Fried Chikan’s Top Ten Sweaty and Sloppy JAV Movies

Published : February 3rd, 2021 Written by Fried Chikan

(easily my favorite header so far)

Fried Chikan back again with one of my favorite thing to see in JAV: sloppy, wet, and sweaty sex. This list will feature sweat, oil, squirting, spit, and sloppy sex. If at the end of the video the girl is all messy and wet then it probably belongs on this list. Unlike most of my other lists I have ordered this list deliberately. The titles are ordered from least to most messiest. So if you prefer something more tame and cleaner stick to the top of the order. For a sloppier tastes dive into the bottom for some messy action.

1. Matsuri Kiritani PPPD-804
“We Had Sweaty Sex Until Morning And She Made Me Cum Inside Her Over And Over Again”

Sliding into first in the buxom Matsuri Kiritani. Most people will know of Matsuri because of her floppy huge bazooms and they are indeed great. Large natural low hangers that are as soft as any other pair. I mean, check out that box cover. I know you shouldn't put that much stock in box covers but hot damn just look at her. Matsuri’s not only a pair of tits though, she’s got a unique face and air head vibe that I really like. She is fun and smiley, if a little shy (though not is this video).

The video is about Matsuri and a fellow athlete who share a room together before she seduces him for a night of hot and sweaty sex. She wears mainly tight fitting athletic wear that frames her tits nicely while also getting wetter and wetter the more she sweats. This video is just great in showcasing Matsuri’s wonderful tits getting a wet and sweaty. I mean the video begins with her doing running drills while some guys admire her um hefty baggage. Watching Matsuri’s tits getting fondled as the sweat beads on her skin is an easy winner. The lighting does a good job of letting us see that.

Matsuri also gives a great seductive and playful performance. She's really at her best when things are light hearted and playful. I found her to be a so-so actress at the start of her career, the type of girl that coasts on her good looks and body. But she has relaxed and improved greatly since debuting. She has gotten much better at being herself and seems to be having a good time when fucking. With Matsuri you’re getting a fun girl with a chest that’s equally fun.

2. Touka Rinne CJOD-211
“Sweaty lusty slut! Jailbreaker Compulsory Creampie 3”

The fit and tight bodied Touka Rinne stars in this next title as a fugitive who ravages her captive hostage for some hot and sweaty sex. Touka is someone that I find is always pleasing to the eye. Her overall figure is just really nice eye candy. That tight body, abs, perfectly shaped tits, and sexy face can elevate even boring or meh titles. This is a newer series but I've liked all the titles I've seen from it so far (I also recommend the Emi Sakuma one). I also need to point out the bad photoshop job on the box cover, where it gives Touka some 'abs'. She's got such a good body there's no need to touch it up. Check out the stills below to see how nice Touka's body looks like or better yet check out the video.

Here Touka is fully in charge of the sex and it brings out the best in her. She’s got big Milf/older woman energy and title really lets her play into that as she gets assertive and commanding while still being playful. She also gives some foot jobs here. I’m not really into them or the foot aspect of it but I did like how Touka’s body and legs looked while she was doing it. Like all of our titles, Touka gets nice and sweaty throughout the film. This is my favorite Touka title and you should give it a go.

3. Rio Okita BLOR-135
“She's Hooked On Big Dick And Now Her Pussy Us Melting Like Butter In Sweaty Orgasmic Ecstasy!”

Next up is the girl next door looking Rio Okita in some hot and intense sex. Rio is a lesser known actress and I like her for her modest looks, full lips, and tendency for hard fucking. The BLOR label is quickly becoming a go to for me (I also recommend the Rion Izumi/Isumi one). The label follows pretty much the same formula for their videos: starting with an interview, followed by extensive vibrator play and then some long and intense sex scenes. They're usually only two scenes per title but this is a case of quality over quantity. 

This title is all about hot fucking. No outfits, scenarios, or gimmicks here just sex. By the end of the final scene Rio is red faced, gasping for air, and sweating like a demon as she writhes in pleasure. Getting your brains fucked out is one phrase that comes to mind for this title. I'm a big fan of hard and intense fucking which Rio does like a champ. She's great and she's only a freelancer (as far as I know), it's my hope that she will get to do some work for the bigger studios later. For a simple no frills hot sex, check out this title.

