BREAKING: Mai Tubasa Goes Missing During Mexico Trip, Yuna Ogura Gets Felicitated in Korea & Nanami Kawasaki Gets Hitched.

Published : November 15th, 2023 Written by trapstar

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Yuna Ogura Gets Honored At Korean Film Festival

Here’s some exciting news for the fans of Yuna Ogura. On October 19, the 43rd Golden Cinematography Awards ceremony went down at the Elena Hotel in Gangnam, Seoul, Korea, where Yuna received the Goodwill Cultural Exchange Award at the event in Korea in recognition of her role in cultural exchange between Japan and Korea. The short stint on the stage came into spotlight by the Korean media.

"I had no idea that I would receive such an award. I think this award will encourage me to work harder in Korea, and I will work harder in the future and show you many good things.", Yuna cited via her Instagram

The Golden Cinematography Awards, now in its 43rd year, is a venerable film festival dedicated to the sustainable development of Korean cinema. This seems to be a truly great accomplishment for an artist like Yuna. As a pro-Korean actress, her diverse activities while traveling back and forth between Japan and South Korea have been recognised, having been involved in various activities including running her popular YouTube channel 'OGUOGU'.

Yuna’s YouTube channel OGUOGU, which is broadcast in Korean, has more than 100k registered followers and she recently appeared in a mainstream movie on Netflix. The manager from her agency revealed how she did at the site. He revealed what it was like in Korea for Yuna. “She is a celebrity out there. If you go to a restaurant, you will be surprised to see her. When I get in a cab, the driver asks me to take her picture.”

After receiving the award, Yuna decided to give the acceptance speech in Korean and boy was she fluent, "I am very happy to receive such a meaningful award. I will work even harder from now on and show my Korean fans how diverse I am," while drawing countless flashes from the media gathered at the event.

I also learned that she will publish her first photo book after a gap of 3 years in next spring. There’s more in store for the fans to look forward to seeing more and more activities from her in the future.

Yuna didn’t miss out on conveying to her Japanese fans either, "It has been my goal since my debut to do a lot of activities overseas. I am very happy to receive this award and feel that my activities have been recognized. I will continue to do my best from now on,"

Not only currently active as an adult film actress, but also in a variety of other activities, including the Netflix original entertainment program 'Risque Business', the Netflix original movie "Zombie 100: 100 Things I Want To Do Before I Become A Zombie", Yuna is also very popular in both Japan and Korea through various collabs such as appearing in the music video "See You In Every Party" by popular Korean rapper Sik-K.

In addition, the video of her appearance on popular Korean entertainer Tak Jae-hoon's YouTube channel "No Park Tak Jae-hoon" has been viewed nearly 10 million times and has ensured her popularity skyrockets in Korea.

We look forward to Yuna's future activities not only in Japan, but also in Korea and furthermore in Asia!

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Twitteratis Panic On Mai Tsubasa's Sudden Disappearance

Lol, it’s funny how Twitteratis believed for a moment that Mai Tsubasa had pulled a disappearing act on her trip to Mexico, and went on full panic mode. So, get this she went radio silent after her tweets on November 4, and that's pretty unlikely of Mai. The girl practically lives on social media, and we all know how she would diligently post pictures while traveling.

Now, our girl flew to Mexico to attend the Festival of the Dead, and she's been sharing snaps of her escapades on her X account ever since she touched down, in the country. But suddenly, she dropped off it and went radio silent, and you know how the internet detectives get all worked up at the hint of it.

Fans started thinking the worst – maybe she got caught up in some crazy Mexican escapade, or who knows, fell into a taco orgasm, lol. But, jokes aside, Mexico isn't always a walk in the park, given its crime rate. So, fans were legit worried, and Twitter exploded with theories and concerns.

To add fuel to the fire, even her agency, 8man, couldn't reach her during that time. That's when they hit the panic button too and posted a notice on X of Mai ghosting on her SNS for the consecutive days. I mean, it's not every day that your favorite actress goes MIA, right? Also, It would be a thing of worry if your last status update was 4 days ago.

Fast forward to this day, and guess what? Mai's alive and kicking! She finally resurfaced on Twitter on November 8, revealing how her phone went dead during the trip. "My mobile phone was not working properly, I couldn't update my SNS. Sorry for worrying you all" Yeah, her trusty gadget went kaput, and she couldn't update her fans or even her agency about the same. Imagine the collective sigh of relief from the her fanbase.

"I got the date wrong for my flight at 0:15am, so I came back later than planned and it was a bit of a mess. I finally landed in Japan and I'm fine!" Turns out, everything is A-okay in Mai's world. She's back in Japan, doing her thing, and the last few days have been quite a packed schedule for the actress. Why? Well, because she had to jet back to participate in a photo exhibition organized by her agency, 8man showcasing her latest photo-ops in 8K, lol.

So, there you have it, a tale of panic, a dead phone, and a return from Mexico. The Twitter drama may have been short-lived, but it sure kept everyone on the edge of their virtual seats. Lesson learned: never underestimate the power of a good old disappearing act, especially when it involves an actress with a penchant for posting every moment of her life. Mai, you sure know how to keep us entertained, on and off-screen!

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Kotone Suzumiya Faces Assault In Public

In a first of it’s kind, JAV actress Kotone Suzumiya became victim to a horrible incident. The Former JAV actress took to her X account to report that she was manhandled by a stranger from behind on the streets of Osaka on November, 1 2023. Apparently, in front of the MAX Namba store in Osaka, Kotone was wearing a blue sweater, at the scene of the crime when she was suddenly gasped from behind and lifted up, and the force was so great that she felt a strong murderous intent behind the attack.

