CRB48 Fans Thanksgiving Day

Published April 4, 2018

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Hyper energetic JAV legend Uta Kohaku and friends somehow without me knowing formed an idol unit that gives to their fans via spread legs by DREAMROOM.

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CRB48 Fans Thanksgiving Day
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Welcome to the CaribbeanCom perverted idol project!  We owe our fans so much and on that note we’re gonna give back to them in the best of ways!  How?  By offering them our pussies!  But of course we’ll be playing A LOT with their dicks beforehand!  They’ll surely love what we have to offer down there:  from naturally hairy to all-out shaved!

We don’t go gung ho with a no-condom nakadashi* orgy at first (that comes later!).  It’d be BORING and as much as we love our fans, we don’t think they’d last that long if they just jammed their junk into us!  NO!  Rather, we start with some fun and games—sexual ones of course!  We give back with hands and mouths of course, but even before that we give them a once in a lifetime gift of ink impressions of our tits and pussies.

Once fun and games are out of the way, we then finally strip naked (as do they!) for that orgy and holy cow does it go WAY off script!

*UTA KOHAKU's paired actor wears a condom and cums on her face instead of finishing inside her.

OK so by now pretty much anyone with even a smidgen of interest in modern Japanese pop culture should have at least passing familiarity with AKB48.  If not, click that link in the previous sentence and prepare to devote hours to Wikipedia surfing as you're in for quite an adventure!

DREAMROOM is certainly NOT the first JAV production company to produce titles that work off the idol theme.  They're probably not even the first to produce titles that are parodies of AKB48.  CRB48 itself is an obvious homage to the 'real' idol group with CRB being shorthand for their most well known site (that since last year we've been regularly and legally showing content from).  A few titles (at least!) were made in the CRB48 series and today we're showing one of them.

It's CRB48's FAN THANKGIVING DAY and being an idol unit that consists of JAV stars and filmed on a JAV set with actors playing their fans, you can probably guess what happens here.  Heck, by now those images to the left of the review should paint a sound summary of the salacious activities that occur because this goes well beyond the standard 'shake hands and get a picture' get-together.  Oh, it goes *well* beyond that with the finale being a marvelous six-person ORGY featuring two instances of nakadashi and one case of one-man bukkake.

UTA KOHAKU is by far the star of this release.  She's joined by HARUNA (first name only because true blue idols don't need more than one!) and SANAE MOMOI.  Her costars are cute and I've nothing bad to say about them, HOWEVER, what would make this update go from 'really good' to 'INSANELY good' would be this slight situation change I came up with while subtitling:  one of the girls in this trio is a new hire who has NO idea what these fan thanksgiving events are about.  While UTA and her veteran co-idol start engaging in some really bizarre naked games and erotic play, she at first looks on with shock, but in classic Japanese 'pound the nail that sticks out fashion', she joins in...embarrassingly with her shame cranked up past 11.  I would of loved to see that juxtaposition!  Imagine two JAV stars going all at it in ways most naughty while one constantly has this confused/ashamed look throughout the entire release and at the end has an all-out panic attack when the actor cums in her.

Still, CRB48 FANS THANKSGIVING DAY is a pretty good group release.  From a production standpoint, it was done with care and it's nice to see some actual instances of erotic weirdness (the tit and pussy ink play in scene two!) before all-out sex begins.  I'd recommend this one--NOT to my grandmother as she doesn't watch JAV, but to all fans of beautiful women doing strange things while having sex.

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