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Published : August 18th, 2021 Written by RamenBoss

Hello JAV lovers!  For this entry (and maybe this entry alone), I wanted to change it up and do something different than I normally would write about it.  I tend to stick with serious JAV entries.  Whether it's about my favorite beautiful and kinky models, or lists of different specific tastes, I ONLY write about things I am one thousand percent passionate about.  That is why I want to share it with the JAV fan world and hopefully help spread the word so someone else can discover it and enjoy it how I did.  So my point, humor is something I am passionate about as well. 

I wanted to keep this one super crazy light, the opposite of my usual style.   I think everyone can use a laugh these days, so here is a simple list of hilarious JAV. 

I specifically selected these because the cover made me fucking lol.  And I really mean generally laugh.  Get those lame sfw dad jokes the fuck out of here.  Something either makes me smile or it's simply not funny.  That is just opinion.  Maybe my humor is immature, but I couldn't fucking care less.  These studios release these titles to the world, and here is my opinion as a JAV lover and fan.  If any of these title covers make you crack a smile, I'm satisfied with this entry.

I don't just discuss the covers of course.  I came for the covers, but I just had to see what they had to offer.  I took them as seriously as I could and analyzed them as best I could. 


4. CARTS!  FUCK-1 Japan Grand Prix SDMS-993

Okay, well I feel this one is pretty famous.  It's hardly new of course, most of you may already know it features Maria Ozawa, a JAV legend.  It's exactly what it looks like, JAV actresses racing around some sort of go-kart track that was rented out.  If the visuals already don't get you going, I don't know what will!   This is so Japan, just yes.  Yes all day to this.  The video itself is funnier than the title.  I especially find the dildo joystick controls hilarious.  The dildo joystick controller seems to control both the direction and speed of the cart.  I'm laughing just typing this. 

Now for the content itself, it's very good.  There's a big crowd and a lot of effort went into making this production.  I appreciate the thoroughness.  We are talking about a reporter, and servicing pit crews even here.  These guys are hilarious, you have to clean off that dildo and get a quick side fucking in too.  As with most JAV, the acting is flawless.  Everyone involved on-screen is 100% dedicated to a scenario.   It might take you a while to understand the rules exactly, so in the end, you can just your best guess as to who gets disqualified, and who won, and why (not to mention what the hell is going on in general). 

I would love to have heard what Maria's thoughts were on this release, then versus now all these years later.   And by then, I mean right after she got off the fucking kart vehicle thingy.

Really the issue is, I have so many questions!   Why aren't they all in the same position with the same drilling dildo machine?  Why do some women seem to get pit stops?   Why are there random guys fucking at random times?  What at the start are some girls in machines and some are getting fucked on the cart?  Are they disqualified when the guy finished (that doesn't seem fair)? 

I really recommend this, it's hilarious from start to finish.   There's even a woman that seems to be testing out the course before the day of the big race, it's too funny.  There's even a nurse cart that arrives at one point.  The sex is still good too.  They all look sexy as fuck tied down to the card with arms and legs straps, and not to mention ballgags (my favorite).  That is an important factor to remember and consider!  They are all strapped down, so it's a total bondage feature.  It changed the whole mood and vibe of the production I think. 

Here is a preview of what I believe are the highlights. 



3. 500 people having sex! OPEN-0604

This is one of the stupidest things I have ever seen in JAV.  I'm not into it at all, and that adds to the hilarity.  This is very straightforward, and I laugh throughout the whole time.  So the beginning shows all the women arriving, and some are interviewed.  I think it's funny there are no male interviews.  In a split second, all the guys are the room, like okay here they are. Like guys are dime a dozen!  So, the interesting and hilarious thing is, all the couples do the same thing, at the same time!  Yes again, they all do the same, in the same position, at the same time.  For example, in the beginning, all couples make out.  Then all the guys get behind (still standing) play with their partner's titties.  Fast forward to later, it's the same fucking positions and so on and so on.  It's perfectly choreographed!  

I really recommend this if you want a good laugh.  My favorite part is seeing this one woman crack up.  I mean, I am surprised more of the people aren't laughing during this.  That's amazing.  Then at the end it shows all the wiped couples laying there exhausted.  It's strange.  I think it's dehumanizing somehow? asleep 

This title is just worth it for the sound here.  Imagine all these women screaming at the same time.  (Same goes for the simultaneous 69 scene, all the slurping sounds).

