Unfaithful Wives at Home Soapland Service from Ten to Four

Published August 20, 2023

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With the number of soaplands decreasing as fast as the life savings of most any Japanese, it makes sense for some wives to take matters into their own hands.

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Unfaithful Wives at Home Soapland Service from Ten to Four

Timing and Translation by Patonyan

Housewives of Japan are in a predicament. Many of them actually. You've a husband who works too hard yet brings in less each year due to a funny little thing called inflation. You've pressure to start a family, but good luck with that; hard work over long hours including all those nightly company parties does wonders for reducing one's libido. This all hits a brick wall when it comes to simply trying to make do with one's life. Do you spend your days cleaning the same areas (of course while avoiding all those pesky corners that require all that bending!)? Shopping? There's only so much one can do and money is tight. Oh, and money. Do you get a part-time job? Wouldn't that be embarrassing? Imagine working the checkout a few days a week and suddenly seeing other housewife friends in your lane. Imagine the gossip! A solution is needed.

And a solution is found! An idea--unorthodox, but viable--is born: soaplands. No, not actually working at one because unless you live super close to the dwindling number of locations, travel becomes an issue. What we're talking about is soaplands out of the comforts of one's home. It's far from the norm and has its risks such as a husband coming home unexpectedly early one day, but the rewards of great pay, a short commute, and a neat and tidy way to take care of one's sexual desires is almost too tempting. What's more, you may luck out and get a strange customer who doesn't mind simply pounding into you from behind while you take care of various household tasks like cooking dinner. In fact, this and more happens in today's update, AT HOME SOAPLAND SERVICE FROM TEN TO FOUR.

This is one of those movies that is solidly ROCKET but also more of an example of something they were known for early on in their history. Recently, however, they have started shying away from an almost endless string of cat fight movies and other movies that are less slice of life and more weird for the sake of being weird and are returning to their roots. Today's update is a good example of this concept because as bizarre as it may seem, it's still pretty rooted in reality. I can very much imagine Japanese housewives doing something like this. I mean it's almost a fact now that a certain number in most any city secretly work the delivery health circuit so running a soapland from home isn't the biggest stretch.

Consisting of a trio of very easy on the eyes actresses and a plot that with only slight tweaks here and there can make for a great series, this is one movie I find little to mark points off for. Visually, aurally, and more, it's solid and a great example of showing how JAV can do weird and bizarre but not too weird and bizarre yet still make something wonderful. The secret of at home soaplands are out. The latter portion of this varied release hints to that with a big line of randos waiting for their turn. Before then we've a great buildup to the action, funny antics like the aforementioned cooking and sex, and even a well-placed lesbian soapland training course. Traditional soaplands may scoff at the location, but to me, this is a great take on a tried-and-true JAV concept.

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+Unique and fun theme that shows you don't have to be too weird to make good JAV.
+All three women are well-cast as all give off an authentic soapland queen vibe.
+Lesbian training course a fantastic touch!
+Surprisingly funny given how hard comedy is to pull off in these types of movies.


-Running a soapland at home has one issue relating to stalkers, but we can forget about that plot-hole for now, OK?

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