Kanae Kawahara - The Erotic Scent of a Voluptuous Wife in Heat

Published May 29, 2023

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Curvy, voluptuous, you name it. A successor of sorts to Kanna Shinozaki not afraid to show off every nook and cranny of her extra thick body.

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Kanae Kawahara - The Erotic Scent of a Voluptuous Wife in Heat
Timing and Translation by JM84

What will forever remain in style are thick, voluptuous women.  Sadly, the number that really earn this distinction in JAV is less than you'd think.  It's odd when you think about it:  obesity is less of an issue in Japan, but there are still more than enough big women to follow in the footsteps of greats such as SHIORI TSUKADA for there to be more than a few larger names in the industry that push the never-ending curves big on both ends trend.  Thankfully, we have another.  Sadly, as of writing this, she is already retired.  Her name:  KANAE KAWAHARA.

Similar to another now-retired legend, KANNA SHINOZAKI, KANAE spends some time with the NON crew for a slightly lower budget, but still very easy on the eyes production all about home play gone naughty.  THE EROTIC SCENE OF A VOLUPTUOUS WIFE IN HEAT by title may sound like one of those very fetish'y movies all about some older pervert smelling panties for three hours.  Thankfully, it's less about scent and more about said pervert--younger too, thankfully--burying his face in a glorious huge butt again and again because as we all know, the best way to judge the arousal of a curvy and naked Japanese woman is smelling and licking her butt-hole.

Split into two and half scenes (the first being a shorter foreplay encounter in the kitchen), we get to see every nook and cranny of KANAE's body.  In reality, she probably is too young to be an actual wife in a land where marrying after 'Christmas cake' expiration is now the norm and no longer a reason for embarrassment.  Most likely being in the mid-twenties when this was shot, KANAE fit that sweet spot where depending on makeup and lighting, she could one day play a student (which she has) and the next a curious young wife eager to have her plus-sized butt eaten out by a slobbering simpleton.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 488

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+If you like 'em curvy, this one is for you.
+Good use of a limited home setup.


-Honestly, this is a simple, but well-executed JAV.  It does what it aims to deliver.

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