Miki Sunohara - Yobai Mura

Published August 26, 2019

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A beautiful widow in a remote Japanese village with a salacious yet necessary archaic tradition via ORGA.

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Miki Sunohara - Yobai Mura
Translation and Timing by ZENRA

"Beautiful widow Mikie (Miki Sunohara) lives in an isolated mountain village that still follows the yobai custom of ‘night crawling’ for carnal needs.  Due to its ever-decreasing population, male villagers decide Mikie still needs to produce heirs to avoid a total collapse in their way of life.  A nosy reporter from Tokyo comes to investigate their lifestyle only to cause them to amplify their actions on their sole remaining female of viable age.  While she may fall in love with the reporter, her duty to carry the seed of the village remains paramount."

You can probably call it a series by now as MIKI SUNOHARA's iteration of YOBAI MURA marks the second presentation of this amazing 'night crawling'  drama JAV by ORGA.  Technically, the first one we showed starred YUI HATANO was released *after* the one we're showing today (don't worry as the stories are *not* connected).  It also was an AV OPEN contender making for an all-around bigger title.  But is MIKI's time living as a widow in a remote village any less special than YUI's?

Sure, AV OPEN implies bigger budgets, but even non-award season titles can pack a punch.  And then there's the actresses themselves.  YUI HATANO may still be carry more popularity than MIKI SUNOHARA, but both still remain active to this day (thankfully) and I'll be honest:  YUI HATANO is a very good actress who can handle dramatic chops.  HOWEVER, MIKI SUNOHARA is a *fantastic* actress and may be the best drama JAV-capable adult video star in the business today.  After falling in love with her first ORGA performance, we went back and licensed three more titles counting YOBAI MURA.  MIKI is beautiful yet approachable.  If there ever was an actress I could share a meal with, she'd be at the top of list.

YOBAI MURA sees MIKI as the sole female in a village way out in the middle of nowhere (that still has somewhat busy road clearly visible in some shots...).  Like YUI's, we're seen villagers follow bizarre and archaic customs to keep their way of life from falling to...well, the wayside.  The difference this time is MIKI has always been living in the village and knows from day one that since her deceased husband couldn't help her conceive, she'd have to take turns with many of the townsfolk in his stead.  Of course, an out-of-towner reporter enters the picture leading to very complicated love.

Like all movies directed by ORGA's founder, TEI JAGA, this one's somewhat low on dialog (outside of scripted lines), but makes up for it with some amazing footage.  From the drama elements to the multiple sex scenes, everything is top-notch.  This is another solid example of why we stick mainly to censored JAV:  much higher production values.  With staff members pushing past 20, YOBAI MURA was a massive undertaking, but it shows.  MIKI SUNOHARA is a gem to watch and this was another of those FHD titles produced before mosaic got thick again so expect some extra prime footage of...you know.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 283

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