Yuki Rumina Interview: From “Miss Campus” at her super prestigious school, to a newcomer actress super curious about sex

Published : July 13th, 2020 Written by Baskerville

There’s a newcomer actress who’s already gotten a lot of attention as “this year’s biggest shock in the JAV world.” That actress is Yuki Rumina, who first debuted in “Miss Campus Grand Prix Winner Rumina Yuki Makes Her Porno Debut,” released by Prestige on March 20th.

When the news of her debut was made public on February 18th, Yuki quickly caught everybody’s attention.  That’s because she’s the talented and beautiful young woman who won the Grand Prix at her highly prestigious university’s beauty pageant.

Click here for Yuki Rumina’s official Twitter!
Click here for Yuki Rumina’s official page on Prestige’s website!

(From “Miss Campus Grand Prix Winner Rumina Yuuki Makes Her Porno Debut,” released by Prestige on March 20th.)

Moreover, on her Twitter account that she had created before her JAV debut, Yuki tweeted, “Why did I make my JAV debut…? To get my revenge on you.” She caused a huge stir online when she revealed that the “you” was her ex-boyfriend, and her revenge against him was the reason for her debut.

The media could not ignore such a strong personality, so Yuki received plenty of coverage. Then it was confirmed that Yuki’s claim that JAV debut was “revenge against her ex-boyfriend” was merely made on impulse.

Even so, Yuki’s debut work reached number one on the FANZA ranking. The poses did not feel like that of a debut work, with Yuki’s elegant looks and graceful figure shown all disheveled, and it wowed the JAV enthusiasts of the world.

That’s why Men’s Cyzo contacted the woman of the hour directly, where they got the whole truth about Yuki’s JAV debut. Read until the end to find out!

-- First, please tell us what made you decide to become a JAV actress.

Yuki Rumina: I thought I wanted to show the many different sides of myself. Maybe I’d had enough of being a good girl? (laughs)  And also… I’ve always loved erotic stuff. I’ve had this desire to find out my erotic side for a long time. (laughs)

-- Did you watch adult videos then?

Rumina: I watched them a lot. (laughs)

-- A lot?! How old were you when you started watching them?

Rumina: I think since I was in middle school. Before that, I used to search for erotic images online… I also read all sorts of stories where people recounted sexual experiences. (laughs)

-- Was that related to masturbation?

Rumina: I masturbated a lot. (laughs)

-- At what age did you start masturbating?

Rumina: I’ve been touching myself between my legs ever since I can remember. (laughs) I don’t think I knew it was called masturbation back then, though. I think the first time I started masturbating when I was aware that’s what I was doing was in 4th Grade.

-- You debuted early, despite seeming so prim and proper! By the way, what do you mean about masturbating without being aware of it? Men don’t really understand that sort of thing.

Rumina: Even though I didn’t know about masturbation, I knew it felt somewhat nice to touch myself down there, so I would poke around there with something thin. (laughs)

-- Something thin?

Rumina: In my case, the first thing I ever used was… It’s embarrassing, but it was my hair. Isn’t that strange? (laughs) It felt nice when I rubbed it with the ends of my hair.

-- Your hair…? So then, what first made you aware of masturbation?

Rumina: I knew the word “masturbation” from the internet. Before that, I knew about the act of sex, so I thought that masturbation must be doing sex on your own.

-- That’s an early age to be knowing about sex, too.

Rumina: There’s sex scenes and stuff in movies, aren’t there? We were allowed to watch that kind of stuff in my household. That’s how I knew about sex.

-- You learned a lot about sex quite early on, huh? Did you put your finger inside when you first masturbated purposefully?

Rumina: Yes, I did. (laughs) With my finger, and a thin pen. (laughs)

-- Did it feel good from the start to put them inside?

Rumina: If I had to choose, I preferred putting things inside. (laughs) Oh, come to think of it, I used to think that my clitoris was a penis. (laughs) It was to the point that I’d say to my parents, “My penis is growing!” (laughs) I only learned that the clitoris was a sexually sensitive spot after I learned about putting things inside me.

