Retro Review: Yua Aida

Published : March 23rd, 2022 Written by Fried Chikan

Yua Aida(あいだゆあ)
Age: 37 (b. 1984)
Studios: Max-A, KUKI, S1
Cup Size: F Cup
Height: 157 cm / 5'2"
Years Active: 2004 - 2007
Measurements: 88 Bust – 57 Waist –  87 Hip
Descriptors: Slender, Pretty, Fit, Dark Skin
Fun Fact: Has a sibling who does Gravure Towa Aino
Social Media: none

Our Retro Review series explores new ground with someone who is entirely new to me. I have been somewhat familiar with all of our past retro stars (aside from Giselle) but this next one is all brand new and that is the superstar of the 2000’s Yua Aida. I am pretty excited to check out Yua. She has a good reputation and in terms of popularity she stands up there with Akiho Yoshizawa and Yuma Asami for their time (two of my favs). Before we dive onto this slender beauty let’s go through her short lived but lasting career.


She entered the Adult Video industry proper in 2004 with Max-A and KUKI. She would alternate between the two before leaving them for AV juggernaut S1 in middle of 2005. She would stay with them for most of the rest of her career and to much fanfare. This is where her popularity really exploded and saw Yua rise up to the top of the AV world. Sitting comfortably near the top of the sales chart during her time, she would also win numerous awards like the Best Actress Award for Excellence at the AV Actress Grand Prix in 2006. One of the biggest stars of her time on the level of actresses like Akiho Yoshizawa and Yuma Asami. Her time however was much shorter than those two legends. She would retire from AV around 2007 and for gravure in 2008. Despite only 3 very short years in AV, her popularity was a lasting one. When DMM (aka Fanza) held a big customer poll for the 100 all-time best AV actresses in 2012 she placed 15th despite being gone for a half decade. So, what made this brief star so popular?

(early days)

Body, Looks, and Personality

Well now I can totally see why Yua was so popular. What a hottie. Cute and sexy at the same time, such a beautiful babe. A face that can entice anyone. Perfect slight cheekbones, thin eye brows, and the best of all her alluring eyes. Small beady little things that are far apart and curved. Her peepers are easily her best facial feature. Completing the picture is her long brownish highlighted hair and delightfully darker skin. I see now how this stunner captured the minds of so many.

In terms of body Yua is no slouch. She is just my type. A dazzling slender body that our photos don’t do enough justice. Slim, a little skinny, and real fit. Average height at 5’2”, she has a great pair of long legs. A nice lower half with long gams and a tight little butt. Her slim waist gives her modest bum a nice boost. In the bust department she sports a pair of ample, bouncy yet perky breasts. A youthful vision of supple beauty. She is about as perfect as you can get in my mind (maybe she could be a bit bigger in the bum department). Face and body; Yua is formidable. Yua comes off as an unapproachable sexy stunner. Like the hot girl in school, or an erotic dancer, or even pop star like. Too pretty to think of even approaching. She also reminds me a lot of Kaho Kasumi. Both have stunning slender and fit bodies with ample breasts. Both are on the skinnier side with sexy looks, both also get nice and sweaty during the act of coitus. Yua is a bit bigger overall and darker skinned. You can consider her the youthful version of Kaho. So, fans of that legendary milf should keep Yua in mind.

(oh boy)

Despite her hot and cheery appearance, personality wise Yua is a pleasant surprise. She is much quieter and reserved than she seems. She doesn’t talk all that much and doesn’t beam with personality like some others. In bed she is not very vocal which was equal parts good and a shame. Good because her moans are very different (better) than most girls. Much more natural and less “kimochi” shouting. A shame because she has a great low and breathy voice when you do hear her talk. I do wish she used that airy voice of hers more to great effect.

Speaking of in bed her performing skills are not too shabby. She might be a bit of a wallflower but not when it comes to the bedroom. Yua has some skill and is initiative in the matter of sex. Giving some nice hand jobs or using her long legs to get guys off. Sandwiching their members in-between her thigh and calf, jerking it off. She is also limber, liking to bend herself silly while having sex. She can go through the motions a bit at times but as a whole Yua is an enjoyable performer. Especially when the sex gets fast and hard, leaving Yua sweaty and breathless. Overall, a decent performer.

“Minimal Mosaic - Yua Is A Horny College Girl”

First off the bat is a title that gives us a bit more of Yua personally. She plays a horny college student in a variety of scenarios and situations. The connective thread is much looser than it is now. She could be playing a modelling student, or studying, or fooling around with a guy. I picked this title because Yua is much more personable in it. She is also to act a bit more and is generally looser and more engaged in the plot. The title also has some behind the scenes stuff and interviews to end the video. A nice way to see the 2000’s star in action.

