Big Butt Schoolgirl Bus

Published November 27, 2020

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May only get 10MPG but who are we to complain? Huge butts on eager schoolgirls. A truly mobile brothel going to places time forgot.

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Big Butt Schoolgirl Bus
Translation and Timing by ZENRA

If you just see the preview for BIG BUTT SCHOOLGIRL BUS, you may think we're showing something from very far back in ROCKET's existence.  It doesn't help that in spite of this being an FHD release, the trailer only exists in SD form, but the theme as well is dated.  Thankfully, while the trailer could've been bigger, that 'dated' theme is something this author at least truly loves.  The Golden Age of JAV has made a triumphant return for one night only!

BIG BUTT SCHOOLGIRL BUS is, as the name implies, a bus packed with almost a dozen Japanese schoolgirls who do incredibly salacious things with a revolving door of lucky customers.  This is one of those tried-and-true 'take an existing brothel service and give it an insane JAV twist' movies and it works out incredibly well.  Perfect?  No, it misses the mark on a few things, but given the visuals, it's hard to consider this a bad movie by any rating margin.

There's no big faces in BIG BUTT SCHOOLGIRL BUS.  The trick to a JAV studio--even one of ROCKET's size--producing huge cast releases like this is to pretty much take whomever the agency can send over.  They may give a few requirements ("we're filming a big butt schoolgirl movie so no actresses over 26 and none with hip lines under 85 cm"), but that's about it.  Thankfully, we do get a great cast.  HARUNA IKOMA, whom we recently showed in a great MOBSTERS update definitely gave off the biggest "I'm a bad girl" vibe and due to her previous insanely hardcore real creampie performance, even her tamer non-penetrative play here as a wicked schoolgirl gone wrong captivated me more than any of her cute friends.  Bonus info:  HARUNA will return as the host in a future ROCKET update.

There's no sex in BIG BUTT SCHOOLGIRL BUS.  Yes, there's handjobs.  Yes, blowjobs.  AND yes, lots and lots of sumata (rubbing vagina over penis), BUT no actual full course services.  Again, I figure this comes down to both a budget issue and ROCKET perhaps wanted to keep the service mildly realistic (full-on sex cannot legally happen at Japanese brothels).  All scenes lack penetrative sex, but unlike other ROCKET movies that do feature sex, end in actual cumshots, not silly fake creampies that are just way too overdone.  What we end up with is a pretty much fanciful bus brothel chock full of well-endowed (from the waist down) Japanese teens paired with rather realistic play.

BIG BUS SCHOOLGIRL BUS runs a little over two hours and honestly, could have used some editing.  It's a quiet movie without much dialog and the play could have been cut to keep the sexual tension high and progressive.  Some of it early on overstayed its welcome, but really, who can tire that much of beautiful and big Japanese schoolgirl derrieres?

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 175

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


-Huge cast.
-Unique theme a boon for butt fans.


-No full-on sex.  Handjobs, blowjobs, and sumata only.
-Slight scene creep.  Movie could have been cut a bit shorter without losing anything.
-Quiet, all things considered.

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