Uta Kohaku

Uta is a 32 year old actress. Her career spanned 4 years, starting in 2010 and ending in 2014. Check out the ZENRA collection of 10 videos featuring Uta below!
琥珀 うた
Uta Kohaku
Date of Birth: 14 / 02 / 1992
Active Since: 2010
Retirement: 2014
CRB48 Sakura Shiofuki Orgy

As taught in this movie, the best way to become a popular Japanese idol is to be really, really good at blowjobs and have no issues about having raw sex with fans.

The Female Body Rejuvenation Sex Cult - Final Step

The aftermath of a Japanese sex cult featuring a tender at home moment and a most perverted string bikini bathroom chikan by DREAMROOM.

January 15th, 2020

The Female Body Rejuvenation Sex Cult - Second Step

A most bizarre Japanese sex cult shows how it handles both new recruits and potential runaways mosaic-free via DREAMROOM.

The Female Body Rejuvenation Sex Cult - First Step

Reporter Uta Kohaku discovers a weird sex cult led by a charismatic follically challenged leader via DREAMROOM.

Absolutely Shameful Hazing at the All-Girls Academy Season 2

All Nozomi Hazuki wants is to be a normal teacher with tenure but both seem pipe dreams as a new class puts her through perverted hazing via ROCKET.

CRB48 Fans Thanksgiving Day

Hyper energetic JAV legend Uta Kohaku and friends somehow without me knowing formed an idol unit that gives to their fans via spread legs by DREAMROOM.

Would You Be My Lesbian Friend? Special Part One

JAV stars on a mission to end all missions where they are tasked with finding new lesbian friends in a release by HOT ENTERTAINMENT.

Half Naked Caregivers

V&R returns with a title best described as zany and otherworldy featuring a group of chirpy caregivers wearing uniforms that only cover half of their bodies.

Uta Kohaku Wants Your Semen

Uta Kohaku proves her love of gokkun and semen is authentic by appearing in a title featuring hundreds of bottles of it mailed in by actual fans by RADIX.

Uta Kohaku in Semen Bubbles

Hyper charismatic Japanese AV star Uta Kohaku is down for nearly anything involving her extra long tongue including extreme gokkun play with English subtitles.

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