2021 Debut Review - Kyoko Ichikawa

Published : December 3rd, 2021 Written by Oppaira

Kyoko Ichikawa

Birthday (Age at debut): 1980-11-30 (40 years old)

Height: 167cm

Measurements: B98 - W60 - H95

Cup Size: I Cup

Debuted: For Madonna on 2021-04-02


Facially I was a bit mixed on her. She certainly has that older woman look that you want to see but something about her face didn't do it for me. I felt like she looked potentially half-Asian only, perhaps with a mix of some South-American in her. That's probably what made me dislike her face a little, because she didn't seem fully Japanese to me. Maybe others will disagree with me but that's how I felt.

Her boobs were quite mixed as well. I couldn't quite tell if they were real or not and if I had to guess I would probably err on the side of them being fake. They are quite big though and the shape is fairly nice.

Her ass was very nice. Like her boobs I had to question if it was 100% real but it was 100% awesome that's for sure. I do feel like, to some extent, her body was a little bit too fat. You could see it in some positions with her ass but also with her thighs as well having a bit of loose skin. It's far from the end of the world but it's definitely a situation where "too thicc" is on the table.


I thought her performance was quite bad the entire time. She never really got into it and always looked like she was quite uncomfortable. As much as the video didn't give her those opportunities the way some others might it felt really awful seeing her be like that nearly the entire time. The few bits where she did act okay definitely didn't make up for the rest of it, not even close.

Her paizuri was not half bad but she was still really awkward with it. It was kind of this perfect moment of showing off her good quality (big tits that could wrap around a cock) and how poor of a performer she was. Especially with the scene starting off showing her being dominant (flashing her employee to get him interested), it was just such a letdown later on.

Video Review

Kyoko plays the hot boss and one of her employees has a fling with her one night. Despite that it was supposed to be just a one night stand, her employee couldn't help himself, and it turned into much more.

Kyoko's performance definitely didn't do the film any justice. There were far too few good expressions throughout the video and even when she was trying it was pretty lacklustre. Regardless of how I felt about her physically or the action going on, it was just so hard to sit there and actually want to watch her low effort performance. You saw a lot of her looking quite uncomfortable, and while I could accept it during the fling portion, it felt really bad by the end when the video had established they were mutually interested. Seeing effectively no difference made it all feel quite weak.

The content was miles better than the performance, although it wasn't exactly difficult to do. I liked how the plot flowed from a simple fling to something more as it felt more natural that way. I also liked how it built up with action during the day. Even something as simple as a blowjob or paizuri while they're off to the side makes the plot come together quite nicely. Of course, the video still had plenty of action in the office, two of the three sex scenes were there, so it felt like we had a lot of nice things going on. Say what you want, but when she's bent over the table or riding him in an office chair, it's hard to argue.


So far Kyoko's debut has mostly been pretty standard. Just a monthly release from her part and nothing too special going on there. A lot of fairly generic MILF videos that you would generally expect. The only thing to give any pause is the fact that her first video was in April and her second was in July. Having three months off in between her first and second makes it seem like she wasn't sure about whether she wanted to continue or not. I'm guessing that at this point she's quite certain about it but there was that slight bit of pause that might make someone think twice about her. It seems like this isn't all that uncommon, especially in the current climate, so I personally wouldn't think too much about it.


Rating - C

It is unlikely I will watch them again but if the right content comes around I'm open to it.

I think it goes without saying but some qualities can make up for others. As much as I'm not keen on her face or her performing there are certainly other physical attributes that can make up for it. I would perhaps liken her to Maria Nagai except a little toned down, a weaker performer, and more mature. That's not exactly a bad thing, especially when Maria is very plasticy. If you're a big fan of Maria and find Kyoko attractive then she could be a great choice for you, but otherwise she's probably not that special. I do like Maria (although I'm not a huge fan) and I think I could enjoy watching Kyoko the odd time or too. Enough that I can spend 10 seconds a month seeing if her latest release is actually interesting or not. If you're interested in following her career, make sure to give her a follow on Twitter.

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