The Private Parts Guessing Game - Extreme Barrel Challenge Part One

Published May 21, 2018

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Bizarre JAV maker ROCKET returns with an offshoot of their most popular and perverted Private Parts Guessing Game via this quirky Barrel Challenge!

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The Private Parts Guessing Game - Extreme Barrel Challenge
Part One with English Subtitles
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Leave it to ROCKET to come up with zany JAV that maintains top-notch production values while delivering insane amounts of unfathomable weirdness.  Ask many a foreigner and they'll tell you when they think of Japanese AV, more often than not on top of the high-pitched caterwauls and the mosaic, it'll be the abnormal themes that are rarely shown in western adult media.  Truth be told, your average Japanese viewer probably has the same tastes as his western counterpart:  He enjoys seeing pretty people having sex.

This basic formula is the basis for most production companies here in Japan and believe it or not, makers like ROCKET are the extreme outliers.  Most studios play it safe as classic coitus *is* what sells.  Of course this isn't always the case.  We at ZENRA can see from our own usage statistics that our most popular updates are generally the ones that are a bit out there.  Last year our top-ranked title was simple in some regards in that it was all shot pretty much in one place, but Having Sex While My Friend Watches showed that adding an element of extreme embarrassment with an extra player was enough to make an average release an epic release.

Epic and Insane have been mainstays at ROCKET for some years now and this author thinks they struck gold with The Private Parts Guessing Game.  It's--again, personal opinion here--the best series ever in the history of Japanese AV.  Everything you could think of plus the kitchen sink is incorporated into nonstop taboo insanity shot with an upbeat game show vibe.  ROCKET has been producing a title for this series every few months for some years now and hopefully they never stop!

Now, doing the same thing over and over even for the weirdos who direct there can get tiring so new ideas that are offshoots of old ones are always warranted.  That's where we find ourselves with today and Friday's double update, THE PRIVATE PARTS GUESSING GAME EXTREME BARREL CHALLENGE.  Yes, the actual Japanese title doesn't make reference to barrels.  This is actually a perverted Japanese AV take on an actual game whose name we'd best not mention.

Being an adult video, colored swords are still incorporated, but it's the dicks of each lucky older man that do the major deciding.  BARREL CHALLENGE takes the element of 'guessing the private parts' we've seen done many a time and attacks it from a different angle.  However, many of you may wonder:  Is this method better than the original Guessing Game?

Honestly, I'm a bit mixed.  EXTREME BARREL CHALLENGE is a great title and if you're a fan of the original series (and I'm sure most of you are!), then you'll probably like this one as well, but it doesn't quite live up to it for two reasons:  a lack of rivalry amongst the female challengers and repetition.  There's also the issue how the penalty games in the first half don't involve actual intercourse in spite of it already happening in the 'guessing' portions leading up to it (this author believes fake dicks were used due to the actors always keeping their underwear on).

The original series is known for continually upping the ante.  If sex happens during the guessing challenge, then you know something absolutely bonkers is going to occur when the penalty game kicks in.  In BARREL CHALLENGE, tit-jobs and butt-jobs are nice, but it would have made more sense to have those done before and not after sex.

I hate--HATE--to sound negative and I'm not going to conclude that way.  PRIVATE PARTS GUESSING GAME EXTREME BARREL CHALLENGE has its flaws, sure, but it's still a fantastic game-themed JAV.  Some may disagree with what I'm going to now say, but I also love how they cast such 'normal' women in this title.  OK, so less attractive women may cost less to hire, but in a title that focuses on 'real people' it makes a lot more sense to cast normies over recognizable JAV star faces.  Props to ROCKET for keeping it real and props to them for making a direct sequel to this title that we may show in the future if this update proves popular.


A Message to subscribers and also potential subscribers:  this movie is labeled as an Exclusive release because this is the first official presentation of it outside of Japan.  We would like to know your impressions of this production.  Did you like it?  Did you not?  Your feedback is truly appreciated as it can help us decide the best possible Japanese adult video entertainment for you from here on out.  Don't be shy and please feel free to contact us with your thoughts!

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