2022 Debut Review - Kaho Hamabe

Published : October 23rd, 2023 Written by Oppaira

Kaho Hamabe

Birthday (Age at debut): 1997-04-15 (25 years old)

Height: 156cm

Measurements: B87 - W60 - H87

Cup Size: G Cup

Debuted: For SOD on 2022-05-12

Social Media: Twitter


Kaho was someone I had my eyes on last year. I decided to take a pass on her to give her some time to improve, and we're finally at the time that I decided to check her out. I'd be lying if I wasn't tempted in checking out another SOD actress considering how things have been going there lately between Momona and Rei, giving them a bit of credit that they can find good actresses. Prior to 2022 I wasn't huge on SOD but


Facially I was indifferent to Kaho. She didn't really push any buttons for me but she also didn't push the wrong buttons if you know what I mean. I don't think I would ever watch her for her face but I wouldn't be offput by it during a release.

Kaho's tits were her best quality. They were fairly big at a respectable 87 G cup. They're not the biggest by any means but they have a pretty nice shape to them. They also do bounce and jiggle nicely when given the right opportunity to do so.

Kaho's ass was alright. The video didn't have a ton of good opportunities for it to be put on display but it managed to be fine. It was more one of those serviceable asses when she's got tits rather than something that stood out.

Kaho's fuzz was actually rather nice. It had that nice triangle shape and seemed reasonably trimmed down while being bushy. Overall I was quite fond of it, especially given the angles we got during the video.


Kaho's performing was not half bad. She wasn't overly whiny like I would have expected, a good sign for sure. Her moaning often came across in this style where it was not only reasonable but quite nice with the panting style rather than those annoying, high-pitched whines.

Kaho's deepthroating was surprisingly nice. She made it nice and sloppy at times and had some nice gagging sounds to go along with it. She doesn't strike me as someone who will do it often, partially because SOD, but I wouldn't be unhappy if she did it some more.

Video Review

Kaho plays a teacher who finds herself in a bit over her head. After agreeing to blow one of her students she finds the rest of the class asking for a piece of her.

I thought the video straddled the line solidly around how Kaho kind of accepted the situation she put herself in. The variety of scenes was good, from solo sex to taking turns with her and from a simple blowjob to a rougher deepthroat. I appreciated Kaho taking it in stride considering how rough they were being with her at times (for a video that wasn't really designed to be super rough). The production quality was also nice with Kaho wearing glasses and the various teacher outfits, not to mention the variety of settings. Even though they didn't utilize the library all that well I did appreciate the less common setting.


Kaho's career has been going okay for her at SOD. I feel like the lesser names at SOD get outshone to a degree and it seems like it's hard for her to compete against the likes of Momona Koibuchi, Rei Kamiki, or Yotsuha Kominato, which is to say nothing about veterans like Suzu Honjo or Mana Sakura. Kaho still hasn't released a VR yet which is a bit surprising considering the other three 2022 debuts I mentioned all have done VR. Maybe it'll be coming soon but it does illustrate my point of her being outshone. I still think there's absolutely nothing wrong with her career, being on the SOD main roster for a year and a half is a very good sign and nothing to scoff about.


Rating - A

I will definitely watch them again.

I think Kaho is a matter of when not if. She had a lot going for her between the deepthroating and being pretty nice overall. I don't think anything in particular stands out about her but well rounded actresses like her tend to be worthwhile. There are certainly a couple other videos I'd be interested in watching and I'm sure many more will be on the way. It's a bit difficult to be as interested in her as her classmates Momona and Rei, especially considering those two had a video together, but still, Kaho I think is being overlooked a little too much.

Last year I reviewed a new actress day in December and you can see all of them here including Kaho. Stay tuned for when I do my 2023 debut reviews!

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