2022 Debut Review - Rin Hachimitsu

Published : December 16th, 2022 Written by Oppaira

Rin Hachimitsu

Birthday (Age at debut): 2000-01-08 (22 years old)

Height: 166cm

Measurements: B95 - W55 - H90

Cup Size: H Cup

Debuted: For Idea Pocket on July 12th, 2022

Social Media: Twitter


Rin was an actress that immediately went on my radar after her debut cover dropped. Let's face it, she has 95 H cup boobs for a studio that tends not to have actresses that busty. Even if they're fake, it's still a departure from what IP is normally doing, which made Rin stand out as a debut.


Facially I found myself a little underwhelmed. She has a face that has clearly had some work done and that's not my cup of tea. There's a very fine line between a little bit of touch up and having too much work done, and Rin crossed that line for me. I can certainly see why a studio like IP would gravitate toward her, but I think a little more natural would have been nicer.

Rin's tits were not half bad, especially for being fake. I think her tits had a nice enough shape where they were bolt ons but didn't quite feel that way. The shape being less spherical and instead wider was a solid choice for her. I felt like at times they suited her body and felt appropriately sized and other times they felt a little big for her body. They had some amount of bounce and jiggle to them, probably just enough to make me sad there wasn't more. I think overall they weren't something I would generally enjoy but that's largely due to my proclivity toward huge, natural boobs.

Rin's ass was actually not half bad either. Her hips were reasonably wide and her ass was reasonably curvy, and overall was much better than I expected. I think when it comes to actresses doing so much work like she has, I would not expect an enjoyable ass.


Rin's paizuri was honestly pretty poor. I felt like the shape of her boobs weren't ideal for giving paizuri since they were wider rather than front-forward. It honestly just looked like an awkward handjob and is kind of a shame since she's one of the bustier actresses on the IP roster.

Rin's performing also wasn't good. While she could make some great eye contact the moaning was quite bad. It often sounded like she was even crying and that's a bit too much for me.

Video Review

Rin works at a soapland and does her best to give her patrons the best experience she can, letting them cum as many times as they want.

I thought the video was a little bit bland, even for soapland standards. The video tried to focus on having a lot of intercourse to make up for it, which to some extent did when they managed to have sex in and around the tub, but didn't make enough of a difference. The interesting bit they had, which was unlimited cumshots, fell really flat in my opinion. With how fake they were it was hard to enjoy, and they would have been better served as creampies (or even facials). It didn't help that Rin was submissive to a point she seemed very uncomfortable, and it just wasn't great.


Rin is now up to five videos with IP so things appear to be going well. Still a lot of bland stuff but I expect that to get better in the near future as she unlocks not only dramas but image videos and VR as well. I don't really expect her to do well in dramas unless it's for their sister studio but we'll see what options IP plays with.


Rating - C

I am open to watching them again if the right content comes around.

If I had to pick a side I'm more on the side of D than I am B. Rin is certainly an actress many will enjoy and I think she has a future ahead of her at IP. That being said, she's a bit too fake for my preferences. Even if the fake isn't half bad, I would still definitely prefer something real. I haven't been overly impressed with IP actresses lately, focusing more on the few favourites I have going strong as opposed to the newer actresses. Rin feels like just another actress I won't get into, and even among debuts from this year it seems like Himeka Iori is much more my speed. It's too early to tell that Rin will be an actress I never watch again but honestly I would be a little bit surprised if I did.

This year I am doing 31 debut reviews, one each day in December. Make sure to come back tomorrow to see the next one! If you want to see which actresses I've reviewed so far, check out my advent calendar post.

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