Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors in the Magic Mirror Room First Half

Published March 24, 2023

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Approaching office ladies around Ikebukuro Station to see if they will play strip rock-paper-scissors for huge cash prizes (and fun penalty games!).

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Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors in the Magic Mirror Room First Half
Timing and Translation by Patonyan
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The best thing about playing rock-paper-scissors from my own experience is winning and being able to get first dibs at a video game.  Obviously a JAV movie based on that premise would fail faster than a reality show on the actual daily lives of JAV directors so we need to make things exciting.  Until now, most of our movies that worked in this lovely easy to play game (after all, the only requirement is to have a hand--singular!) erred more on the fanciful side of things.  Be it the many by ROCKET or our inaugural FHD release by SOD, reality was something quickly forgotten for grandiose JAV antics.

In our huge double update by SADISTIC VILLAGE, we still aren't bringing you a very realistic depiction of what happens when friends play strip rock-paper-scissors, but it's a notch more realistic for reasons we may cover in this review--and if we don't, just see the trailer and screenshots to get a good idea of how STRIP ROCK-PAPER-SCISSORS IN THE MAGIC MIRROR ROOM goes down.

If you've seen other MAGIC MIRROR movies, then the basic flow should come as no surprise:  women are approached on the streets of Tokyo to take part.  Before it was oil massages while their boyfriends wait outside and testicle massages gone very wrong.  Now the numbers are doubled:  two women!  The focus?  Not a massage, but a game with the winner having the ability to take home a decent amount of cash.  The loser?  Naked, embarrassed, and eager to play a very naughty penalty game pairing her with a JAV actor or two.

The most interesting thing about STRIP ROCK-PAPER-SCISSORS IN THE MAGIC MIRROR ROOM is the continuation.  I know it may be a weird thing to note, but given how long these are and the scheduling requiring to make it all work, it's great that SADISTIC VILLAGE pushed for actual continuity by having the winner return for the following scene until she lost.  This makes for heightened stakes that would have been direly needed if we had new faces for each of the encounters that make up this almost 4 hour release.

The first scene with the longer buildup also happens to be my favorite.  It stars an actress whom we last showed in a great cheating wives update and I'm happy to see her back potentially playing a character closer to how she is in real life (certainly too young to be an actual young mother, that's for sure!).  Pale and certainly not perfect, but her reactions and everything else absolutely make up for it, if you only have time to watch one encounter, you might as well start right at the beginning.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 2052

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Can't go wrong with strip rock-paper-scissors.
+Great visuals and great views thanks to the one-way mirror.
+Sex mostly concludes with real cum finishes.


-Having winner remain in room during penalty game would have made this near perfect.

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