.

For example, there's an entire scene devoted to rubbing oil on her and using a bunch of vibrators to stimulate her. It's not really satisfying and goes on for far too long. Moving on to her performance which isn't really anything to write home about. She's rather submissive, doesn't really engage too much, and can get rather whiny. All these are common complaints I've made before regarding her early performances. Pretty mediocre across the board. On a more positive side, the production values are remarkable and solid with great lighting and camerawork. However, as I mentioned earlier the pacing is not so great. In closing, MIGD-347 boasts some decent action with a nice variety but suffers from a poor performance and bloated pacing.

6. PPPD-082

"Hitomi x Oppai x 4-Hours - Special Collaboration"

Here we have quite the landmark title in her career. This is the first video she ever filmed with Oppai. It features no plot whatsoever instead focusing entirely on her massive tits, what a surprise right? It makes perfect sense for a studio debut film of course. There's really not much else to go over regarding the premise. Now let's get into the real meat of the video, the action. PPPD-082 is a whopping 4 hours long in total spanning many scenes. There's a good mix of full-on sex scenes and some paizuri along with a heavy emphasis on breast play consisting of the actors groping and fondling her boobs in various ways. Overall the action is fine but nothing super memorable. Now by far one of the best aspects of this film is just how amazing Hitomi looks.

Of course, naturally, she looks terrific but she sports some very nice outfits mostly consisting of skimpy bikinis. Bolstering this aspect is the outstanding camerawork which does a superb job at capturing some gorgeous angles of Hitomi in action as her giant titties bounce around. Now the pacing does feel a slight bit bloated but nothing too bad. It just could've been condensed here and there. Lastly, we have her performance which is pretty forgettable. It's no secret that early Hitomi was a bit rough and here is no different as she's fairly disengaged and seems to rely on her boobs to do everything for her. Still, it's a fairly solid title with some good action and sexy outfits sure to please any Hitomi fan.

5. MIGD-325

"J Cup Celebrity Real Creampie"

Here we have one of her first creampie films. Usually, an actresses creampie introduction film with a new studio tends to be rather vanilla and lackluster but I gotta give Moodyz credit for delivering a surprisingly excellent film. The film is indeed mainly all about one thing, creampies. However, one of the film's best aspects is the variety in the scene scenarios and setups. Each scene presents something different. Some themes include soapland and hostess as well as different sex acts such as a gangbang and a scene where she has a group of guys cum on her pussy as she plays with herself. Now of course the main question is "are they real creampies?". Well, there's no way to be 100% sure but they look pretty real to me.

As a whole Hitomi delivers a mostly average performance. She has a few nice moments here and there but nothing that truly blew me away or left a lasting impression. Now what did impress me was the technical aspects. The lighting is fantastic, the camerawork is on point and best of all is Hitomi's appearance. Not only does she look physically stunning but in addition, she sports some fantastic outfits and unique looks such as a bunnygirl hostess with pigtails and some full-body fishnets. Plus the settings are all varied enough to keep the action from getting too stale. All in all, this is a very well rounded film with plenty of fantastic creampie action.

4. MIDD-610

"No Bra - Teacher With Colossal Tits Loves To Tease In Class"

Hitomi Tanaka as a hot, busty teacher? It practically writes itself. Rest assured this video mostly lives up to its dreamy premise. As expected, the film's plot revolves around Hitomi playing a somewhat lewd teacher who loves to go bra-less. Of course, her students can't resist as they end up groping and eventually fucking her. It's nothing too unique or original but hey if it ain't broke don't fix it. It's a mostly lighthearted plot although the final scene is a little more "heavy" than I would like. It's definitely entertaining though watching her struggle to fit in her bra or seduce a student by flashing her cleavage. Regarding the action, it's pretty solid for the most part. It total there are 3 full sex scenes and a paizuri scene.

There's a healthy amount of paizuri actually in every scene which is always a plus. Honestly, I have no major complaints as the scenes are all paced pretty nicely with the only slight exception being the final scene which is a bit too long but it's not too bad overall. That leads me to the technical aspects which are up to the Moodyz standard. Everything from the settings to the camerawork and especially her wardrobe are superb. Hitomi sports some very sexy teacher uniforms that are only made sexier thanks to her going braless and having her tits popping out. My one main gripe is her hit-and-miss acting. In some scenes, she's great and plays the seductive teacher role well. However, in other scenes, she falls flat. Still a terrific film overall.