In her testimony, she wrote, "I was wearing a light blue jumper, a black bag and black short boots that day. The incident took place at the intersection right in front of the Max Namba shop in Osaka. It was after 17:00 and still light outside. There were a lot of people there. A stranger suddenly grabbed me from right behind in the street. The force was so strong that I felt he had a desire to make way with me. But the people I saw thought it was a couple or a fight between the host and a customer, so they didn't call out."

It was around 5 in the evening and there was still light, as per her description, and although Kotone screamed for help, you know how Japanese people have a lot of scruples and probably thought it was a couple's quarrel or a consumer dispute at a hostess store, so no one came to her aid, and in the end, she did manage to get away from his grab, but the aggressor also took off following the incident. Kotone lamented that bystanders at the scene were just watching because they thought the perpetrator was her boyfriend who was involved in a heated argument on the street. As per her statement, Police are reportedly on the lookout for the perpetrator, who is said to be 180 cm tall and was wearing a dark grey suit.

To get the gist of her testimony, Kotome was very frightened subsequent to the incident, and while on the street, had faced shortness of breath. "Practically speaking, the X-ray shows a slight misalignment of the collar bone. It's horrifying to think what would have happened if they had tightened it more, or if they had used more force." The injury was so brutal that, X-ray found that as a result of being choked, her collar bone was displaced and she suffered severe post trauma. If at all the other party had taken things too far then the consequences would have been unimaginable.

In her note Kotome cited that the incident had been so traumatic to her mental health, that she now panics to step out of her place, "I had to go to hospital and receive a medical certificate, The pain of the tightened neck and The mental shock causes mental illness. I can't even go outside alone, I start hyperventilating. I don't think they should be allowed to get away with it."

"Osaka is my favourite city after Tokyo. But now, all I feel is fear. But it's also true that you never know when or where a crazy person will appear. I think maybe they are doing it to other people besides me. I hope that the police will take the culprit in custody so that no one else has to go through this kind of pain and suffering" Through her statement Kotone also pleaded the cops and legal authorities to take action and arrest the culprit behind the incident. I hope the police can bring her to justice, and that people who were at the scene or who happened to take pictures or have surveillance video can provide the authorities with valid clues.

It's really horrible. According to Kotone’s account, it has nothing to do with her identity or why she went to Osaka, it was just a random attack out of nowhere, and if the culprit isn't caught, there might be another victim soon, so it's no wonder that she wants the police to catch him.

"I'm lucky to be alive. But the perpetrator is still at large. I went to the police station and filed a report. I also went to the hospital and received immediate treatment. So don't worry about that. I'm doing everything right. I tried not to write anything negative about my private life on social media. But this time, I had to write about it because the culprit hasn't been caught." we quoted her saying.

I can only wish her a speedy recovery, both physically and psychologically; that is to say, she has been in bad shape recently, after this specific incident. Having been psychologically traumatized I hope she can gather the strength to continue with her life.

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Nanami Kawakami Gets Hitched In A Cosy Ceremony

Okay, so it's been a whole year since Nanami Kawakami decided to call it quits, and I bet most of you have totally forgotten about her. Well, guess what? In this one year, she managed to squeeze in getting hitched to her long-time boyfriend, going through the whole pregnancy gig, going under labour and popping out a baby, afterwards. Indeed, Nanami didn't waste any time in transitioning from JAV star to a full time mommy. Kudos to that!

But hold on, I haven’t spilled the beans yet. The Tokyo Vice actress recently took to her Instagram to drop the bomb that she tied the knot on November 4. Yep, our girl had a cosy wedding ceremony, and it wasn't the traditional, super formal kind. Well, more like a casual shindig with her close industry pals and peers. Talk about keeping things low-key.

"We had a successful wedding on 4 November. It wasn't a big one, but it was really nice to have a wedding in front of my peers like this. Thank you all." we quoted Nanami from her Instagram

So who were the lucky few from the JAV fraternity to witness Nanami say her "I do's"? Well, we're talking about renowned names like Shiori Kamisaki, Masami Ichikawa, Yuki Yoshizawa, and a bunch of others. Imagine even being on that guest list. That's like the ultimate JAV reunion, right?

Now, Nanami spilled the deets on her big day, and according to her, it was an intimate affair with the fam from both the sides. Sadly, there aren't many pics floating around on the web capturing those precious moments, so we'll just have to take her word for it. But hey, a small, cozy wedding sounds pretty darn sweet for a JAV star, doesn't it?

Apparently, Nanami officially came under a wedlock back in August 2022. Yeah, she sealed the deal while she was still cooking up that bun in the oven. That might just explain why she waited a hot minute before throwing a ceremony. Nanami wanted to make sure the baby was on board for the her 'big day'.

Now, you might be wondering, where's the adorable baby in all the photos? Well, Nanami had an answer for that. The little bundle of joy was apparently taking a nap, catching some Z's during the photo-op, "My baby was too sleepy to take pictures with me". So, no baby pics this time around. Can't blame the kid, though. Being the star of the show is exhausting, especially when you're only five months old.

It's honestly heartwarming to see our favorite stars thriving and moving on with their lives post-retirement from the industry. Nanami Kawakami, you're doing it right, girl—swapping the spotlight for fam life. It's a good start, and we're all for it. Who would've thought our go-to fantasies on screen would turn into heartwarming tales of real-life happiness? Life's full of surprises, and Nanami's journey is definitely one of the feel-good stories we didn't see coming in the world of JAV. Cheers to Nanami and her happily ever after life!

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