Having Sex While My Friend Watches 6 First Half

Published November 11, 2019

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What could be more mortifying than having sex while your best friend watches? BULLITT investigates.

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Having Sex While My Friend Watches 6 First Half
Timing by Patonyan and ZENRA
Translation by ZENRA
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Every first of the month I check the websites of HOT ENTERTAINMENT and its sister company BULLITT eager to see what they'll be pushing out and never do I close out of those tabs disappointed.  I can safely say each month both companies combined release over a dozen titles with at least two or three being ones I'm sure would do extremely well on ZENRA.  In fact, pretty much anything they release would be popular with our subscribers, but those larger group movies--the ones that feature two or more women in a scene--aren't made as much nowadays for 'reasons' so our options there are slightly limited.  I mean it's been a few years since they last churned out something like today and Friday's double update.

Could HAVING SEX WHILE MY FRIEND WATCHES 6 be the final movie we're showing centered around this theme?  Honestly, it's tough to say.  These titles have done super well here though perhaps they were so-so successes in Japan.  I for one love the concept and this goes double for the scenes that feature the loquacious JAV star gyaru host.  They're really simple in execution and thankfully turn out well for the most part.  My take is we'll see HOT and BULLITT release more in the future.  Historically, like any other JAV maker, they'll push out titles in a given theme so long as they keep selling and once sales drop, they'll retire the situation for a little while.

Two production notes before we continue on with this review:  the first two scenes have bad sound.  I don't say this simply as an opinion from working on the translation as BULLITT actually put up a disclaimer early on in each scene.  Thus, there are a few times where we really couldn't hear what was being said and either had to ad-lib based on surrounding dialog or in some cases, simply leave it blank.  Titles like HAVING SEX WHILE MY FRIEND WATCHES have no scripts.  It's essentially pure improvisation.  Secondly, the run-time actually is about three hours, but one of the scenes we showed already (last scene here) so we cut it out.  Our apologies for the second half of this release having a slightly abridged running time.

While the sex (and the embarrassment that comes from having one's best friend watch!) is fantastic, I was drawn to the CFNM moments dotted through this release.  A few scenes did it incredibly well and yes, at the end of the day, the focus is on one of the friends being naked and in an extreme state of arousal.  The journey there often features the male actor stripping naked first.  And speaking of sex, that last scene's seated cowgirl moment was sheer perfection.  I usually try to avoid summarizing scenes, but if there's one thing you need to see in this already fantastic release, it's that real amateur with the huge butt being smashed up and down while her friend ogles (and even touches!) her butt-hole.  Adorable, risky, and will absolutely change their relationship from that moment onward.

Here's hoping BULLITT, HOT ENTERTAINMENT and any other JAV maker soon returns to making titles with this theme.  HAVING SEX WHILE MY FRIEND WATCHES is ridiculously simple, but quite effective.  You don't need big name stars.  The more realistic, the better!

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 1500

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