3. PPPD-107

"97cm J Cup Titty Fuck Special"

PPPD-107 is easily one of her best earliest films. Now as the title suggests this particular film is all about tittyfucking. Beyond that, there's no plot at all, not even some slightly unique scenarios for each scene. It's really as simple as it gets but that's not necessarily a bad thing if it's executed well enough which in the case of this film it is. Now the video encompasses a runtime of the average two hours consisting of just 4 scenes but it's definitely a matter of quality over quantity as each scene is fantastic. It consists of 3 full sex scenes with one being a threesome and the other a paizuri scene. The position variety across the board is terrific emphasizing her massive chest and the cumshots are explosive as well.

This leads me to the technical aspects which is another strong highlight here. The pacing overall is superb as no scenes last too long and you're constantly entertained all the way through. The camerawork does a brilliant job at capturing some truly gorgeous shots of Hitomi as well which is further complemented by the excellent lighting. Lastly, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention her appearance and wardrobe as she sports some incredibly sexy outfits. Some include a mini-skirt and low cut shirt combo along with full-body fishnets. Before I end this I'll briefly touch on her acting which is pretty average all around. During paizuri scenes she's quite good but during intercourse, she falters a bit. Still, though you can't go wrong with this one. Amazing action, terrific tittyfucking and Hitomi looking stunning. Doesn't get much better than that.

2. PPPD-112

"J-Cup Nurse with Colossal Tits"

Hitomi Tanaka as a lewd and seductive nurse. What could be better than that? The central premise here is relatively simple but effective as it casts Hitomi as a nurse putting her assets to good use as she soothes her patients and relives them of their stress. Each scene has its own unique setup creating a nice sense of variety and prevents the theme from getting too stale. Some of these include giving a tittyfuck to a patient with broken hands and cheering up a guy by letting him fuck her. Some of it is a bit silly but it's JAV so what do you expect. Overall the film makes excellent use of the nurse theme. This leads me to the action which is very good featuring multiple sex scenes and a great paizuri scene. The position variety is also quite solid.

Now if there's one thing holding this film back it has to be her performance. While she does a fairly alright job at seducing her patients and initiating the scenes she often takes a submissive stance during the action which doesn't really fit with her role. She tends to suffer from weak facial expressions and some excessive whining. On the flip side though she looks amazing as she's not only in great physical shape but her wardrobe is outstanding consisting of the typical nurse uniforms as well as some sexy lingerie. This leads me to production values which are super solid. The lighting is relatively natural, the settings are fitting and the pacing is pretty good for the most part. All in all, this is a quality nurse film only held back by a lackluster performance because otherwise, it'd top my list for sure.

1. MIGD-331

"Dream Woman 78"

This was one of the earliest bukkake films I ever watched and still remains a huge favorite of mine. Being a massive fan of the genre I had to pick this as number one. MIGD-331 is composed of many different scenes featuring a different scenario for each and all center around Hitomi getting covered in lots of cum. One glance at the back cover will tell you that. As to be expected with a Moodyz produced film, the production values are on point with excellent lighting and camerawork. Plus the pacing is well rounded too as no scenes feel too long or dragged out. Also, Moodyz does a great job of varying up each scene so you're never truly bored. Some other bukkake series will repeat the same general scene over and over throughout the whole film but not here.

Some examples include her playing an OL who gets fucked while taking on a ton of facials. Or another scene with a split-screen of her jumping up and down and being goofy while on the other side she's getting splattered in cum. By far though my favorite is the first scene. It's just a simple bukkake scene of her kneeling and taking over a dozen loads to the face but she looks fantastic and the facials are massive. I will admit her performance isn't special but the main attraction here, the bukkake, is very good. There's even some nice paizuri cumshots to boot. Really can't go wrong with this one. If you love Hitomi and bukkake, then this is a perfect match. It's definitely the most niche title on my list but for those into the genre like myself you'll absolutely love this one.




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