Sensual Lesbian Massage for Women About to Go on Their Honeymoon

Published June 24, 2022

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Soon to be married and wanting to look their best for the big day, eager women seek a masseuse who provides what in Japan is called "plus alpha" services.

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Sensual Lesbian Massage for Women About to Go on Their Honeymoon
Timing and Translation by JM84

Lesbian massage has been a mainstay at ZENRA for some years now, but it should be said right at the top that there is a big difference between "lesbian message" and actual lesbian massage.  The latter is what we've been showing.  A unicorn in JAV:  actual massage treatments provided by a (mostly) clothed masseuse on clients trying to bottle their arousal until they just can't take it anymore.  The AOYAMA series helmed by YS did this magnificently and I still lament its demise.  It's just hard to find a therapist/actress of her caliber.  What most JAV studios do when they want to combine lesbians and massage is more in line with what we're showing today.

SADISTIC VILLAGE as one can tell by their name is a JAV studio known for harder movies.  Not a BDSM maker, but one that more often than not will find ways to have the actresses that star in their movies in bizarre situations that have them stark naked in a world full of clothed instigators.  That doesn't mean they don't ever want to try difference things.  I love it when we see makers known for certain genres attempt to think differently.  You may get gloriously unique (and sadly one-off releases) like that JAV Star Gone Wrong Audition by HOT ENTERTAINMENT and sometimes movies that simply fall flat.  I'm not sure where to put that previous women-only outing by SADISTIC VILLAGE we showed last year at.  Starring MAO KURATA and AYUMI KIMOTO, it was nearly three hours of inventive lesbian wrestling.  It was hard to see much eroticism in it, but visually, it was a treat.

We're back now with another update featuring MAO KURATA, a woman I find nearly flawless.  Still active, still without social media, and with a body best classified as dangerous.  Here, she plays the first client in another pushing three hour release with a lesbian theme.  This time, wrestling is swapped with massages performed by AYANE SUZUKAWA.  The theme:  women soon to be married wanting to look their best before the big day.  The setup:  massages that start normally and then segue to some of the raunchiest lesbian play ever shot.  I mean it.

SENSUAL LESBIAN MASSAGE FOR WOMEN ABOUT TO GO ON THEIR HONEYMOON is lesbian JAV through and through.  Don't go into this expecting something akin to Aoyama.  AYANE, like the three women she stars with, is a JAV star and here she's portraying a masseuse who offers a lot more to her please to eager clients.  As hardcore lesbian scenarios are not my forte, I can't comment too much about this stands up to other movies like it.  I can say it's solid from a production standpoint.  Hats off to SV for showing they have more in their arsenal of weirdness than their usual big group 'has the world gone wrong?' affair.  Like their lesbian wrestling movie, I'm not sure if this will ever be a must-see for me, but if you are fans of women being intimate with women that goes beyond ways that's usually done in the real world, what we get here should satisfy that craving.

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+Anything with MAO KURATA is a plus for me.
+Also anything massage-themed " ".
+Ingenious use of SV's trademark industrial strength dildo machine, the Vaginizer.


-This is as far from Aoyama as it gets in a movie that still only features women.