FC’s Best of JAV 2021: Part 1

Published : December 26th, 2021 Written by Fried Chikan

Happy Holidays JAV fans. Today I have a series that I am so excited to start, my Best of 2021 posts. A whole year of great smut has come out and it is now time to sift through the best of the best. The hottest actresses both new and old. From Milfs, to petites, to new starlets we’ll try to cover them all. Our first entry covers JAV as a whole in 2021 while the following parts will cover my favorite videos and actress of the year. Unlike last year I won’t be doing winners for each category because it’s hard to say one is better than the other and because when we get good porn everybody wins. Enough out of me let’s dive on in.
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Lauren Karen, Mai Kanami, Minaho Ariga, Aya Izumi, Rino Yuki, Mariko Sata (2020)

(Mai and Minaho)

We kick things off with the best newbies to enter JAV. Easily the hardest of our categories it was very hard to pick who should be on here. I reviewed a bunch of debuts this year and many of them being very promising. I could name at least a dozen rookies worthy of making the list. Here are not just my personal favorites but also interesting debuts with lots of promise. Like SOD who made big headlines hyping up newbie Minamo but it was Lauren Karen from them that really caught my eye. This adorable hafu is a star in the making with her unique looks, great performing, and agreeable personality. Her debut was so great it rocketed her onto our list. Lauren and her gorgeous frizzy hair will delight fans looking for someone unique looking in JAV.


Then we have the tall stunner in Mai Kanami. She’s pretty and is a good performer but is it her statuesque slender body that will drive you wild. Tall for JAV actresses at 5’7” with a great toned ass and a pair of long legs, this rookie Amazon is a whole lot of woman. Let’s keep the rookies with great body train going with Minaho Ariga. After careful consideration I must say she has the one of the best overall pair of tits and ass out of all my debuts review. A big set of G cup titties and an ass that is surprisingly fat. The best thing about them was how jiggly they both were, bouncing like mad. An incredibly fun body with some fat tits and ass. Minaho has the complete set.

(Aya and Rino)

I say one of because Rino Yuki exists. She’s just as big as Minaho in the boob and butt category but is much firmer and fuller. A big perky meaty chest and a huge round ass. This sharp eyed rookie is just as great as her body in bed. Rino is the complete package; looks, body, personality, and acting. Our next girl is a bit of an alt pick. Aya Izumi with her tattoos and tongue piercing is not your usually debut girl. A balanced slender figure with a nice chest, it is her personality that should win you over. Aya has the “it factor”, an indescribable factor that makes her charming and magnetic to see. This playful newbie seems destined to be a hidden gem.


Finally we have Mariko Sata who is a bit of a cheat as she debuted in late 2020 but I didn’t cover her until this year. This glamours looking milf has become an unlikely winner, breaking into my regular viewing rotation. Such a pleasing older woman who carries herself so well. I’m not the only one to notice her as she was promoted into SOD’s main star label this year. Finally a shout out to Mio Mashiro and Karen Yuzuriha. The tiny skinny petite is an absolute nympho in bed but has unfortunately retired already. While Karen is a proud plastic debut that already seems to be on the road to stardom. Well there are my Best Debuts of 2021 (with one cheat). I’m sure one of our lovely rookies can be your favorite new actress.

Saika Kawakita, Yume Nikaidou (Ai Hongo), Yumika Saeki, Luna Tsukino, Rena Momozono, Mino Suzume

(Yume and Saika)

Debuts are great and all but our next category is all about actresses on the rise. From rookies that are really coming into themselves, to veterans experiencing a late stage comeback, to returning actresses. These are my Rising Stars of 2021. First we have a comeback success story in Saika Kawakita. She was a small favorite of some when she was active (me included) but her comeback is anything but small. Saika has returned with much fanfare hitting the top of the sales charts comfortably. Looking even prettier than ever Saika left as small name but has returned as a bonafide star. Faleno has their own star in Yume Nikaidou now known as Ai Hongo (she’ll always be Yume to me). A seriously cute face and a game performer, it is her activities outside of JAV that is gaining her fans. Super locked into social media and active on it, Yume does everything from video game streaming to English lessons for her Japanese fans. A star made for this new digital age. Arina Hashimoto might be Faleno’s biggest star now but Yume is proving to be their future.

