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Published : June 6th, 2021 Written by Oppaira

Touka Rinne is one amazing actress and if you aren't watching her I don't know why. She has recently returned from some extended time off and now is the perfect time for everyone to be reminded just how awesome she is and why everyone should be watching her.

Touka debuted at S1 in 2018 as a really fit actress with subtle MILF hints. All debuts take a while to recognize their place, and Touka realized she wasn't destined for boring S1. She quickly set her sights on freelancing and blossomed into one hell of an actress. Her sexual deviant side came out and now she's not only one of the hottest actresses around but one of the best performers too.

These days Touka Rinne is coming back from an extended break. This pandemic has impacted the industry in interesting ways and it was the perfect time for Touka to get a bit of rest. She definitely went all in on her career and it was some much deserved time off. At S1 she spent six months doing just one video per month, but in 2019 and 2020 combined, she's filmed over 200 videos. You can get quite good quite fast if you put in the work like she has, and it really does show. I'm really glad Touka did come back, she's too incredible and I must admit that I was sorely missing her. She's become one of my all-time favourites pretty quickly and there's still so much left for her career.



Physically Touka is insanely hot with such a well rounded body. She just has this incredibly sexy and seductive face that drives me wild. There's just something about her where there's this hint of maturity to her face but she's definitely not a mature lady and I find that so pleasing. That goes a long way in the roles she can take on since she can then play more mature roles like a stepmom or teacher while still playing younger roles like the sister's girlfriend. See for yourself

Touka doesn't end at just her face, her boobs are very nice as well. She boasts natural I-cup breasts that look spectacular. Don't believe me then take a gander

Still don't believe me? Check them out in action

Just look at how they sway back and forth, plus they're also quite full and firm - amazing!

Let's also not forget that Touka has one of the best bodies in town if not the best body. I love how fit she is without being muscular, I find muscular to be a turn off but Touka is just one step below that and it's incredible. Just look at how amazingly fit she is:

Slim figures like hers are hard to come by, especially with just the right amount of definition without going too far.



Touka has developed into one of the best natural performers out there. She's got an incredible knack for looking comfortable in a variety of roles, especially the ones where she gets to be more dominant or sex-crazed. It's somewhat difficult to describe how good she is because she just gets it. There's just something about her that makes you go "she was made to do this". It's quite rare that you find women made to do porn but Touka just has an indescribable "it" quality to her.

Pictures aren't everything so take a look at a couple clips where she shines:

Seeing her grin as the guy does a sit up so he can make out with her only for her to grin even bigger as she pushes him back down, insanely hot.

She can even make regular cowgirl so much more incredible with her bright smile and upbeat attitude. Just take a gander:

For Touka to be just three years into her career and be one of the best performers around says a lot. There just aren't many actresses capable of performing like this and she definitely stands out among the crowd.



Hopefully by this point I've convinced you that Touka is someone worth watching. So naturally, the question is what should you watch? I would definitely start with her more dominant performances where she truly shines. Her more submissive performances aren't bad but where she truly excels is when she gets to lead the action.

Touka plays the housewife nextdoor who invites her neighbour over to exercise. Their sessions turn a bit steamy though as she takes it to quite a bit further with some sweaty sex. The performance was out of this world, more than just for this plot but all around fantastic. This is the video that, in my opinion, really elevated Touka to an S tier level performer. Touka also looks amazing, her toned figure serving her well in this video as the sweat dripped off it. The way the plot mixed together with the action was great, who knew sexy workouts could be this hot? If there was ever any way to motivate people to exercise, Touka here was the best possible motivation. Doing sit ups to get a glimpse of her cleavage and then having her make out with you, holy hell was that hot. Seriously, this is easily one of the best videos I've ever seen period and anyone interested in Touka should watch it.


Touka plays this bookworm lady nextdoor, head always down in a book and oblivious to what's going on. Secretly she has a wild side, and when her obliviousness gets her into an awkward situation, a switch flips and she's all over her neighbour. Seeing her flip from this innocent lady to someone insatiable was amazing. While seeing her flip was certainly hot, it also required her to be really great when her wild side came out, and absolutely Touka did that. While there were plenty of moments where she would start the action, like start making out with him while riding, there were also moments where she would grind her hips fantastically, including during doggy. The video also did a great of having the plot come together nicely, like when his scent alone drove her crazy and she had to tease out of him that he had jerked off to her five times. While Touka isn't exactly someone who strikes you as the innocent type, the video was just done really well, right down to how much the glasses aid the video.



Touka is a really special actress. It isn't every day where someone comes along that just looks right at home in porn. I find this especially true in JAV because of the general trend towards being submissive. Touka totally bucks that trend and makes being dominant look effortless without going overboard, the way very few have ever accomplished. She reminds me a lot of Kurea Hasumi in that regard, and Kurea is quite possibly the best performer in the business. When I think about how hot Touka is, that combined with the acting and the freelancing just combines to make one incredible actress. I have only nice things to say about Touka and hope for many more years of this amazing woman. I, for one, can't wait to see what Touka's got in store for us as her new releases start pouring out.

Make sure to also check out Touka Rinne on Twitter to stay up to date with everything Touka where you an find all sorts of hot behind the scenes photos.

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Suzu's Chair 2 years ago
She reminds me of Reiko Kobayakawa in that they give off the same mature vibe. Both have smoking hot bodies and they both have that wild look in their eyes when they dominate a guy and as an M, I wish they'd both step on me.
Doberman Dekachin 2 years ago
Great article, Touka is one of the absolute best actresses working in the business today. Another title of hers that I recommend is CJOD-211 where she plays an escaped convict who breaks into a house and makes the xxxxx man who lives there her sex slave. It's a great video where she is sweaty 99% of the time and she is very domineering, so obviously it's a can't miss(in fact the whole series of these escaped prisoner titles is outstanding, and I give them my highest recommendation).
ZENRA 2 years ago

With Touka's looks and fitness prowess, I hope she sticks around forever and becomes the next Maki Hojo.

Oppaira 2 years ago

Yup, her entry in that series is great (which I can't say for every entry).

spaten78 2 years ago
100% agree. Touka is a powerhouse performer with a top tier physique.
ZENRA 2 years ago

Touka has the complete package and a smile makeup ads and women laughing with salads would die for.

Jab hum 2 years ago
Glad she is back. She is indeed fantastic
cacao 2 years ago
Touka Rinne was my replacement for Asahi Mizuno when she retired... well even now that Asahi returnet with a new vibe Touka is still my Pre-retirement Asahi, I just like her too much
ZENRA 2 years ago

Asahi may have a better hourglass figure (and thus, overall proportions), but if I had to choose, it'd be Touka by the absolute slimmest of margins.

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