Yuu Shinoda

Yuu is a 32 year old actress. She started her career 13 years ago and is still active today. Check out the ZENRA collection of 6 videos featuring Yuu below!
篠田 ゆう
Yuu Shinoda
Date of Birth: 12 / 07 / 1991
Active Since: 2010
Nonstop Penetration Paradise Bikini Massage 2

Massages where penetration happens the entire time not for sexual release, but to ‘expel fatigue’. Stars Kurea Hasumi and Yuu Shinoda in their finest hour.

Sensual Lesbian Massage for Women About to Go on Their Honeymoon

Soon to be married and wanting to look their best for the big day, eager women seek a masseuse who provides what in Japan is called "plus alpha" services.

Hotel Massages Gone Wrong: New Hires Edition First Half

Attractive Japanese hotel masseuses and horny clients. A recipe for extra services, special options, and lots of unfaithful sex!

20 Girls Micro Bikini Perverted Swim Meet Second Half

Hard sex with an audience of micro bikini JAV stars followed by a most ultimate lesbian showdown conclude this breakthrough ROCKET release.

20 Girls Micro Bikini Perverted Swim Meet First Half

ROCKET goes all out with a massive extra perverted swim meet starring almost two dozen voluptuous JAV stars in the tiniest of micro bikinis.

Yuu Shinoda and Nozomi Hazuki - Making Pets Out of Husbands

JAV stars Yuu Shinoda and Nozomi Hazuki visit the homes of real married men for the wildest sex imaginable in this reverse NTR release by WAAP.

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