Retro Review: Kaede Matsushima IPTD-543 & IPTD-556

Published : June 30th, 2021 Written by Fried Chikan



IPTD-543 & IPTD-556
Cast Kaede Matsushima


180 & 150 minutes
Studio Idea Pocket
Genre POV
Release Date Feb & Mar 2010


Whats up everybody, Fried Chikan here with another Retro Review. For those that don’t know Retro Review cover older titles with older, usually retired actresses while giving a short primer on them. Today we got back to the 2000’s with a pair of titles starring the slender beauty Kaede Matsushima.

Kaede is an old favorite of mine; being one of the first actresses that I followed during the pre HD/480p era. She debuted in 2004 with Alice Japan before bouncing around with studios like Idea Pocket and S1. She retired from the business around 2010. Her titles are de-listed but determined fans can still find her work around if they search hard enough. Trust me she is worth it.

Kaede Matsushima: Body and Looks

Coming in at 5’2” Kaede is a classic slender body type. Small but soft tits, a cute booty, long legs, narrow hips, and a nice tight bod with some ab definition. Her D cup size tits are larger than they seem and have nice fullness to them. Perky tits that can bounce off that slim figure. She also has some long legs that come up to a cute little butt. She really is the one that ignited my love of slender girls like Iori Kogawa, Yui Hatano, or Aki Sasaki. Fans of the slender type take note of her. Physically she is not a stunner or very gifted. However girls like her show their value and allure in different ways.

Her best attribute has to be her absolutely gorgeous face. I consider Kaede to be a classic beauty. Those big come hither eyes and her pouty lips make for a very expressive face. One of my favorite things with Kaede is seeing her take a facial. The mix of shame, surprise, and happiness on her face is so alluring. Her facial expressions are honestly a little hard to describe but they are so damn captivating and attractive to see. Kaede is one of the true beauties of JAV but unfortunately underrated and unknown to most.

For our two videos I’ve chosen works that have her more fun, assertive, and perky. Which is a bit unusual for her catalog. She plays a lot of submissive roles that have her being taken against her will but these titles are the opposite of that. Kaede is cute, flirty, and very slutty in these next titles. A real treat for her fans (Also they are one of her few HD titles).

“Activity Of Sweet Maple And I Have”

Our first title is all about that POV action and has Kaede as a caring girlfriend and doctor. Her beautiful face is at the forefront for our enjoyment. This maybe my favorite title from her because it was so out of left field from what I expected. Kaede usually plays roles where she is made into fucking or abused but not here. Here she is confidant, fun, slutty, and very adorable. Seeing this side of her was such a delight. It is always a pleasant surprise when a girl you thought you had pegged subverts your expectations.

The first scene is a complete hit out the park. She plays a girlfriend who is late for work but can’t help but fuck her boyfriend. I can’t emphasize how cute Kaede is here. She is heart melting adorable while also being very slutty. The high point comes when Kaede gives her man a long hand and blow job while getting dressed. When she puts on her pantyhose while still keeping the cock in her mouth as she is looking up at you. Such a killer move. Strong eye contact plus tight pursed lips and mouth; her blow jobs are fantastic. And this all shows off her stunning face. This all caps off with a great facial. I could watch her take it to the face all day. But wait the scenes not over. After she leaves she comes back for a full on fuck session. Kaede’s bubbliness and warmth reminds me of Yuma Asami and rivals her in that regard for this title at least.

I could breakdown every scene but that would make this article far too long. So I’ll be brief. The rest of the video has more POV goodness. She takes bath, services her patients, and gives some close examinations. Her outfits and styling are all on point. The more I watch this title the more I’m thinking this might be her best title. I’m only wishing she made more title’s like this before she retired. Even if Kaede doesn’t do it for you, I highly recommend you at least check out this title. For me personally it has shot up into my favorite POV titles.

“Lewd Tutor You Face Katekyo Very Cute”

Our second title is going to have a tough time following up that up. But it does and admirable so. Kaede, loosely, plays tutor whose method includes fucking. She really gets to act in this title. Kaede is still as cute and warm as the first title while also showing some edge. She even doms for one latex covered scene. The title is not as POV focused as the last but still keeps the camera nice and close to our girl. I chose to review these titles collectively because I felt they paired so well together. 

Aside from being cute and flirty Kaede also gets quite lewd here. Sticking her ass into the camera while playing with herself with a vibrator or sucking cock like her life depended on it. Her face on a cock is always a guarantee for a good time. Another guarantee is her soft bouncy tits. They aren’t the biggest but I love seeing her tits move up and down when she is getting fucked on her back. The last title gave us some great shots of Kaede’s face and this one gives us the whole picture. Her body is the star of the show here.

My favorite scene comes in at the end. A man enters a room labeled “Kaede University” and she gives him a through education. She fucks him hard and passionately riding and grind on him. She might not have huge tits or ass but she makes them work in this scene. One moment has her riding him cowgirl style while she kisses the ever living fuck out of him. She puts her hands all over his head as she shoves her tongue down his throat and licks all over his face. She even tongue fucks his ear at one point. These passionate and sloppy moments are always great. This is just one of her best fucking scenes. Check out this title to see Kaede fuck at her best.

Honestly these two titles were such a breath of fresh air from an actress who I thought I was familiar with. Overall I would rate these two titles as a 9. I recommend anyone interested in her, or slender girls like here, to check them out. Kaede is a deeper cut in JAV history and isn’t the most popular but I think she is a unknown gem for any fans out there.

Further Suggestions
For anyone interested in following Kaede further I’m including some other good titles from her below.

“DIGITAL CHANNEL Kaede Matsushima”

If you liked Kaede’s blow jobs then you’ll like this title. Kaede gives some choice head while in a bunch of fun outfits. The title is very varied and kind of scattershot.  The premise has us “watching” a digital channel of Kaede. It puts her in a wide range of scenarios, situations, and outfits. She does take some great facials here, which we can see on the box cover. Anything involving her face gets a big thumbs up from me. Be it a cock in her face or some cum. For a bukkake good time check out this title.

“Beautiful Youthful Wife Of Kaede Matsushima Poisoning Rumor In The City SEX”

Kaede plays a lusty, horny house wife who fucks anyone near her in this title. Kaede does her best slut impersonation for this video. Slutty Kaede is almost as good as Cute Kaede. Once again it is her fantastic blow jobs and facials that I have to highlight and recommend seeing. We also get a lot of nice ass shots. Kaede can fuck when she really wants to. 

“Kaede Matsushima Obscenity Risky Mosaic”

Now this is the Kaede I know (and still like). She plays an unsuspecting woman who gets fondled and touched in public scenarios. She has some great facial expressions here as she gets fucked in public. Her expressions of embarrassment, lust, and confusion are fantastic. I love it when she gets a cock shoved into her face and looks up with her big eyes in defiance. It's her patented killer move. Check out this title for some classic train Chikan action.

Well that wraps up another Retro Review and article from me. I hope you’ve enjoy it. Fried Chikan out


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R0ck 2 years ago
Kaede is one of my favorites too, she had an aura to her that stood out from the rest at the time. Great picks too! DV-722 is a personal favorite of mine, it shows a more candid side of Kaede.
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