RamenBoss's 5 Favorite Nozomi Aso 麻生希 Titles

Published : September 9th, 2022 Written by RamenBoss

Name Nozomi Aso 麻生希
Hobbies & Skills Cooking, yoga, piano

Hello and welcome JAV lovers!  I am very happy to present Nozomi Aso, a super long-legged cutie.  Seriously, it doesn't get lankier than this. Aso possesses two major attributes that I desire in JAV.  Wild and unmatched passion for kink and a long and tall skinny body to go with it.  Once again, I can recall seeing her cover long ago and just staring in awe.  The artwork is just the beginning, as I am here to tell you it keeps getting better and better.  Nozomi Aso makes my fantasies come true and anyone who watches will become a lifetime fan. 


5.  STAR-395 24hrs Fucked Anytime Anywhere

I don't say this often.  Or is it not enough?  Look at that wonderful jacket cover.  Can you imagine your favorite actress looking at you like this?  This release doesn't even feel like a studio production, considering the realistic theme.  It just feels authentic and I am loving it.  The runtime seems to fly by while watching this.  This title reminds me of how in many cases less is more.  Meaning, that the more simplistic and straightforward the theme, the better.  These sets and scenes are perfectly balanced.  Nothing too serious, but not horribly unbelievable either. 

I wonder if it's a coincidence that it was released in 2013.  I seem to really love anything put out in the mid-2010s in the JAV world!  Let me put it this way.  Aso does a fantastic job acting surprised like she didn't know the sex was coming at that moment.  The random places and activities are fun.  Sometimes this is important to me when it comes to JAV.  As a side note, I thought the masturbation scene seemed very real.  Bonus for it involving toy love.  Aso looks stunning here and again I want to point out she looked like she had fun every single second of this.


4.  STAR-413 Beautiful Cabin Attendant's Charming Posture: Lust AIRLINE


I normally pass up stewardess titles and releases.  I can't explain why.  I think the best reason I can come up with is that there are so many mediocre Cabin Attendant titles in terms of kinkiness.  I generally prefer more cosplay-looking costumes of this nature.  For example, let's take a look at the stewardess outfits of Max Airline:

  Look at Mihiro in that shiny blue vinyl costume. 

Back to Star-413.  I threw all that logic out of the window here.  Yes, I made a hell of an exception.  Variety is the spice of life and you never know what kind of mood you will be in.  When I want to watch a very realistic setting and costume, this is one of the best I have ever seen. Out of dozens and dozens of Cabin Attendant titles that I have watched, this truly does stand out.  The set is unbelievable. 

I don't know how this is not a real plane.  Aso really looks like a real-life employee.  It might be her best role ever.  She ever poses and does the inflatable life vest demonstration, which some of you may know I love.  It's a must for any Stewardess or Nozomi fan I swear. 


3.  STAR-507 Mana Sakura x Nozomi Aso 2-Babes In An Insane Cumming Hell

This shouldn't be much of a surprise this title made this short list.  The first thing I noticed watching this for the first time was Aso's long hair!  It's a nice change.  In fact, the other girl is rocking a short haircut in quite the reversal.  You will appreciate the ropes and sex toys that actually made it into this release. I want to point out that I noticed in several moments Mana seems more interested in treating and supporting Aso than the lucky guy.  Let's talk about the most unique element, however.  This made the list because there is solo lesbian activity between Sakura and Aso in the final scene.  Not just tongues going at it.  Aso wears a strap and goes to town in a dominating manner.  It's hot and you should be there to witness it.


2.  STAR-524 Shocking Retirement - Teacher Nakadashi Group F*ck

This experience has been similar to selecting STAR-413.  For the most part, I also skip over group sex titles.  I definitely could not pass this up.  Simply put, this satisfies the rough sex that I have been craving so far in this list.  I love Aso's ability to act extremely unhappy here (if you know what I mean).  Watch just a portion of this if you desire embarrassment and humiliation titles!  The great action here just won't stop or let up.  On top of that, it's a sexy story-based production.  Another good thing is the bondage element here, it's fantastic.   Collar and leash play, ropes, and sex toys.  Great settings compliment the title, this is not just a classroom scene!  I think she looks the best in this title, period.  STAR-524 has my vote for her best role, as I believe this is her peak performance.


1.  DDK-155 Lewd Masturbating Junkie

Behold, my ultimate favorite Nozomi Aso title.  It is the understatement of the century to say this is an extremely wild performance.  It's like Nozomi never masturbated before.  It's like she just discovered her pussy.  This title is sex toy worship!  Obviously, Aso is rocking her kinky short hair and it's all over the place.  As you can see, the outfit game is on point.  The final scene is my favorite.  Who wears a bondage number while masturbating?  There is a moment that is preserved on the back of the jacket cover.  Aso is deep-throating a purple suction cup dildo on the table before she jumps up and grinds it.  For some reason, she looks up after sucking it good and gives one hell of a look off into space.  It's almost as if she was constantly cumming nonstop during the hour runtime. 



As always, I do my best to try to find the best of the best.  I don't just add titles to make a list complete.  I probably took too long making some of these titles but the quality is better than quantity.  Having that said, I apologize that this list consists of only five titles.  The downside is, unfortunately, a lot of movies bored the hell out of me.  What a waste of her potential.  My standards for these lists are crazy high, to be honest.  I prefer to be gaga about every title here and I get pleasure in showing the titles that I personally watch and would love to be informed of.  Thank you all.

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Seiyokutan 1 year ago
I would love to see a complete review of STAR-395. It's such an amazing title and she looks incredible too.
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