Nonstop Penetration Paradise Bikini Massage 2

Published April 1, 2024

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Massages where penetration happens the entire time not for sexual release, but to ‘expel fatigue’. Stars Kurea Hasumi and Yuu Shinoda in their finest hour.

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Timing and Translation by ZENRA

As a confession, the first time I saw the final scene in today's update floating around here or there, I knew it had to have a place on ZENRA. As for why, that'll reveal itself in this review, the follow-up (not 'sequel' for a reason soon noted) to a popular massage release from last year. For those familiar with the SAUNA LADIES concept, we get a world where sex is normalized meaning it happens, but it's less for erotic release and more to 'expel fatigue' and other holistic euphemisms one can conjure up for orgasms...there's many! The holistic side of this concept is cranked to 11 in the NONSTOP PENETRATION PARADISE BIKINI MASSAGE series where the type of back-story SAUNA LADIES provides (well, more like the relaxing voiceovers as each scene begins) are replaced with the soothing susurrations of Mother Nature.

Fans of this series by SOFT ON DEMAND may be wondering why today we're technically showing the sixth one and before that, the first. What about the rest? Put simply, they're all good, we may show more, but at the end of the day, while popular, are not as popular as other types of movies and given the lower amount of dialog, makes them less ideal candidates for releases on our site (those who have been with us for awhile may be noticing the increased number of dialog-heavy movies in our update schedule). Nevertheless, this was one movie we had to show because how can one turn down a picture-perfect release starring both the recently (and quite suddenly) retired YUU SHINODA and KUREA HASUMI? What's more, KUREA at least totally nails the dialog; in fact, a good chunk of it is from her.

Most anytime you see a camera angle change in JAV followed by someone saying something, it most likely means the director quickly fed the performer the line. We get that a lot here for some of the performers (basically everyone but KUREA) to ensure they stay on track because a vanilla massage sex movie this is not! KUREA, thankfully, does not need this and 'gets it' from the get-go: this isn't simply having sex with a blindfolded client. No, no, no. It's way beyond that: an almost spiritual experience where said client receives the best massage of his life including multiple bouts of ejaculation to ensure all that built-up 'liquid fatigue' exits his system. After all, how can one leave refreshed if one's muscles were made to unwind but balls are still full?

Unlike the first of this series where one can argue it started with a bang followed by scenes that were still good, but not as good, NONSTOP PENETRATION PARADISE BIKINI MASSAGE 6 begins great (YUU SHINODA outside sex for the win!), continues almost even better (KUREA HASUMI on her own), hits a road bump with MIYU KANADE who gave a more JAV performance when this movie required for a more medicinal/holistic one, and concluded with probably the best FFM massage sex scene ever shot with KUREA returning again this time with help from ZENRA newcomer and sadly short career-boaster AYA MISAKI. One can see a massage JAV like this and quickly discredit as being nothing more than that, but KUREA's scenes--especially the latter one with AYA--thrive in both the visuals and the dialog. For those who want to see that fourth wall between believable "this is not just people boning, but an actual spa service that may just incorporate sex", look no further than today's update.

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+The best tropical massage JAV movie ever shot.

+KUREA HASUMI's finest hour?

+Visually stunning--even indoor portions.

+All performers are babes.


-MIYU KANADE weakest link (still good though).