A World Where Big Dicks Are a Status Symbol First Half

Published October 2, 2023

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From zero to hero thanks solely to having a larger than normal penis? The final form of JAV Land unveils its killer app. Changing the world for the better!

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A World Where Big Dicks Are a Status Symbol

Timing and Translation by Patonyan

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Imagine if you're something of a loser: no girlfriend, no job, not up there in looks, clothing in tatters, the works! Your only claim to sanity? You have an unusually large dick. And that's it! Do you have any place in this world? Perhaps JAV acting? Well, that is always an option, but what if it would be possible to use your sole blessed physical feature in other ways? What if the world was at your fingertips? Via a unique phone app, suddenly the world volte-faces from the one we all know so very well to one where exposing your plus-sized manhood turns you into a living Adonis? Yes, folks, imagine...imagine A WORLD WHERE BIG DICKS ARE A STATUS SYMBOL!

Not a sports car, not a nice apartment, not a fat bank account (though getting a loan at a bank plays into this incredible movie!), and certainly not the raiment on one's back! It's one's natural body--specifically one's dong when it's in a fully happy state. What before could be seen as grotesque is now the source of a combined fascination, elation, and worship. What may shock a group of Japanese female bank tellers now turns you into their most cherished customer! Flashing students? Before: "Freak!"! Now: "Please let us play with your dick!". Crashing a matchmaking party in your cruddy attire? Before: shown the door! Now: shown the door to the bathroom where you can pound two eager cougars while lesser endowed men wait outside in what now has become a sad sausage party.

Really, ROCKET struck gold with this movie. That they haven't yet filmed a sequel is almost a travesty. Perhaps not every JAV actor packs as much as this gent does, but going by all those random tube site commenters, the internet is apparently full of huge dick-sporting gentlemen who are just too shy to show their faces. Sorry guys, no face, no go!

The star of the show has to be MANA MAKIHARA whom we only have shown once before some years back. A formidable JAV star and one easy on the eyes. The possessor of a fantastic body from head to toe who while having kind of a short career (though surprisingly even with such a low follower count, still sporadically updates her Twitter starred in some pretty vary and wild movies. Here, she often is the leader of the pack for good reason. ROCKET decided right both in casting her, the actor whose name is on the tip of my tongue as Mr. Big Dick Man, and the theme itself. Oh, and even AI UEHARA is there at the beginning acting as a hype girl for this iteration of their yearly User Request series of releases.

The burning question that this movie never seems to answer is what's the deal with the protagonist's shirt? Translated to English, it simply says 'tan'. A cultural throwback to how having dark skin was seen as a negative trait? Just random nonsense? Something else? It's obviously something made for the shoot and the Lore--yes, the world of this movie certainly has one!--does not seem to address it. Either way, fantastic sex, fantastic reactions, just great all around. A WORLD WHERE BIG DICKS ARE A STATUS SYMBOL is a world many of us would love to live in and a world that could really bring about peace on earth.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 1241

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Gosh darn amazing plot.  
+Mana Makihara dominates.
+Actor really is packing, that's no stunt dick!


-How have no more been made?
-Lore needs to be fleshed out more.

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