Yurina Aizawa - Female Employee Lesbian Onsen with Bicurious Amateur 3

Published May 10, 2024

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Busty Japanese female employee from Gogos is tasked with going on a hot springs getaway with a bicurious amateur and filming every moment of it.

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Timing and Translation by Patonyan

Fans of GOGOS--at least the ones who were introduced to them from our site--know them for basically two things: hyper-realistic cheating wives movies and lesbian movies with the latter being split into two types: lesbian massage and lesbian hot springs. Sad news though: as many know already, their popular AOYAMA lesbian massage series has been put on ice since Y.S. retired and at least over the last half year or so of releases, there has been close to no focus on lesbian movies.

But not all is lost! All JAV studios go through cycles focusing on certain themes and for better or worse, milking them dry until fans get bored. PETERS a decade ago was almost giving U&K a run for their money when it came to lesbian content (though as our subscribers will soon fortunately see, most of it was massage-themed). GOGOS has an on-and-off shot a lesbian hot springs series we have been showing releases from and still may do so in the future as several dozen (so far) have been shot, but there was an additional series shot at the same time totaling almost ten movies that did something really interesting: combining elements of their GCU with a familiar female employee returning to lead each movie and pairing her off with a real bicurious Japanese amateur. What we get in some ways is similar to their lesbian hot springs proto-series where the familiar lesbian navigator is replaced with a very busty and easy on the eyes GOGOS female employee.

The theme, as noted above, in FEMALE EMPLOYEE LESBIAN ONSEN WITH BICURIOUS AMATEUR takes something tried-and-true and generally leaves it alone. We get an adorable entirely self-shot affair that does a commendable job mixing realism, first time lesbianism, and a slice of life of something most normally will not ever see. Props to YURINA AIZAWA whom not only handles the camera with ease, but maintains a chirpy and friendly atmosphere from start to finish. This is very impressive given how much these types of movies depend on a strong leading presence. All the more so that she keeps up the role in all the movies as each one sees her returning alongside another new face.

If you've seen any of the previous lesbian hot springs titles by GOGOS, the format both in this one, the third in the series, and all the rest should be familiar ground. That the main--or only difference, really--between each update is the partner is what makes and breaks these movies (mostly makes!). We opted to select an initial three from the bunch with especially cute amateurs that for various reasons work really well with YURINA though if there's demand, may go back and get the rest for your viewing pleasure.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 1034

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+A new take on a tried-and-true theme.

+Hyper-realistic, could this really be her first time with a woman?

+Yurina Aizawa has an incredible chest...and personality too!


-First 30 minutes is all dialog, but as usual, is worth watching through for most.

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