Iori Kogawa Retrospective: Iori Through the Years

Published : April 2nd, 2022 Written by Fried Chikan

With a career spanning ten years, Iori Kogawa has gone through many looks and phases. From her early days to her signature look to her more modern appearance today. To all the little experimental styles and looks she tried out. We will look at them all.

Pre-Debut Iori

What a treat to start out with; pre-debut photos of Iori! That is right we have pictures of her before starting out in JAV and what a surprise they are. It is rare to find pre-debut photos of actress especially the further we go back. Taken from her personal blogs as an aspiring actress/idol before she made the decision to work in adult video. There you can find bunches of grainy low resolution photos of her trying out all sorts of costumes while looking so much more youthful and gawkier. The awkward days of youth. She looks pretty much close to her debut look if less gussied up. If she had any cosmetic surgery work done, I would say it would have been in her eyes or nose. But as a whole she looks a lot like the Iori we have all come to know and love. Be it through some combination of styling, makeup, cosmetic work, or just plain maturing; Iori has come a long way from her youth.

Early Days Iori

Ah early days Iori. Back when her hair was a poofier and a bit shorter. The poofy almost curvy looking hair style gives her a more conservative appearance. Like a hair style from an even older time. A bit more baby fat in her face, this is Iori at her fresh faced period just as she was getting into her career. A rounder face with a body that is a bit heftier overall compared to later as she slimmed down.

“AV Debut - Iori Kogawa”

What better way to check out new and nubile Iori but her debut title. A run of the mill debut with a long interview and glamour video section before they ease her into the sex. Revisiting this video after all this time is a trip. Debut videos have not changed in concept or format after all of these years. Iori’s style looks so dated, what am I missing with the lemon, and I have to say the lighting is awful, so washed out and way too bright. It didn’t look like SOD rolled out the red carpet for Iori her first time around. Which is funny considering how she has become one of their biggest and longest running actresses of their time.

What I did notice was Iori’s acting in her first scene, a blow job. She looked so green and out of place, she genuinely seemed lost and surprised by it all. The look on her face as she takes her first facial on camera is golden. An authentic reaction to a newbie or stellar acting from a budding new actress? She’ll show off her acting chops more later so I would lean towards the latter. Either way the scene and the whole title plays the whole innocent and naïve sex energy well. Not a bad debut at all and one fun blast from the past.

Prime Iori

Now this is the Iori most know and love. Growing out her hair a bit longer, more parted to the side, and straightening it out. Long jet black haired Iori is her most recognizable look. In the years since debuting she would fill out very nicely. Gaining a bit of size in both the bust and butt category while losing that baby face. This is where she really gained her slender hourglass like figure as her hips took shape. This is prime Iori.

“Iori Australia Dream Iori Kogawa”

If you want to see what prime Iori was like than look no further than her stellar image video with Rebecca. This glamour video has no sex but is all about the beauty of their subject’s bodies nudity. Iori in Australia nude; that’s all you need to really need to know. I am not big on these image videos but this is one of my favorites. Obviously I’m biased towards her but Iori is so damn beautiful here and the local is the perfect backdrop. It also has one of the best covers which is sadly only a short scene in the video. Still it’s a great image video and a visual showcase for this jet black beauties’ prime look.

Short Haired Iori

For a brief stretch in the middle of her career, Iori sported a super short haircut. For three titles she had a really short, form fitting, and boyish haircut. I like the idea of a short haired Iori and have come around a bit on these titles (and the short hair look is really popular right not) but the actual cut itself could’ve been better. It was just unflattering and looks like a wig; right idea, poor execution. Maybe a shoulder length hair style could work for her.

“Iori Kogawa The Naughty Real Side Of This Popular Female Anchor In Public, She's A Proper, Smart Beauty, But A Total Freak In Private

With short haired Iori there isn’t much to pick from, only three titles with her hair chopped down. We’ll be looking into this title which puts her as a female news anchor who is much freakier when off air and between the sheets. On air she is as normal and proper as they come but in her own time she’ll come as hard as anyone. Shot in a home video slash documentary style and heavy on the close up shots with handheld cameras. I’m not really into these gonzo type shoots but this was very well done and upped the whole risky nature of the sex. Iori has short hair but that is just an added bonus, the real meat of the video is risky and gonzo style sex.

The best scene has to be with her cameraman. Fooling around with him around their set, this is catnip for risky sex fans. The shaky handheld camera enhances the dicey-ness of their sexual escapades. From Iori bringing the camera up close to her face as she’s moaning in ecstasy, or blowing him behind supposedly two way glass, to them putting the camera down to give us a full body shot of her taking it from behind. Just a really fun gonzo video that feels like an amateur style video. I wrote off this video when I first saw it because of her hair but it is actually a pretty good gonzo type video.

Bonus Gal Iori

Yep for one title we got a gal-ified Iori. A delinquent type with blonde hair strands, heavy eyeliner, and a slight tan. I thought they could’ve gone much deeper with the tan to be honest.

“This Bitchy Gal Just Got Her Secret Found Out, And Now She's Being Put Into Uniform Obedience! At First She Resisted But In The End, She Gave In To The Cock And Let Herself Enjoy The Ride!”

This video has Iori playing a mean and bitchy gal who has the tables turned around on her. Her gopher and punching bag turns her into his personal sex toy as she has to put up with sex with him. Iori the tsundere delinquent gal should be a fun combo but the title wasn’t really anything all that special. They could have pushed her gal look further and all the scenarios are not too interesting. It’s mainly Iori resisting the gopher in standard sex scenes. There needed to be more for Iori to work with or something to spice up the sex more. Recommended for big fans for Iori and even then it’s mainly for the novelty of it all.

Modern Day Iori

Finally we get to modern day Iori. She has aged a bit in the face and likes to experiment with her style, favoring slightly red highlighted hair as of late. For now she has gone with bangs now out front. Since the pandemic hit, Iori has hit the gym as you can see in her social media feeds. Slimming down a bit overall but adding on some muscle. Iori with guns on her arms and a toner butt seems like a tantalizing prospect.

“Sperm is devoured with mature erotic and bare instinct. The most lewd and obscene woman right now”

You can check out Iori in one of her more recent videos with her more mature face and new bangs. The video makes her into one super duper mega slut who is consumed with cum and sex. This is Iori at her supremely sluttiest and nastiest while checking out her more toned ass and fit body. A more confident and self-assured Iori as she goes over the top for this one.

And that is Iori Kogawa Through the Years from her early budding days to the well-seasoned vet she is today. Whatever period you are looking into you are getting a great actress and one spirited lay. Til next time, FC out



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twin360 1 year ago
That is my type of Japanese girl! Had never heard of her until 2 years ago. But she's all that. Marica Hase & Yuka Osawa have her beat fucking. Iori reigns supreme at Bukkake & swallowing cum. 1 question: does she know what the scene is going to be, or does she just wing it?
1 0
Fried Chikan 1 year ago

Thanks for reading, Iori is great. As for your question the actresses are supposed to know and agree to all the acts they perform for the video.

0 0
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