-- Well, sometimes a penis is also called a clitoris that’s grown bigger. (laughs)

Rumina: When I learned about masturbation, before long my interest in sex also grew.


-- Who did you have your first sexual experience with?

Rumina: It was a guy two years older than me, who was kind of like a boyfriend for the time being. (laughs)

-- “For the time being”?

Rumina: Because we did it as soon as I went out with him.

-- Where did you have your first sexual experience?

Rumina: At his house.

-- Were you both virgins?

Rumina: He was very good and experienced.

-- It’s enviable to be so experienced during your first year of high school.

Rumina: It seems like he was an early bloomer. (laughs) When I was with him and things started going in that direction, even though I said things like “we can’t, we shouldn’t,” in my head I would think “finally, we’re doing it!” and fist pump. (laughs) I think my curiosity was stronger than my nervousness.

-- What are your impressions of your first sexual experience?

Rumina: To be honest, I screamed.

-- Because it hurt?

Rumina: It really, really hurt. This is another embarrassing true story, but I was in the middle of my period, and we had no foreplay at all… Moreover, his “thing” was very big… And so I screamed really loud. (laughs) In the middle of the act, I noticed the window was open, so I said, “Oh no, everyone outside could’ve heard that!” (laughs)

-- Could you both not resist doing it, even when you were on your period?

Rumina: Yeah, that's how it ended up. (laughs)

-- After that first experience, did you keep having sex with that same guy?

Rumina: No, we didn’t carry on for much longer… After that, I gained experience with different people.

-- You must have been pretty popular, given you’re so pretty and elegant.

Rumina: Not really. (laughs)

-- Around how many people have you slept with?

Rumina: There’s so many that I can’t recall a specific number. More than half of them were when I was in middle school, I think.

-- Flourishing in the springtime of your youth, I see.

Rumina: At high school I dated a lot of people for a short time, and then soon broke up with them.

-- And how long is a “short time,” exactly?

Rumina: For a couple of weeks, or a month. I repeated that kind of relationship over and over.

-- And when you dated, did you always end up having sex?

Rumina: That did happen… (whispering)

-- Was that simply because you loved sex?

Rumina: I think so. At any rate, I was very interested in trying things with different people.

-- How did you meet men?

Rumina: As friends of friends, I think. And then when I went to a girls’ school, we had connections to the boys’ school, and I met some of my peers who went there.

-- Did strange rumors circulate there?

Rumina: I was discreet, so no. Hehehe. (laughs) I went on with my life while hiding the really dirty things I did.

-- What kind of dirty things did you like?

Rumina: In general, I liked myself when I was having sex. I already didn’t care who my partner was. (laughs) Then, I liked doing it in all sorts of places, even though I couldn’t really orgasm. In a karaoke booth, a manga cafe, on the steps outside in public, that sort of thing. (laughs)

-- Quite like an adult video.

Rumina: I remember the steps outside the multi-storey buildings in Shibuya very well. (laughs) It felt good to sit facing each other and do dirty things! (laughs)

-- And what kind of sex felt especially good?

Rumina: Hmm… I wonder… Actually, I liked all of it. (laughs) In the end, it all felt good. (laughs)

-- Wow! You’re the real deal! Well then, are you a sadist or a masochist?

Rumina: If I had to say, I think a masochist. I like doing it doggy style. I get super aroused when I imagine myself getting thrusted into from behind while on my hands and knees. Of course, it feels good on a physical level, too.

-- So it feels good in your mind and your body. That must be an explosion of ecstasy!

Rumina: Yeah, I’m a huge pervert. (laughs)

-- And what’s your most sexually sensitive spot, Miss Yuki?

Rumina: At the moment, my clitoris is developing the most. Perhaps I’ve been masturbating too much. (laughs)

-- You said you liked things inside you the most before, right?