(Luna and Yumika)

We move from the mainstream success stories to the hardcore scene with Yumika Saeki. Nicknamed the Snake Woman, she is known for her wild hardcore videos, very deep deepthroating, and that crazy twisting tongue. Yumika has been around for a while but it has only been until recently that she has started to bloom in popularity. For the last year or so Yumika has decided to go all in on JAV. Making more and more wild videos and fans are taking note. For a wild woman with an even wilder tongue look into Yumika. But beware she is not for the faint of heart. Luna Tsukino is kind of the opposite of Yumika; moving from the hardcore to more mainstream work with lots of success. Luna is a skinny little thing with a very slight body. A small chick with a bubbly butt. I would have to say it is Luna’s beautiful looks that are endearing her to fans. Pretty with a girl next door quality to it. She’s a good performer too but that face is the clear draw.

(Mino and Rena)

We cap off with a pair of too hot to believe hotties. Rena Momozono returned in 2020 and we are all lucky for it. Chest, ass, face; she has it all while being hot as sin. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Rena may be too hot for porn (if that even makes sense). Our final hottie is Mino Suzume and like Rena she is too good to be true. A mature hottie with a broad shoulders and a tall frame. Mino is quite unique all over from her looks to her body. Honorable mentions to Katou Tsubaki and Ai Mukai. Katou is also seeing a late career surge and was with Madonna this year before going freelance. And as for Ai, I’ll have plenty to talk about her later. Those are my Rising Stars of 2021 and I expect even bigger things from them in 2022.


I may have a love and hate relationship with them but Madonna is a studio that caters to my tastes. They may do too much submissive cheating wife videos but this is a studio after my heart. Catering to milf and mature fans, Madonna has a fantastic roster of exclusives and freelancers they like to work with. From the likes of big names like Minori Hatsune, Kana Yume, and Asahi Mizuno. To smaller names like Ai Mukai, Kana Mito, and Maki Tomoda. I could name a dozen more older looking babes that Madonna likes to work with. Madonna’s choices in their talent are just A plus plus. Even their new debuts manage to be interesting and their videos are usually shot well with good lighting. If you like older woman or straight up mature women than Madonna is the best place to look for them. Honorable mentions to Hon naka for their fun concepts, Idea Pocket for always having the cutest girls, and Premium for having Aika Yamagishi.

FAVORITE SERIES: Overnight Business Trip

Easily my favorite series running today is the Overnight Business Trip. An Office Lady series, it has a couple of different names and a bunch of studios now have their own version of it but the premise is the same. Two employees stay overnight at a nice hotel for a long night of lust. Sometimes the actress is the aggressor sometimes it’s reversed. It’s a simple premise but usually shot expertly and the bath scenes are always so fun. I’m always excited to see an actress that I like get her turn in that series. It’s even getting a spinoff of sorts with a traditional inn style series. A tried and true series that is usually a hit.

Best Director: Nao Masaki

If it wasn’t for Oppaira’s terrific post on her, I wouldn’t have even noticed Nao Masaki. But sure enough her name has appeared on the credits of most of my favorite titles this year. The actress turned director has been popping up in all of my videos with many of them being great to at least good. Maybe it is because she is a woman or a former actress or maybe it’s both but Nao has made a lot of my favorite videos this year and consistently gets great performances out of her female talent. Actresses feel not only freer in her titles but also fitting for their strengths. If the girl is wild then Nao lets her be wild as she wants to be. And on a side note, Nao is quite the cute little petite. Not many directors where you can see them go in front of the camera and have sex. Whatever Nao is doing she needs to keep it up. I’m hoping Nao can be a trailblazer for other actresses wanting to transition to behind the camera in the future. Imagine a future where actresses like Yui Hatano or Hibiki Otsuki are directing from behind the scenes and maybe even joining in…


(DVDMS-727 with Meisa) & (MIDE-981 with Eimi Fukada)

(STARS-398 with Minamo) & (IPX-604 with Minami Aizawa)


(HMN-024: Ai Mukai being silly. Easily my favorite of the year)

(HBAD-306: Aki Sasaki the thumb sucker)

(IPX-726: Great use of creative blocking)

This is just the beginning. Look out for Part 2 of my Best Of 2021.


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browse_man 2 years ago
What code is the first pic with Rena Momozono from?
Fried Chikan 2 years ago

It's from her photoshoot with Graphis

putribulan 2 years ago
whos the girl in first pic
Fried Chikan 2 years ago

Rena Momozono

drk 2 years ago
I love Nao as director, but she's also ridiculously fit. Almost as much as AIKA.
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