4. Julia PPPD-836
“This Girl With Big, Sweaty Tits That Are Visible Through Her Shirt Enjoys Creampie Sex.”

Trains, Chikan, sweat, oil, squirting, and Julia make up our next video. The long time JAV vet lets go of her inhibitions and really gets dirty in this title but what really struck me about the video was how great Julia looks here. The lighting in particular does a great job of showing how the sweat and oil’s light reflects off of her, especially during the train scenes. Combine that with her office lady outfits and lingerie and you got some great eye candy. 

The sex is pretty standard Chikan fare but with the added sweat, oil, and wetness. Julia gets pretty sloppy here and its pretty hot. She sweats, squirts, and even drools in a couple of scenes (which is always hot to see). The video also features quite a bit of pissing from Julia, which I haven’t seen from her before at least not this much. This whole video was a big surprise for me. When I see Julia's titles she is usually calm, composed and collected. She really lets loose and dirty here and it is hot as fuck. This is also the first time I've seen her all oiled up and it flatters her figure well.

This is one of her newer titles and she is starting to show her age. Her body is not as tight as it once was and she's showing more wrinkles now. She's definitely starting to look older here but I for one welcome her transition into a more mature/milfy Julia. An older and more mature Julia? Sign me up. Like a fine wine Julia will age nicely.

5. Rora Misaki/Takizawa ABP-013
“120% Organic Rora Misaki Juice – The Body Fluids Of Rora Misaki”

Our next title is also just about sex and stars the beautiful Hafu Rora Misaki (half Japanese and half Russian) in some sweaty, sloppy sex. For Rora’s short career in JAV she was known for her unique looks, active mouth, and long legs (she’s listed at 5’8’’). I've seen one of videos before and dismissed her but I like this video a lot and it's making me reconsider going through her catalog. From here on out the titles are going to get sloppier and messier, starting with this title. 

The highlight of the video is the very messy kissing that Rora doles out. Her tongue reaches every nook and cranny and does so with lots of gusto and spit. Her kissing and tonguing need to be seen to be believed. I was really surprised by her enthusiasm and energy here. She also squirts quite a bit here and by the end of scenes she is covered in sweat, spit, and cum. For a good and messy kissing time, look no further than this tongue heavy title.

*On a side note I have seen Rora’s name listed as Lora, Rola, and Laura which makes it really annoying to search for her. I just used what R18 listed for the article, even then it will show different names. Just a heads up for anyone looking into her catalog (it's going to be confusing). 

6. Rio IPTD-716
“Sweaty SEX Rio”

An alternate and more accurate title for this video would be “Sweaty and Squirting Sex Rio”. This tiny petite queen is quite the water fountain and squirts in most of the scenes with great force too. Squirting is Rio’s specialty and when you combine that with all the sweat and you get a very wet video. Rio’s the rare combo of having a petite figure while having a mature air about her. Her blowjob skills are also top tier here. The best scene here in my opinion is the solo scene where she plays with a dildo while sweat and squirting buckets. Squirting isn't all she does here though, she also takes facials like champ. By the end of scenes she will be dripping with sweat, piss and cum.

Rio’s one of those actresses that you discover only to be bummed when you find out she’s retired but happy as you see that she’s left an extensive catalog (which was my case). This title is only the tip of the iceberg for the mature petite. Her videos are currently delisted so you’ll have to search extra hard to find her work. But trust me, it’s worth the hassle.

7. Yura Kano SSNI-415
“Drenched In Sweat And Saliva. Licking And Sucking Each Other All Over. Releasing All Their Body Fluids.”

The absolutely adorable Yura Kano headlines our next title that has it all: sloppy kissing, sweat, oil, spit, lots of drool and plenty of squirting. Yura’s body isn’t much to speak of. She’s got okay tits, fair skin, and an ass that’s bigger than you’d think but still on the small side. Yura makes her bones with her performing, slim figure, and cute face, which she gets a lot of mileage out of. She is at her best when she is her natural self, no scripts needed. She may not as physically gifted like other busty beauties but she's a better performer than most.

Yura could be the poster girl for Cute Mode/Slut Mode. It is pretty hot to see her cute and innocent face spit in some guy’s mouth or drool as she sucks cock. Another scene has her riding a guy, all oiled up, and holding back the drool with her hand as it still spills down. Watching this cute little thing get absolutely filthy is the film's biggest appeal and strength. I was really surprised by how much spit this teeny tiny girl can make. If spit isn't your thing then steer clear. To see this petite cutie get down and dirty, check out this title.

