GOGOS Female Employee Films Year End Cheating Wives Onsen Party 3 First Half

Published January 2, 2023

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Super busty and eager to try hard for that raise Yamada-san returns with a new coworker to try and film cheating wives while having sex along the way.

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GOGOS Female Employee Films Year End Cheating Wives Onsen Party 3 First Half
Timing and Translation by Patonyan
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You know that saying how if the first two times don't succeed, try again?  Well, this kind of applies to today's update, but in GOGOS's favor, the first two cheating wives year end onsen movies we showed also were very good.  BUT...yea, the third one is certainly the best!

What's missing this time?  NAO JINGUJI.  GOGOS was lucky to have cast her back when she was still freelance and OK with playing roles that don't require her to be a cheating wife (and she's still too young to believably play one) and that alone made that first movie such a glorious sight to behold.  The second replaced NAO with the adorable and ultra busty YURINA AIZAWA as the female employee and otherwise let the formula unchanged.  In #3, we have...well, what could this be?!  YURINA AIZAWA again as the employee, but in classic JAV logic, why hire one cute and naive staff member to shoot glorious behind the scenes cheating wife content when you can hire two for twice the price?  That's what happens here in GOGOS FEMALE EMPLOYEE(s) FILMS YEAR END CHEATING WIVES ONSEN PARTY 3.  Yamada-san (AIZAWA) returns with at least one fellow staff member who didn't get a go with her last year having another chance.

Beyond the addition of a new face--and a cute one at that!--we get a really cool and welcomed chiropractor massage scene where GOGOS expands their GCU to include elements of their 'body adjustment clinic gone wrong series' into the mix (we'd love to show this series and who knows...we just may in the future!).  Massages gone wrong, cheating wives gone right, rowdy sex, covert sex, filming covert rowdy sex, and a HUGE orgy to cap it off.  Is there anything else GOGOS could add to make this already near perfect 180 release even better?


And again, I am sorry for gushing and sorry for seemingly turning this review into one of those hated 'scene summaries' but cut me some slack because there's one more encounter that really needs a big mention before we see how this piece ends:  Not only do we welcome back YURINA AIZAWA as one of the cute female employees eager to make a great impression no matter the task, we also see the return of RIEKO HIRAOKA as one of the cheating wives.  A little over a year ago we showed her in a fantastic wife swapping release.  There, she essentially played an always welcome female edition to an abnormal in the sexiest of ways group sex event.  She left her mark on me and many others I assume.  Thin, fit, and beautiful.  Hairy and devilish in bed.  She knows this and uses it to her benefit there and again here by putting on the sexiest striptease I've ever seen a woman of her age (over 40) put on.  Seeing her so unabashedly spread her butt cheeks inches from our new female employee who is encouraged to move in and sniff her backdoor is film gold and it gets even better when said employee is encouraged to strip naked and join the fun!

Here we are many hundreds of words in and normally by now I am supposed to list some things I don't really like about the movie.  This time, I can't really think of any.  Sure, it features heavy usage of hand-held cameras, but given the theme and how GOGOS pretty much employs this method of shooting for all their releases outside of massage ones, it's to be expected.  So yes, the footage can get shaky at times.  Also note that many of the early encounters feature female employees 'sneaking around' while trying to shoot cheating wives in action (as other GOGOS directors film their own movies!) so the picture can be a bit rougher than normal then.  But that's pretty much it.  This is a zero fakery title, thankfully.  We are blessed.  The finishes are all real.  This isn't "creampie orgy of cheating wives" starring familiar faces with predictable missionary style cutaway "there's a creampie!" finishes.  This is cum however you want and just ensure you've a rubber on when going in.  And it's glorious.

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+Too many, seriously.  Read the review.


-Shaky footage at times.

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