Risky Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors and King's Game at the Beach First Half

Published August 21, 2020

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Japanese milfs with huge breasts and suspiciously perfect tan lines are approached for playing a striptease game right on the beach.

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Risky Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors and King's Game at the Beach First Half
Timing by Patonyan
Translation by ZENRA
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There was this glorious time a few years ago when somehow ROCKET had access to an entire beach to film whatever they wanted and holy heck did they film their hearts out.  It was a magical summer and the forever optimist in me believes that beach is still there so maybe we'll see them return again to it for even more extreme JAV movie production.  Until then, we present another one of those amazing taboo beach movies and this one may very well be the best.

No, TABOO STRIP ROCK-PAPER-SCISSORS AND KING'S GAME AT THE BEACH is not part of the PRIVATE PARTS GUESSING GAME universe.  Yes, it's by the same studio and directed by the same person, but it stands on its own.  For starters, RIRI KOUDA is absent.  Not all is lost, however.  REMI MIURA a JAV star turned hostess did an amazing job holding everything in together.  If she was still active, I'd easily nominate her as a replacement for RIRI.  Both are beautiful and can command an audience with some of the zaniest one-liners I've ever seen in JAV movies.

Like GUESSING GAME, we're introduced to several very close-knit couples who have no qualms about playing some truly embarrassing games for questionable prizes.  This time, it's for 100,000 yen (about $1000USD) that soon doubles during the King's Game portion of this movie.  A nice amount of money, sure, but is it enough to engage in highly risky outdoor strip rock-paper-scissors and very dangerous taboo creampie sex on your ovulation day?  And really, what are the chances of all three young mothers ovulating on the very same day?  Could RISKY STRIP ROCK-PAPER-SCISSORS AND KING'S GAME AT THE BEACH be a work of fiction?  Survey says...

I really enjoyed this update both as a fan and as the person who had to translate it.  For the latter, the audio was darn near perfect.  Even during the outdoor strip rock-paper-scissors portion somehow held right on the beach, everything was crystal clear.  As someone who's familiar with just how hairy audio can get in JAV in less than favorable studio conditions, seeing ROCKET master outdoor audio in an inhospitable environment (wind, anybody?) left me very impressed.  They're a big production company, but I've seen them accidentally leave in plenty of goofs.  This time the only whoopsie was a car driving in the background in one of the shots that was blurred out.  Given the fact this was done right in the middle of the outdoor sex while playing rock-paper-scissors portion, I believe it was just a staff member on an errand and not an actual passerby.

All three (or four if you count REMI) actresses taking part are not well known names.  All have done their fair share of JAV movies, but admittedly, we're not seeing top tier A-rank talent take part in movies like this.  That's one of the ways ROCKET can get away with filming such grandiose releases without breaking the bank.  And you know what?  I for one don't mind.  I prefer the realism of less than flawless actresses.  Leave all those A-tier talent with those boring one-title-a-month vanilla contracts.  That, not this, is pure stagnation and just doing adult video for the paycheck.  What we want to see is fun, unique plots and you really can't get better than ROCKET doing an outdoor crazy game show.  This one's good--no, great.  A must-watch no matter your tastes.


Score:  5/5

Pro's:  Fantastic theme filmed literally on the beach.  Audio a dream come true.  No implants!

Con's:  It's ROCKET, it's a game show, and it's dangerous so yes, creampies are most likely fictional as well.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 1423

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