ZENRA Exclusive Interview: Ruri Saijo - Take Two!

Published : February 26th, 2022 Written by vienna

Look who's back, lads. Ruri Saijo is here, and we couldn't resist the temptation to interview her again to ask her about her future in the industry. We also took the opportunity to ask her what we couldn't in the last interview that you can find here (and that we suggest you to catch up!). Ruri Saijo was super nice to us, and we can't wait to see how she takes charge of her career in the near future. Please enjoy the interview, and let us know what you think in the comments! You can find her FanCentro here, and her Twitter here.


[ZENRA] You've been teasing for a while about a potential comeback. What made you decide to come back? Why now?
[Ruri Saijou] I was away from the industry for awhile, but after making my FanCentro page and seeing how many fans both in and outside of Japan I amassed, I mustered up the courage to return to filming.

[Z] Are you really going to do just one video? Us fans would love to see more of you!
[R] I’m not sure yet as I’m not sure just how many times people want to see me having sex.  I’m still thinking it over.

[Z] Your comeback video is with a new studio, “Materiall”. Why them instead of a studio you've worked with in the past such as Fitch or Oppai?
[R] I didn’t really decide to work with any.  You can say Materiall’s offer came at the right place at the right time.

[Z] How was your experience with Materiall? How different would you say they are from other studios?
[R] It’s been so long since I acted I forgot the flow, but overall based on what I recall, there was nothing of note that was different shooting for Materiall compared to other studios.

Check out the trailer of MTALL-012 here:

[Z] Did you pick the male talent you wanted to work with? Perhaps some familiar faces?
[R] I didn’t.  For this shoot, the director picked the actors.  However, some of them I worked with previously.

[Z] Have your chest and butt gotten bigger since your last video?
[R] Oh, I think otherwise!

[Z] How was it like working under director TAKE-D? Was he your choice for directing your comeback video?
[R] He was the director Materiall hired for the shoot.  I felt very comfortable since he was a veteran.

[Z] There have been a few other actresses who, after being retired for a few years, returned to the industry.  Unlike them, you appear virtually unchanged in spite of it being six years.  How have you managed to maintain your beautiful appearance?
[R] Lots of rest, lots of beverages, and not worrying too much about life.

[Z] If you are entertaining thoughts of sticking around, are you planning on remaining freelance or would you prefer signing an exclusive deal?
[R] I haven’t thought this one over much.  If a good chance presents itself, I’ll go from there.

[Z] Were you with All Pro since your career started?  If not, how do they compare to your previous agency?
[R] Compared to other agencies, All Pro has a heavier focus on overseas promotion and thinking outside of the box.  This is actually the second agency I’ve been with.

[Z] Does a JAV agency of 2022 do more for their talent compared to agencies of 2016?
[R] Oh yes.  Before it was mainly just shooting and nothing else.  Now there are many more opportunities for actresses like having their own fan site

[Z] How do you keep yourself busy?
[R] As of late I’m mostly at home!  Winters in Tokyo can be cold, you know!

[Z] What’s your ideal date?
[R] I like it simple: a nearby Izakaya and a relaxing dip in an onsen.

[Z] What’s the best way into your heart?
[R] Through my pets: my cat and dog.

[Z] What turns you on?
[R] I’m a big fan of indoor activities.

[Z] What turns you off?
[R] Expressing overwork, feeling stressed.  Those emotions can make me frustrated.

Check out the trailer of KIRD-182 here:

[Z] Do you have any hidden talents?
[R] I’m very big on doing various arts and crafts.  We call this DIY in Japan.  I also make my own terrariums from material I gather in the greener parts of Tokyo.

[Z] Do you have any guilty pleasures?
[R] I cannot say...

[Z] What do you think the JAV industry can do better for its performers?
[R] STD testing and contracts can be even more open and unified.

[Z] Why do you think JAV has an international appeal?
[R] There’s so many crazy and unusual genres.

[Z] What do you think makes you appealing to foreign audiences?
[R] For me, it’s obviously my tits!

[Z] What advice would you give to be successful in JAV?
[R] Being friendly with both your management, but also with everyone in production.

[Z] If you weren't doing JAV, what do you think you would be doing?
[R] Oh, I have no idea!

[Z]  What do you think are some misconceptions about JAV performers?
[R] There’s many, but for me, it’s that people may think I don’t enjoy what I do.  I LOVE what I do!  I don’t worry about it.

[Z] When did your breasts start growing? How did you deal with it then?
[R] Way back when I was a student.  I couldn’t hide them so I flaunted them.

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