Rumina: That’s right, but as I was rubbing my clit, I gradually got addicted to it… It’s strange to say, but I haven’t had many vaginal orgasms. I remember having them when I was around 20 years old.

-- So you couldn’t cum from penetration before that?

Rumina: When I was in my teens, I really enjoyed sex itself, but I could only cum from masturbation.

-- What kind of partner did you have the first time you had an orgasm from penetration?

Rumina: I think he was also a friend of a friend. We were the same age, and really close friends.

-- But it must have turned into dating, right?

Rumina: Yeah, yeah. Sleeping together soon turned into dating. (laughs)

-- That’s how things go sometimes, isn’t it? You start as friends and suddenly become boyfriend and girlfriend.

Rumina: That’s right. That pattern of events is fairly common. I’m not very girly, so I had quite a few male friends, and then I ended up dating them. (laughs)

-- What kind of sex did you have with the guy who made you cum from penetration?

Rumina: It was pretty passionate sex. He was usually a cheerful person, but it seemed like he would completely change when night fell. Oh yeah, we also used to masturbate over Skype. Those were the days!

(From "Miss Campus Grand Prix: Hot And Heavy High-Leg Leotard Sex Second Impact! The Beauty Pageant Queen That's The Talk Of The Town Part 2: Rumina Yuki," released by Prestige on April 24th.)

-- What wonderful memories!

Rumina: The first time I came from penetration was doing the cowgirl position. I remember it very well, too. I said, “Woah! I came so fast!” It left a strong impression.

-- You knew immediately.

Rumina: Yes! I was only orgasming with masturbation, so I remember cumming from penetration very well.

-- What feels better, masturbation or sex?

Rumina: It’s a similar sensation, but they’re two separate things, I think. (laughs)

-- Did the sensation of cumming from sex encourage your curiosity in sex to grow?

Rumina: Yeah, that’s right! I couldn’t help feeling inquisitive towards it. (laughs)

-- Did that lead you to your JAV debut?

Rumina: Yeah, that’s how it ended up~. (laughs) I can’t help it, I’m having so much fun now!

-- You’re quite the dynamic personality, despite your immaculate appearance. (laughs)

Rumina: Yeah, that’s true. (laughs) That’s why with my JAV debut, I thought I shouldn’t feign innocence anymore.

-- You knew very well that you liked sex, but did you feel any hesitation about doing it for everyone to see?

Rumina: Not at all. (laughs) I had a strong desire to be watched from the start. (laughs) I was already an exhibitionist. (laughs) Of course, I get nervous because it’s my job, but that can also be fun!

-- Have you watched your own debut work?

Rumina: I haven’t seen the whole thing, but I watched a bit with friends.

-- Whaaat? That’s amazing! Were they female friends?

Rumina: Yes, they were women… Wait, I’m sorry. That’s a lie. There were men there too, actually. (laughs)

-- That’s an amazing situation to be in. I feel a strange jealousy...

Rumina: We’re all close friends, so everyone was talking over each other while we watched.

-- What were your friends’ reactions?

Rumina: It might sound like I’m boasting a bit, but...

-- Please, go ahead.

Rumina: My girl friends told me that my nipples are pretty, and that made me really happy. In the end, all my friends thought I was “sexy,” and that also made me happy. (laughs) It felt like I was finally noticed. (laughs) Since I had this beauty pageant reputation, I used to be seen as a bit of a formal, stuffy persona.

-- Certainly at first glance you seem very sophisticated, so you might have given off the impression of being difficult to approach.

Rumina: That’s right. That’s why when I went to parties and stuff, people told me I was “scary”...

-- If they tried talking to you, they’d realize there’s nothing scary about you, right? As I thought, maybe you looked too sophisticated.

Rumina: Mm-hmm. But recently I’m going from “scary” to “sexy,” so I’m excited about that. (laughs)

-- Does being called “sexy” make you happier than “cute” or “pretty”?