Of course, most obviously it doesn't show just one couple the whole time.  Wouldn't that be stupid, yet fucking funny as hell?  We see each couple very briefly, normally I would hate something like that.  I like features that are just one woman at a time (except for lesbian JAV of course).  But here, it was really entertaining, there was just so damn many couples to get through!  The camera views and editing are the stars here I swear.  This title does a great job to show the highlights, meaning really centering on the women getting fucked hard.  I felt I really got the best edit that shows the best action, zooming in on the women getting fucked the hardest, giving the best fuck faces and hardcore grinding!   Some of the views had to be done by drone or something? 


2. Undercover Girl Tsubomi MDS-697

This one I specifically chose for the jacket title cover.  I mean, can we just talk about it for a minute?  Everything about it entertains the hell out of me.  I am a sucker for all the secret agent-type releases.  And this is not just any JAV model, this is the one and only Tsubomi.  And here she is wearing a catsuit.  Look at this pose.  Who the hell holds a firearm like this?  I think it's too stupid and cute for me to handle, but I'll try.  It's just too adorable, I laugh. 

We have all seen these secret agent JAV covers, most of them are super sexy about it and/or serious about the role in the cover.  Saying this is the cutest and most pathetic one is a huge understatement. So the content is fucking awesome as if that would be a surprise.  It is Tsubomi! 


I don't really know the story (obviously, I can't speak Japanese), but I think it's strange because a lot of this seems like a regular release since it features so many different scenes and outfit changes.  I don't understand how they fit into the sneaking around undercover storyline!  But I love it, damn she is fucking adorable.  And importantly (to me at least), yes she gets fucked good in that cover outfit at the end.  This release is over two hours and there's a ton of good sex here.   Plenty of variety and you're never bored.  It' just seems all over the place, but who cares.  I do low-key kind of wish it had stayed with just the undercover outfit and was a more serious title (hardcore bondage and fucking with an adorable cutie undercover girl like Tsubomi).


1. Vacuum Packed Orgasm RCT-500

Rocket never fucking disappoints me.  They really get silly, and I'm all about it.  So the cover here is really fucked up, I laugh every time I see this poor woman's face.  In my opinion, they really botched this title.  And that's all part of how funny it is.  It's just terrible.  Go ahead I say, look at that fucking cover again.  Is that actress having a good time? 

Let me explain the best I can.  Remember this is all my opinion of course!  Latex and Rubber are huge fetishes of mine.  And rubber/latex fetish often include this hardcore and serious vacuum play.  This is very common and either a man or woman can be the one in the vacuum bed.  I rarely see two people at once. 

I have two issues with this.  One is that, while I am extremely happy it is a lesbian feature, I am not into them.  I wish they were hotter.  And to add on to this, I hate when there's male helping in lesbian scenes and it happens here.  Whatever so my next issue is the damn plastic type.  I've been around this plastic a lot in my life.  It's very papery, and no nice and glossy.  It's what an appliance would be wrapped in, it's very off putting and not sexy.  Plastic can be everything, and this just sucks.  It's not even like a good shower curtain, and those can be very sexy when they are sticky and slippery.  As an overall plastic PVC-Vinyl and latex fetishist, I am almost offended by how bad it is.  "Almost" keyword here!  

As for the fetish play, I think they tried, and I applaud them for it actually.  I feel like they don't understand why they think it's sexy.  Typically when you see this type of Fetish play, the models are very into it.   This seems random, like let's try this stupid thing!   It's almost mocking the fetish, but I know it's not.  Or is it?

In my opinion, it's not a total train wreck, but watch it for yourself and see.  I may hate the plastic (since it's a tarp basically, wasted potential), but it's still fucking plastic and appeals to my plastic fetish.  It does look sexy when it's all tight on them getting fucked and doing various acts.  Every time I hear the tarp sounds, I wish it was different plastic.  I do find breath play sexy as hell too, so it kind of works.  Hey, if this type of plastic works for you, then you will be very happy. 

I think there's plenty of entertainment here if this is just really not your thing, you will have a good fucking laugh.   

Here are some examples of what I am used to when it comes to this type of fetish play:





I apologize about a list of 4, it should be at least 5 if not 10.  I wouldn't add something here just for space, not my style.  I looked through thousands and thousands of JAV to pick these.  Honestly some of these 4 covers make me fucking laugh every time I look at them or even when the cover pops in my head.  I wanted to include only the freaking funniest of the funniest.  Please, please share some fucking funny JAV covers that made you lol.   Thanks for reading, have a great day!



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