RamenBoss JAV Review: If I Were A Beachball 1&2 and Beachball Onanie 1-10

Published : January 31st, 2021 Written by RamenBoss

Hello JAV lovers! This is a dedication to 2 different (but very similar) fetish JAV series. This is my review of the "If I were a beach ball" series 1-2, and "Beach Ball Masturbation" series 1-10!  

I am reviewing these masterpieces as both a dedicated JAV fan and an inflatable fetishist! There is a great number of existing JAV releases based on a rubbing fetish using bizarre things to masturbate with and on. Meaning this is not only for "looners" of course but anyone who might appreciate beautiful Japanese women featured in masturbation scenes with objects that are outside of the norm. Personally, I do have an inflatable fetish, for example, vinyl/PVC pool toys. This series combines this fetish, with ridiculous hot Japanese women, life is good. As I will point out, many of these women featured are JAV actresses you might already know! 

First, I am going to review both volumes of "If I were a beach ball" series.


If I were a beach ball 1 SMN-01

"If I were a beachball 1" features Momo Amamiya and Mai Takakura. The feature starts with Momo Amamiya, in a bikini with huge variety of colorful toys of all shapes and sizes. The first thing she does is inflate a beach ball yellow half matte half glossy yellow beach ball. Already a sexy moment, as she comes close to the camera and blows towards the lense as if it were the beach ball. During inflating she even pushes some air back out into her face and seems to enjoy that. I want to point out that this beginning is a great close POV shot, with great audio. It's important to hear the sounds of all the plastic of the toys.

Next, we see her act silly and try out a wide range of toys including an alligator float. This is great if you just want to watch giggly Japanese girls playing with objects and having pure innocent fun. Also another positive of these is the slow build-up to the masturbation.

Topless now, she has fun with a blue whale pool toy, pushing its head into her crotch, but goes back to the alligator float where she rubs her pussy on the handle. Now I personally think that is cheating, using the handle! She is featured in a JAV MOM-079, using edges for masturbation, so I'm thinking this is her thing. I'm not hating it!

Next, is my favorite actress in all of the series, Mai Takakura. Same format, she starts with a shinier glossier beach ball and blows towards the camera twice. I just want to say she has the kinkiest face I might have ever seen. You may already know Mai Takakura, she has starred in a small but decent amount of films alongside Tsubomi and Ayaka Tomoda, for example.

She looks great here in her green bikini, and she does the same thing and plays around with all the toys in the room. Mai has great tits, and she shows them off proudly. She grinds on a beach ball but focuses on grinding on the blue whale for the most part and the rest of the time. 

Again, I am biased, but this whale blue toy is my personal favorite toy too. She grinds more and more playing with her tits in a number of ways, like using beach ball nozzles to blow air on her nipples as she rides the whale toy. She seems to really enjoy that feeling. Also, you don't want to miss when she smashes the top fin between her tits while riding. 

My second to favorite part is when she gets on top of the top fin and sits on it and grinds. My favorite part comes right after this, where the moment comes where we can clearly see that she can't take it anymore. She just CANNOT get enough of this whale, and finally aggressively flips the whale on its side and grinds the side find until she cums. It looks very authentic and real to me, and after her orgasm, she crashes off to the side looking exhausted with a huge smile on her face. Perfect!


If I were a beach ball 2 SMN-02

This second installment follows the same format as the first, no complaints here. Two new women both start inflating a beach ball, play around and act silly, and eventually zero in on one special toy they want to grind and cum on. I want to point out one of these new actresses is especially cute. Her name is Himeno Anja and again is featured in a small number of JAV features alongside Tsubomi. The first woman isn't all that in the looks department in my opinion, but has an amazing skinny figure that I love. She plays around and tries out different inflatables, even grinding on an alligator float again. 

I want to point out that she does a great job in the "O" scene. She humps my favorite whale toy, and at the end supports herself while squatting on it's back. Just so she can grind a specific way with a specific amount of pressure applied. It's very unique, and she does a great job.

Now it is time for Himeno's turn. How can anyone not love this cute face and cute tight body? She's fucking adorable. You would never think she is a JAV star. It's great to watch her play and try a lot of toys and combinations. She really does try and get creative. You get to see her also blow the air out of the toys onto her small tits. Again maybe it's my bias but it seems she does a better job at trying more combinations and exploring all the toys than the rest of the girls. 

She saves most of her grinding for this funny peanut looking beach ball and a slightly bigger glossy beach ball at the end. The glossy beach ball actually looks really partially deflated, it's hard to look away and she has her way with the toys at the end. 


