Examples of Massage Therapists Who Have Sex at Work Part One

Published July 24, 2017

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Japanese couples visit a spa offering massage services with crazy low prices and the catch of course is something rather unexpected and very oily by BULLITT.

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Both BULLITT and its sister (and arguably more well-known)-company HOT ENTERTAINMENT are mainly known for their nanpa titles. Of course the former, BULLITT, usually pushes out movies with themes that are slightly more fanciful whereas HOT goes for the realism route (though even this can be debated as we did just a month ago). Today's update though is definitely pushing well into fanciful territory, though it probably does happen in real life from time to time...

...but the price for failure on behalf of the masseur can be a loss of his occupation, his vocation, and even potential jail time (!!!). It's risky beyond belief and thankfully for those with nefarious ideas when treating female customers, BULLITT has you covered with their beautifully-shot, but slightly flawed double update, EXAMPLES OF MASSAGE THERAPISTS WHO HAVE SEX AT WORK.

To be honest--totally honest!--the title of today and Friday's FHD double update is a literal translation of the Japanese. Yes, this is actually what the movie is called. We didn't alter it though given its incredibly direct and somewhat bizarre name, we were considering it.

More honesty: the audio in this 4 hour release was *NOT* up to the standards we've seen in past BULLITT and HOT ENTERTAINMENT movies. In fact, there were times--many in fact--where a combination of poor recording conditions, background Muzak from the clinic's sound system, and a director with a manic fascination for picture-in-picture escapades made it totally impossible to provide captioning...period! We say about 95% of this title is subtitled with about 85% of that being direct translations. 10% is us providing a guesstimate as to what those on screen are saying since the audio conditions made it impossible to hear a clear sample. That final 5% are portions where the audio was so poor we had no choice but to leave it blank. Sorry!

One other slight negative before we talk about the positives (which are many) in EXAMPLES OF MASSAGE THERAPISTS WHO HAVE SEX AT WORK (and we won't be writing out the title in full for the rest of the review!): each scene had a format where the couple would receive the beginning portion of their treatment together before the boyfriend is escorted to the room next door for a mud facial masque. The issues we had with this number two:

1. As reviewers on Japanese sites pointed out, it would have made a ton more sense and would have resulted in a way better release if the boyfriends remained in the room while the girlfriends received their erotic oil massages. Of course to make it seem less contrived, he could have had earphones placed over his head pumping in more Muzak while his girlfriend and the law-violating masseur do their thing while trying to remain covert.

2. The picture-in-picture element not only sometimes featured audio that was nigh on possible to make out (such as two tracks being played simultaneously!), but later portions of this update simply switched to showing the male masque treatments in their entirely. Thus, we do warn you that you may be watching a very beautiful Japanese women in the middle of some type of sexual play while pleasuring yourself and out of the blue, it's a full close-up of her boyfriend with mud on his face. We figure the director wanted to show how calm the boyfriend is with his treatment compared to the wild and unfaithful sex his girlfriend is having in the room next door. We feel this may work for some dramatic action movies, but it falls flat for Japanese AV.

OK, reading the above makes it sound like we strongly detest this title, but we really don't! It has its flaws--major ones admittedly--but the quality of the visuals are just what you'd expect from a BULLITT release. What's more, *ALL* the actresses are beautiful...totally...beautiful! The title doesn't mention which AV stars were featured in this release, and we're currently waiting on getting the full list from our contact there if it's available. We can say for sure that one of the scenes in the first half stars AN TAKASE, the very stunning milf actress who seems to be slowly, but surely gaining more popularity as an established JAV actress.

Pretty much all of our Massages Gone Wrong titles features female massage therapists. Sometimes they're lesbian-themed and others like our previous releases by both BULLITT and HOT ENTERTAINMENT are less about the actual massage, and more about nanpa-based seduction. Titles like EXAMPLES that feature masseurs are something we haven't really shown before and are generally curious as to how you, our beloved fan base, enjoy them. Do you prefer them more than female massage therapist-based movies? Or would you prefer we keep our massage output as it mainly is now?


A Message to subscribers and also potential subscribers: this movie is labeled as an Exclusive release because this is the first official presentation of it outside of Japan. We would like to know your impressions of this production. Did you like it? Did you not? Your feedback is truly appreciated as it can help us decide the best possible Japanese adult video entertainment for you from here on out. Don't be shy and please feel free to contact us with your thoughts!

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