Uta Kohaku in Semen Bubbles

Published June 13, 2015

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Hyper charismatic Japanese AV star Uta Kohaku is down for nearly anything involving her extra long tongue including extreme gokkun play with English subtitles.

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Uta Kohaku in Semen Bubbles
with English Subtitles


Read an English-translated interview with UTA KOHAKU!

Gokkun is a genre that until now has not seen much focus at ZENRA.  We have featured countless movies featuring extended 'finishes'--where even after ejaculation, some amount of semen play is carried out.  Sometimes it's quickly lapped up and showcased on the bases of long tongues and there are a few examples of ejaculate being passed mouth to mouth.  Either way though, the focus in all these titles is not on cum-play, but the action that proceeds it.

Gokkun exclusive titles on the other hand are less about the sexuality needed to induce a male orgasm and more about what comes after.  It's adult video turned upside down and it walks a very tight line between the grotesque and the all-out erotic.  Your average AV director would face an uphill battle trying to bring a proper gokkun title into being.  Even adult video stars who are considered outgoing may balk at the idea of consuming so much semen.  What you need is talent able to perform with gusto and the direction needed to make it look wonderful.

The talent in today's update at ZENRA is the famous Uta Kohaku and she has the honor of being directed by Japanese AV's godfather of gokkun, RUSHER MIYOSHI.  SEMEN BUBBLES starring Uta Kohaku is the first title under our new licensing agreement with RASH, RUSHER MIYOSHI's adult video production company and there will be frequent updates by them in the coming months.  Most titles will be gokkun-themed, but a few will venture into CFNM with heavy, heavy femdom including BBW facesitting--something our friends in the U.K. may be interested in seeing.

Uta Kohaku is no stranger to heavier titles.  She's bedfellows with semen and performing in a RASH title comes natural to her.  With huge eyes full of expression and a chirpy personality that is only magnified via the ravenous camera, Uta Kohaku lets herself be known.  She's a dream-come-true for fans of 'small' women:  short of stature, short hair, a totally shaved womanhood, and a cup size certainly no larger than a B.  Although she is as far from big and voluptuous as they come, this does not get in the way of her powerful presence and her love of semen is wonderfully produced by JUNK SHOP, the sub-label of RASH responsible for this release.

Although the actual title of today's release translates closer to FEMALE SEMEN RECEPTACLE, we felt that SEMEN BUBBLES is more appropriate given the breakthrough scene halfway through where after performing incredibly slurpy fellatio, Uta Kohaku is shown playing with a surprisingly heavy amount of ejaculate for 10 nonstop minutes.  Can you imagine how it must have felt for her to carry such an immense liquid weight in her mouth gradually becoming heavier as her saliva began building?  These 10 minutes were filled with her gargling, producing and blowing bubbles, and even making some very curious faces including bizarro-Kohaku with her eyes rolled back and mouth agog.

Along with an ample amount of time conversing with RUSHER MIYOSHI--who does appear in this title in a directorial role only--she engages in round after round of bukkake-themed blowjob trials with brothel scenes in between.  There, it's a truly one-on-one experience with each customer at Uta Kohaku's make believe brothel seeing more and more of her before the final scene has her performing some incredible feats of oral prowess totally naked.

Take note that SEMEN BUBBLES is not a title about sex.  It doesn't happen.  Being a bona-fied gokkun release, this title is more about blowjobs and the fun that comes after.  If you do not like looking at sex 'after the fact', then gokkun may not be your thing.  Those wanting to see the interesting ways semen can be played with after it explodes out of a joyous volunteer will fall in love with gokkun releases like this one and fortunately, many more will be shown both by RASH and other makers as well.

Uta Kohaku is quite talkative.  In fact, her stage name comes from a popular year-end music show where musical guests perform 30 second sound bites from commercially crafted music that sounds pretty much the same every year.  Uta Kohaku, the AV star, brings the kind of diversity and stage presence that Japanese variety television shows such as the aforementioned music event desperately need.  Unfortunately, it was not too long ago that she announced her retirement from Japanese AV though like many AV stars who say that, we'll probably see her return in the future.

Nevertheless, there's at least one more title starring Uta Kohaku that will appear on ZENRA later this year produced by RADIX and it's also semen- and gokkun-themed, but much more hardcore.  Until then, enjoy SEMEN BUBBLES complete with ZENRA's exclusive English subtitle treatment.

A Message to subscribers and also potential subscribers:  this movie is labeled as an Exclusive release because this is the first official presentation of it outside of Japan.  We would like to know your impressions of this production.  Did you like it?  Did you not?  Your feedback is truly appreciated as it can help us decide the best possible Japanese adult video entertainment for you from here on out.  Don't be shy and please feel free to contact us with your thoughts!

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