Nursing School New Students Stark Naked Demonstration Day 2 First Half

Published September 6, 2021

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The proper way to learn how to take care of nursing home residents is via extra thorough, extra embarrassing hands on demonstration.

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Nursing School New Students Stark Naked Demonstration Day 2 First Half
Timing and Translation by Patonyan
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The youth in Japan--the ones with good heads on their shoulders--know that sooner than later, the demand for their work in retirement homes will drastically increase.  It's no-brainer Japan is having something of a population issue at the moment.  Not enough births, too many older folk.  Something has to give.  Continuously rotating inexpensive help from other countries is a controversial and questionably effective practice that seems to benefit neither the caregiver nor the care receiver (the tests to remain after the initial visa expires are considered punishingly hard).  Thus, Japanese youth have risen to the challenge and are flocking to nursing colleges in droves.  They know that while the pay is poor now, down the line it may shoot up because of course the elderly in Japan are all very kind and will handsomely compensate those who look after them in their twilight years...right?

After about a year, we return with the next iteration in SADISTIC VILLAGE's medical training gone very, very wrong series, NURSING SCHOOL NEW STUDENTS STARK NAKED DEMONSTRATION DAY 2.  Does this one lacking the star power of ASAHI MIZUNO hold up?  Is it the same old with a different group of actresses?

Fortunately, 2 learns from its predecessor.  One of my biggest issues with many SADISTIC VILLAGE is how sex is often shoehorned in at the end.  Here, we get an actual demonstration partway through (OK, towards the end of the second half) that features sex while everyone watches.  It's exactly what I love seeing in these types of movies and I guess scheduling allowed it to be done that way.  Hurray for a smart producer, I guess.

Speaking of great bodies, ironically I think the star of the show will be AYU SUMIKAWA who's as far from ASAHI MIZUNO as you can get.  Short, shaved, and flat, but also boasting a very traditional Japanese look foreigners will probably love, she has what it takes to be a fan favorite (though her costars also do great and put on very believable performances).

SADISTIC VILLAGE was smart to have re-arranged the scene order this time around.  We go from naked, embarrassed women to good 'ol fashioned CFNM and back again.  Of course few are going to watch all four hours of this beast of a movie in one go, but keeping things fresh both in execution and editing are wise moves.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 2568

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Worthy successor to the first one.
+Excellent, believable casting.
+Sex worked in better (though most of it still happens at the very end).


-No absolute knockout ASAHI MIZUNO-type actress.
-Mosaic a bit thicker than ideal, but can't blame the studio for that.

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