8. Iori Kogawa STAR-494
“Dripping Wet Bodily Fluids Addict”

Iori Kogawa stars in this video during her earlier years about sloppy hard sex. She’s much younger looking here and has a cuter look (though I prefer current/prime Iori). Iori has long been a favorite of mine due to the versatility of her performance and video genres. Iori can play cute and submissive in one title and seductive and domineering in the next. She’s just a great all around performer that can please anyone.

This title has her in some hard fucking sex that gets nice and messy. We’ve got deep throating, pissing, gagging, and spit roasting. Her blowjobs here are nice and sloppy. This isn’t even her most hardcore title but it is one of her messiest. The video’s highlight, which you can see below, comes in during the final scene. It has Iori getting fucked lying down as we get a good look at her fantastic ass before she pisses herself. Just look at the ass, absolute killer. Iori fans and non fans need to give this messy, messy title a check.

(Just Killer)

9. Airi Suzumura ABP-908
“120% All-Natural Airi Suzumura Juice 62 Queen Of Sweaty Super Climax”

This next title is all about sweaty, sweaty sex with the absolutely petite Airi Suzumura. The video is straight up sweaty sex and has Airi in a variety of outfits. I don’t hear a lot about Airi from the JAV community and I don’t know how popular she is there but Airi is easily in my top five actresses. Her long legs, full lips, beautiful looks and slim body being the best of her physical traits. The rail thin cutie has had a long career dating back to 2012 and has been a featured actress for most of it, so she must be doing something right.

The biggest reason why Airi is a favorite of mine purely has to do with her performing and hard fucking. To put it plainly Airi knows how to fuck. Deep kissing, squirting, a really active tongue, deep throating, and face fucking: all her best moves are in this title. She can fuck like a mad woman when she wants to. Sweaty sex seems to be her calling card even in titles not focused on it. So she had to make an appearance on this list. I’ve always valued personality and performance over looks and body (not to say she isn’t attractive), and Airi never fails to bring it. You can watch this title or any of her other titles to see this petite cutie get all hot and sweaty.

10. Suzu Matsuoka ABW-007
“Natural Airhead Ingredients 120% Suzu Matsuoka Juices 68 Ultra Hardcore Sex That Blasts Beyond The Limits Of The Human Body”

We’ve saved the messiest for last. The newcomer Suzu Matsuoka stars in our final title that, like our last title, is just straight up sweaty sex with different outfits. Her ass and legs look great here as you can see below. Suzu is still really new to me, this is only the second title I’ve seen of hers, and boy has she already made a strong impression. This is only her fifth released title and she looks like a JAV veteran. Lots of girls debut and it takes time for them to loosen up and gain some experience but that does not apply to Suzu.

This title is easily our messiest and sloppiest video and its all done by a newbie. Suzu gets completely drenched in sweat throughout the scenes. There's lots of spit, pissing, sloppy blowjobs, and even some rimming done by our leading lady. By the end of the video she is red all over, breathless, glistening in sweat, and a slobbering mess. This video is the best example of what this list is all about. I highly recommend it. Suzu is going to be a big name in JAV in the future, you heard it here first.


Well that ends another top ten list for me. I hope you've enjoyed it. Wet, sweaty, sloppy sex is one of my favorite things to see in a video and I hope this list did a good job showcasing that. Time to wash off now, Fried Chikan out


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120%n 1 year ago
Dude,thanks for the list - can you please make more , like the top 10 for 2022/23?
pr0player 3 years ago
bbi-213 is something you can look for. anyone have similar jav like the title?some unpopular actress is preferably.
spaten78 3 years ago
Love your number 2, the jailbreaker series. Touka is excellent. Would love to see Chitose Yuki (Yura) in that series.
ZENRA 3 years ago

Cover art is abysmal though. Amount of touching up they did on Touka (fake abs???) is a travesty.

Oppaira 3 years ago

I am disappointed WANZ-294 starring Kaho Kasumi is not on the list, that video is wonderful and Kaho is really good at getting sweaty.

Fried Chikan 3 years ago

Funny how you mention it. It was literally on my list until I cut it off. I will rectify this by doing a top ten for Kaho.

spaten78 3 years ago
Yes, Kaho Kasumi could have her own top 10 list of hot and sweaty movies. She was incredible. So unexpected. She would always seem like a quiet one, and then she turns it loose...
Fried Chikan 3 years ago
r18 has a sweat tag

I appreciate this article, it's tough trying to find sweaty and sloppy movies, do you have any advice or are there any tricks with tags or keywords?
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