Stark Naked Perverted Female Announcers

Published April 3, 2020

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ROCKET livens up the already chirpy gauntlet of Japanese morning TV with their own take featuring announcers doing their thing in their birthday suits.

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Stark Naked Perverted Female Announcers
Translation by ZENRA
Timing by Aminachu

Up here right at the top is when we usually rain down the praise for a movie.  We may list the key points as to why we found it to be so amazingly awesome and perhaps expand upon it in the following paragraphs.  Unfortunately, this format may not exactly work for STARK NAKED PERVERTED FEMALE ANNOUNCERS, a JAV movie straight out of ROCKET's 'embarrassment performance' series of titles.  Bad it is not, but we feel this is an example of a JAV maker spreading too little butter over too much bread.

Scene creep is real, folks.  It's happening right before your eyes.  Japanese adult video titles are getting longer.  On paper, this may sound great.  After all, who wouldn't want to get more content for the same price?  The problem though is that while movies are getting longer, you usually aren't getting any more scenes.  Rather, the scenes that exist just are edited more sloppily (or not at all) resulting in encounters that simply overstay their welcome.  I'm a big believer in less is more and after going head first into translating STARK NAKED PERVERTED FEMALE ANNOUNCERS, I feel like this title could have been edited down to 70 minutes and would have been even better.

Yes, this may be heresy given the overall theme of this universe of movies, but having a sex scene of some sort with an actor would have helped too.  What we get is essentially a two hour stark naked morning entertainment show helmed by three bubbly JAV stars split into three acts:  lewd word phrase popularity, visiting a perverted young wife (the only scene with sex, but done so brazenly, it may be hard for fans of real lesbian play to enjoy it), and stark naked aerobics followed by 'real deal anal strikeout' where a special guest played by AYAKO KANOU ejects ping-pong balls from her butt-hole into a grid of targets.

Again, on paper this all sounds great and it hurts my spirit to write anything but solid praise for a ROCKET movie, but honestly, I'm just not feeling it for this one.  All the women taking part did great jobs.  RIRIKA HOSHIKAWA (appearing here as MADOKA HITOMI), SHIHO EGAMI, and MIZUKI HAYAKAWA made fantastic morning announcers.  CHIE AOI nailed the insanely perverted wife and AYAKO KANOU and her never-ending legs was just perfection.  Still, the aforementioned butter on bread metaphor best sums up this title.  The biggest example of a scene overstaying its welcome was the initial striptease during the first scene.  What should've taken a few minutes--or instantly with a camera cutaway--took well over 10 with all three actresses goofing around while shedding clothes.  Fun to watch?  Perhaps, but it definitely just made everything drag.

This is probably one of the more negative reviews I've given an update as of late and it really is just my personal opinion.  There will be people who love the antics in STARK NAKED PERVERTED FEMALE ANNOUNCERS and if you're one of them, then enjoy it to its fullest.  From a production standpoint, it's ROCKET once again firing on all cylinders (aside from a few instances in the anal ping-pong scene where you could clearly see camera crew!).  It's a beautiful title in terms of picture and sound, but felt like 120 minutes of increasingly painful blue balls.

Score:  2/5

Pro's:  Beautiful footage, nonstop stark nudity, twisted humor

Con's:  Perfect example of modern day JAV scene creep and lack of sex

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 1500

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