Rumina: Of course I feel happy if I’m called “pretty,” but if someone calls me “sexy,” I feel like I want them to keep saying it more than the word “pretty.” (laughs)

-- You have staggering potential as a JAV actress.

Rumina: I’m really glad you think so~!

-- Now I want to ask more about this debut work that you had a watching party with your friends for. First, please tell me how you felt about the filming.

Rumina: Overall, it was fun. I was nervous at first, but the male actor was absolutely brilliant, so I was completely immersed in the roleplay.

-- Did you get to let loose?

Rumina: That’s right. I opened up so much so fast, it doesn't feel like a debut work. (laughs) It might seem like there’s no sense of innocence because of that, though. (laughs)

-- You suddenly attempted a threesome in your debut work.

Rumina: That’s right. My first threesome. (laughs)

-- You’d never had a threesome, with all your experience?

Rumina: Right. That’s why I had so much fun. (laughs)

-- What are your thoughts on the experience?

Rumina: Being taken from the front and from behind, in other words “spit-roasting,” was awesome. (laughs) I’ve really longed for that kind of situation, so when I was being spit-roasted, it felt so good that my mind went fuzzy. (laughs)

-- The long-awaited spit-roast... sounds great. (laughs)

Rumina: Also, it was the best when they took in turns punishing me. (laughs) I got all fired up in that kind of situation. Hehehe. (laughs)

-- And there was also POV filming done by the actors themselves.

Rumina: I was really nervous about that. I said, “It’ll be just the two of us, me and this actor I just met.” But I trembled even while saying that. (laughs)

-- I would have thought it’d be more nerve-wracking to have sex surrounded by people, though. (laughs)

Rumina: For sure. (laughs) Well, at any rate, the POV video filming felt good, too~!

-- That’s the most important thing. (laughs) By the way, did anything change for you because of your JAV debut?

Rumina: As for my personality, I’ve been told that I’ve become more cheerful now. To be honest, it’s because I used to make quite gloomy, serious expressions. (laughs)

-- Because you were pretending to be. (laughs)

Rumina: That’s right. (laughs) I feel really comfortable as my current self. On the other hand, since entering the JAV world, I haven't gotten much personal attention in my private life...

-- That sounds like a shame.

Rumina: Indeed. But because of that, I’ve gained a lot more motivation for filming, since it’s so much fun. (laughs)

-- Do you have any works that seem like they’ll be released soon?

Rumina: Too many. (laughs) I want to try doing things with lots of people in different situations. I’m looking forward to cosplaying too. I think I want to challenge myself by acting in all sorts of roles, such as a schoolteacher, a nurse, or a massage therapist.

-- You’re very eager~!

Rumina: I want to challenge myself to be things I’ve never been, like a married woman. A married woman stolen from her husband. (laughs) I want to know what kind of arousal I’ll get from that.

-- You have a curious soul when it comes to sex.

Rumina: I get excited about it every day!

-- I’m excited to see what kind of actress you’ll become.

Rumina: I want to become an actress that’s honest about dirty stuff. The average woman can’t talk much about obscenities, but I’m no average woman (laughs), so I want to keep sharing more and more erotic content.

-- That seems interesting, since there aren't a lot of sexy actresses who talk about having sex.

Rumina: I’ll do my best!

-- And finally, do you have a message for our readers?

Rumina: Though I’m a princess, I’m a huge pervert!

-- That was a very short message, but a very powerful phrase!

Rumina: Oh no, I’m so sweaty. (laughs) That’s just how I am. Thanks for all your interest.

That was Yuki-chan, who became a public sensation even before her debut. Her unexpectedly outstanding talent is unmistakable!
Interviewer = Kagurazaka Bunjin (Click here for his official Twitter, and here for the Japanese article.)
Yuki Rumina
Place of birth: Tokyo
Birthdate: April 25th, 1995
Blood type: O
Height: 165cm
Sizes: Bust = 82cm, waist = 59cm, hips = 85cm
Hobbies/skills: watching movies, jazz dance


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