The Private Parts Guessing Game - Home Visitation New Years Special

Published January 9, 2023

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While this one is not shot in that huge studio, it is one of the best releases from this game show series ever shot. A must-see for fans of truly crazy JAV.

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The Private Parts Guessing Game - Home Visitation New Years Special
Timing and Translation by ZENRA

Long time fans of ZENRA who also read our reviews (all eight of you, thank you sooo much!) may know how much I love the huge high ceiling set ROCKET used to liberally book for their PRIVATE PARTS GUESSING GAME releases.  Sometime in the later 2010's, the fun came crashing down.  I still do not know whether the owner's of that studio decided "NO MORE JAV!", raised prices to make JAV shooting unfeasible (yes, even larger studios don't have pockets as big as some fans think they do!), or more realistically knowing the booms and busts of Tokyo construction, it was sold, dismantled, and now some upscale restaurant selling shrimp served in wagons is now where it used to stand.  ROCKET has tried other locations to various levels of success (our most recent 'original' version seemed to handle smaller quarters well), but with the ability to use that big studio gone, I also salute them for thinking way outside of the box.

Being known as a JAV studio that really does accept and film fan requests, what we get in THE PRIVATE PARTS GUESSING GAME HOME VISITATION NEW YEARS SPECIAL is everyone's favorite game showing moving to extra cramped quarters but somehow SUCCEEDING in spite of it!  Certainly helped by veteran host RIRI KOUDA, we get lucky Takashi-kun (whom I am darn near certain was in a previous edition of this series using a different name and with a different cast...) and not three nor four or even five, but six females eager to strip down so they can have their private parts intimately looked at, licked, touched, and you know what else all to win some New Years cash.  While we don't find out just how much money is on the line, the envelope RIRI parades around is really, really big.

What this movie doesn't feature is an all star cast.  Besides a very obvious NATSUKO MISHIMA who seemed to be almost an on-call MILF for studios needing a busty woman in her 30's to quickly fill a role, we get five faces consisting mostly of ZENRA first-timers.  Fun fact:  for all who like SHIORI AMAMI, NATSUKO's MILF partner-in-crime, we have a couple of uncensored movies with her on the horizon.  They don't hold a candle to THE PRIVATE PARTS GUESSING GAME, but the benefit should be obvious.

If you've seen other iterations of Japan's wildest game show, then what we get here is almost par for course.  However, to make the best of both home shooting and Japanese New Years, we get a wicked "guess private parts via butts sticking out of a kotatsu table" scene.  As much as I love those reverse glory hole panels, this scene, while short, stole the show.  In fact, my only real issue with this movie was the initial guessing round:  it went on way too long.  Nearly thirty minutes of Takashi-kun playing mostly with tits (I believe the director of this series really, really loves big boobs) got tiring halfway through and cutting some of it out would have made this movie a svelte 120 minutes rather than a slightly bloated 140.

The casting was excellent and SHIORI AMAMI won me over, but among the six that get naked (sorry, can't count RIRI KOUDA here!), there was just something about AKANE KURAMOCHI that really got my attention.  Definitely a perfect example of a natural cutie with a great body that's eager, but not too eager to show it off.  Keep your eyes on her, but on all the other antics and nonstop nudity that make this great series what it is.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 1638

4 Files 5.05GB


Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Huge cast and all look great.
+Kotatsu round a must see.
+Penalty game predictable, but done very well.


-Initial guessing round overstayed its welcome.
-Fan theory:  the sex in this series is surprisingly real for the most part, but Takashi going down the lineup without cuts was sus.

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