Mari Takeuchi - Playing Hooky

Published January 16, 2019

#Subtitled #ClassicJAV

JAV schoolgirl Mari Takeuchi breaks the fourth wall in this innocent yet unique release by GUTS.

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Mari Takeuchi - Playing Hooky
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One of the things I miss dearly about JAV from yesteryear is the camp.  Nowadays titles seem to lack that goofiness that sure--sometimes went overboard and other times fell flat--but showed that the people behind these works had a sense of humor.  Another thing I see a lot less of are instances of the star of the title breaking the fourth wall.  I know there are many examples of actresses being interviewed by 'fans' along with too many POV girlfriend experience titles to count, but what you almost never see are titles where the main star is the only person on camera who recognizes that the outside world is watching.  There's breaking the fourth wall and then there's being in total control of your world.  Today's update does the latter in a unique way.

MARI TAKEUCHI in PLAYING HOOKY, a GUTS release that's without a doubt 'classic JAV', *knows* she's being filmed.  But it's done in a way where she 'believes' in it more so than actually recognizes a camera crew behind her.  Hard to understand?  Simply watch this release or one of the other ones we've showed so far such as this one with SHION NATSUME and KONOMI SAKURA, who actually resembles MARI TAKEUCHI.  What we're given in PLAYING HOOKY is 90 minutes of schoolgirl JAV, but with MARI remaining firmly in charge.  It's not a femdom release by any means so don't go into this expecting any amount of domination.

Think more Japanese schoolgirl having her way featuring lots of carefree sex, masturbation, and a short, but complaint-free stark naked eating scene.  MARI is a cute one; pale, skinny, and extremely outgoing.  I wouldn't mind calling her my own if I was younger and at an appropriate schoolgirl-dating age.  Then again there's that last scene that *is* filmed as a POV girlfriend experience so if the aggressive kitchen sex from earlier wasn't up your alley, MARI will bare all (but still partially remain in her uniform to grant you your schoolgirl fetish) in that last encounter featuring top-notch doggy-style.  MARI TAKEUCHI may look small, but she has an unexpectedly big and wide butt that gets time to shine as you slide and out of her countless times to completion.

While we know titles like PLAYING HOOKY may not be smash hits for various reasons, they're still great examples of JAV titles from yesteryear.  One of the things we do at ZENRA that we feel isn't done as much elsewhere is to sometimes give older titles like this one another time to shine.  This may not hold true in other industries, but for JAV, these 'golden age' titles for many are seen as even better due to the lower amount of (self-) regulations that the industry now requires.  It's actually trickier now for studios to push out movies featuring the schoolgirl uniform.  Some still do it, but it doesn't hold a candle to the past.

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