My highlight was an easy one to pick. It might be my favorite scene of all of our titles today. Yua plays a model who gets tricked into fucking the camera man. The scene slowly starts with the lecherous dude fondling and exploring Yua’s body while oiling it up nicely. Stripping down to just a pair of leg warmers during all of it which was a sexy throwback. After that we get to what Yua is good at, having hot sweaty sex.

She sweats up nicely during the scene. Sweaty, fast, and vigorous sex seems like Yua’s preference as she really gets into it. She shows off her limberness too when she bends herself on him while they are fucking reverse cowgirl. Her frantic O face tensing up as her breasts jiggle like mad are both top notch. A great scene from a solid title overall that asks Yua to give a bit more of herself. Both in body and personality.

“Minimal Mosaic: Sticky and Wild Sex with Yua”

Our next title highlights one of my favorite areas the bottom half. Yua’s ass and legs take the limelight in this rear focused video. Another not so plot heavy title which suits Yua’s strengths to be honest. Three full sex scenes with a pair of blow and foot jobs. Also like the last title, the title ends with a fun little blooper. So definitely stay for that, also it is part of an ass focused dance scene. Titles today should bring back the behind the scenes and bloopers more. They can be fun for fans.

Now her butt might not be very big but it is chiseled, tight, and part of a sweet pair of legs. She is only 5’2” but her legs make her look longer than that. Pair with her sexy looks they give her a model like appearance. The video puts her legs in all sorts of great costumes and outfits. Fishnets, garter belts, thin pantyhose, and lots of high heels. From foot play to a short Sumata to oiling up her bum; the camera is like an ass man. They can’t keep their eyes off her lower half. Fun for ass fans.

There are tons of little moments and scenes I could highlight. So I will. The first scene ends with Yua sopping wet as she takes a cum shot to the face. There is a long scene of her getting fingered from behind wearing pantyhose. The finale has her all oiled up and taking on two guys with nothing but a pair of hedges. They make plenty use of her long legs and she again shows off how limber she can be. But my favorite scene is oddly enough the intermission scene. I really liked the sex toy scene. So hot to see Yua on the ground shoving the vibrator inside herself while she writhing in pleasure. Or better yet a dildo on the ground that she pumps into herself as she gives head. Mosaics can take a lot of the wind out of these scenes but she still made it work. Yua really can work those tiny hips of hers. Another reason why you should check out the blooper at the end. If you are interested in Yua and like ass and legs than this title should be on your list.

“Barely Censored Horny Body 3 Yua”

We end with a video that really shows off Yua’s great slender body while showing off some of her best dance moves.  Another sex focused title with little plot to speak of which in my short search through her catalog is for the better. On a side note, this is the third title that again mentions the thinness of the mosaics. It seemed to be a big selling point of the time which was interesting because it didn’t seem all that different from modern mosaics. One shudders to think of the mosaics that preceded these.

Not much connecting each scene together other than Yua using her body to entice us all. It does feature her dancing quite a bit, gyrating her body all over. She would make for a great erotic dancer, in or out of a video. Her entire figure is the real highlight here. What else can I say that we haven’t already covered. Her almost six pack abs shining though her body, her tiny little nipples, or her soft and very bouncy boobs; Yua’s body is aces all across the board. Which the video is sure to feature with her dancing plenty or wearing very little during the sex.

There are two really dynamite scenes that I have to recommend. First is the first full sex scene with her in a black dress. The dim lighting does wonders for her dark skin. Even better when she starts getting wet and the beads of water shine on her body. The other is the collar scene where she is made to wear on and used like someone’s sex toy. An (nearly) all nude scene that should perfectly highlight how awesome her bod is. There’s a great moment when he’s eating her out on a couch and she bends herself all over.


Yua was all brand new to me and what a delight it was to explore her for the first time. She is such an enchanting vision from the past. Exactly what I was hoping to see from this series. Discovering her was a blast from the past. Yua was such a joy to check out. A rocking slender body, stunningly sexy looks, and vigorous performing; she had it all. She could be a little too shy and mechanical at times but those downsides paled in comparison to everything else.

I would give Yua a 9/10 as a whole. My favorite Retro Review so far and a new one at that. That doesn’t mean she is perfect and without any flaws. Just damn near it and exactly my type. I see now so many rated her highly despite a truly short career by the standards of other JAV stars. If you want to a blast from the past then give Yua Aida a look. This dark skinned sexy dancer might show you what you’re missing. Now if you will excuse me I will be perusing the rest of her tiny catalog.

Til next time, FC out


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