Mako Umino - Flower Sex Document

Published February 7, 2018

#Subtitled #ClassicJAV

A retro document AV release via GUTS with some fantastic bukkake and some of the best mosaic application ever.

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Mako Umino - Flower Sex Document
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It's another Wednesday here at ZENRA which means it's once again time to dip into our expansive time capsule of early-to-mid 2000's JAV via GUTS and this time I think we struck gold--or at least gold-plated...something.

MAKO UMINO - FLOWER SEX DOCUMENT, the sequel (of sorts) to the one starring AKIRA WATASE we released a few years ago is not a perfect title, but it has a few really, *really* good things going for it that deserve mention:  the looks of the actress, a surprisingly well-done classroom handjob/blowjob demonstration followed by a bukkake scene, and the mosaic!

(Insert record-scratching noise here!)  Yes, I said mosaic.  Yes, I'm aware that nobody likes mosaic.  Trust me when I say this:  I hate it, you hate it, and most of all, studios hate it.  Nobody likes seeing it, nobody likes applying it, and it's the bane of everybody and everyone except perhaps the heads of a few Ethics companies who would not have jobs if the laws weren't as they are.  Hate mosaic fiercely?  Civilly protest the Japanese government and not your favorite studios.  The latter's hands are tied on this issue.

So yes, we really need to talk about the mosaic used in FLOWER SEX DOCUMENT before talking about anything else.  You see, this title may still have censorship over the genitals, but in spite of this being a movie filmed in late 2002, it features some of the most form-fitting mosaic I've ever seen.  Heck, it even triumphs over titles released by major studios today!  And GUTS was an indies maker!  And this was back well over a decade ago!

So just how good is the mosaic in FLOWER?  During the classroom handjob/blowjob scene, there are multiple times when you see proto-gyaru MAKO UMINO stroking the lucky volunteer.  The mosaic application artist did such a good job that he managed to cleanly (and lightly!) pixelate the shaft, but not her fingers!  Even Roger Rabbit's animators specifically instructed Bob Hoskins to ensure his fingers were always together when wringing Roger's neck in the famous bar scene so the animators wouldn't have to paint in between them.  The director of FLOWER was under no such restrictions and whoever was tasked with ensuring this release met 'legal' standards should get an award.

Overall though, I'm still leaning towards AKIRA WATASE's FLOWER outing to be a bit better.  I'm biased, but my personal preferences for the ideal woman lean more towards pale and leggy whereas MAKO UMINO is tan and somewhat curvy.  Another minor negative about today's update is it features a bit too many spread eagle close-ups of MAKO.  Multiple scenes--two in the beginning and the first portion of the last scene have her legs spread wide as Kansas with the camera buried in her crotch for just too long.  I would of loved to see more variety and perhaps that will happen in the future as we've more titles from the FLOWER series left to show.

For someone with apparently at the time a lot of popularity (there were over a dozen juice men in the bukkake scene!), I'm surprised so little information is online about MAKO UMINO.  She had the makings of a big JAV star, but outside of a small, but respectable filmography across smaller studios like GUTS and even some very big and still active companies as well, she's already pretty much a specter of JAV's long gone Golden Age.

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