JAV Social Media Recap - February 2024

Published : March 1st, 2024 Written by yfoo collector

Shock streamer Tanukana calls out AV fans "worthless" gifts, sparks a heated discussion

Arina Arata showing off gifts her fans gave her after an event

This photo Arina Arata seems like the usual post fan event picture showing off the gifts she got from those who attended the event. Little did anyone know that this would start a heated internet discussion. Tanukana, a former Tekken pro turned shock streamer, saw Arina’s post and made fun of people giving kitschy presents to their idols. Examining the photo we can see that someone gave instant ramen as their gift, while another gave a photobook of Mio Ishikawa for some reason. While no one can say for sure if these were given as a joke or in earnest, the stream clip blew up and had a lot of people talking about it. Some people agree with Tanukana’s opinion that AV actresses should be honest and chastise their fans for bringing junk, while others agree with Ria Yuzuki's take that the act of giving itself is a form of love and there is an appreciation for every present a fan gives. 

Tanukana JAV parody starring Shibuya Akari [SUWK-007]

While I don’t think this debate would actually have any definitive conclusion, I think it would be fun to talk about Tanukana and her brushes with JAV. Tanukana used to be a Tekken professional player until she did an ill-fated stream wherein she said horrible stuff, the most famous of which being “men under 170cm have no human rights”. In a flash, she lost all her sponsors and found it hard to continue competing. She disappeared for a few months but eventually came back to streaming but this time leaning in on her controversial stances. She didn’t back down on previous remarks and continued to antagonize short men and incels. As such Tanukana would sometimes talk about AV actresses and belittle their fans, which is quite ironic as she once admitted considering becoming an AV actress after the controversy. Her infamy has even led SOD to create a JAV wonderful parody of her being attacked by, of course, short men.

Are Eimi Fukada frequent visits to the Philippines related to her financial troubles?

February has not been kind to Eimi Fukada as her income, taxes and relationship status has been scrutinized after a report was published from Weekly FLASH. If you want to learn more about her recent troubles, you can check out the breakdown by our diligent writer trapstar here. But before all this came to light, Eimi has a couple of her posts blew up on Instgram where she mentioned she was working in the Philippines. She posted a video of her dancing on the sidewalk and exploring the capital city of Manila. She even spent Chinese New Year in the country, which might lead you to wonder what kind of work is Eimi doing in the Philippines?

Eimi promoting an online casino

Well if you've read trapstar’s article you would know that one of her income streams is endorsing online casinos. The Philippines has become one of the premiere destinations for online gambling operations. Eimi has actually been to the country several times to promote these casinos and would even act as a dealer for special events. These Philippines offshore gaming operations are quite controversial as some view it being brought about by ambiguous gambling laws and weak law enforcement of the country. However after learning of Eimi’s financial troubles, I couldn’t really fault her for taking these jobs with all that’s going on with her financially.

Concerned JAV watcher gives Karen Yuzuriha home improvement advice

Over the past few months I have slowly curated my social media algorithm to have Japanese posts to aid me in learning Japanese. From time to time some joke posts about JAV show up and I always found them as an interesting look into their meme culture. With that said I found this funny tweet that jokes about Karen Yuzuriha’s February PREMIUM release. The JAV’s plot is about Karen and her lover fooling around an old house. The post translates to the user showing concern as he noticed the water heater in the kitchen using the inadequate rubber hosing for the gas line. The author then recommends that they replace it with a proper reinforced gas hose immediately. 

JAV trailer where the house with improper gas piping is shown[PRED-558]


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