For this review of the "Beach ball Masturbation" series, I wish to only point to my top 5 ultimate favorite scenes. They stand out and I am more than happy to share them with you and explain why. Also, these top scenes do NOT take away from any of the other content! Every moment of this series is art in my opinion. The great thing about these features is the variety of models. All body types, same with faces, beautiful to the less pretty (but kinky)!  It's different women choosing their specific toy, and not just the same toy chosen FOR them every time. 


Beach Ball Masturbation series 1-10!



5. Beach Ball Masturbation 2


This scene makes the list just on Yukina Aoki's beauty alone. You can also find her in other JAV features such as Amature GIrls CIty Map ERH-022. I was instantly attracted to her, she's just super hot. That simple.

Now add my favorite fetish, inflatables. The scene starts out with Yukina Aoki looking gorgeous. Tan skin, and long fake nails. I think she has the best tightest body in the whole series. I could stare at her just inflating a glossy shiny beach ball forever. She's topless showing off her perky fresh-looking tits. 

She has a presence about her, she doesn't have to try to act. She is just effortlessly sensual throughout the scene. Normally I would appreciate a slower warm-up and progression to anything sexual with inflatables, but this really works. She really looks like she's in love with her pool toys. There is plenty of fun in her segment, but now it's time for the best part. Her ending scene is not a crazy wild fucking of toys. It's a soft and unique style, where she takes a shiny beach ball and rotates it in a circle on her pussy. I imagine how she's rubbing the plastic on her pussy, and it's sexy as hell. She has her "O" moment and looks relieved.   


4. Beach Ball Masturbation 10


Maya Sakamoto ... can also be found in movies like Black Market 6 ATID-083 


Look at that face! I think has one of the kinkiest faces I have ever seen in my life, not just in JAV.  She offers plenty of ass shots in these scenes, I mean it, she really loves to bend over the inflatables and show off her tight ass. 

Also, this actress is special because she went right into fucking around with the inflatable toys. She is possibly the most perverted.  I love her, and also extra points for the super long hair too. She immediately humps and rubs and rubs on anything she can get her hands on. It's like she thought, "fuck it let's not waste time." Her preferred style is actually grabbing the loose inflatable and rubbing it on her instead of her using her weight. It's another unique technique that deserves an award. 

After she has her cum moment, she inflates a beautiful glossy yellow beach ball like she is fucking it with her mouth. Like she is saying thank you for the orgasm. Very kinky girl and unique scene, please watch! Another interesting thing I found was her weird grunting-like moans! Yes, it’s different alright. It’s working for me after hearing hundreds of hours of the same JAV actresses moans that can all sound identical


3.  Beach Ball Masturbation 9

This next woman makes the list specifically for her two cum and "O" moments. As you can see right away, this girl is super ridiculously cute. She plays around with a wide range of toys and humping them good the whole time. She gets to a blue beach ball and it must have really spoken to her. She gives it extra special attention and love before straddling it. She uses the popped out valve to grind on the top of it. She is really enjoying herself and rocks back and forth wildly. I mean wildly, until she can't take it anymore and collapses. 

You think that is it? Nope, she continues to play with more toys until she stands over my favorite blue whale toy. She dances and rubs on the top of the fin, and DOES THE SAME EXACT wild rubbing back and forth. It's the wildest thing in the series to watch and here she is doing it again on the whale toy. During this last whale riding, she's rubbing a glossy yellow beach ball on her tits. After this second wild rub, she collapses again. This time she looks too tired to go on! Simply amazing and as you will notice, the more we go down the list, the wilder the humping gets and the more explosive the orgasms are.


2.  Best Performance - Beach Ball Masturbation 8

This Woman gives the best ending orgasm performance on the list. It was so hard to choose between these two scenes in competition for number 1. She's gorgeous and thick. Not too thick, she basically has the perfect curvy body. Her tits are huge and fucking amazing. 

She goes through all the inflatables and takes her time grinding on them. Then she arrives at the toy. It's a wonderful extremely shiny black whale float. I've never seen such shiny glossy and "sticky" plastic. So the best part is that she gets obsessed with the top fin. She pushes her tits together on it while she's grinding on it's back. She puts her mouth on it and sucks it. 

Then she sits on the top fin like that was the plan all along. Now the real riding and grinding begin. This is the best top fin grinding you'll ever witness. She really is riding it like a hard cock. I can only describe this as if she is riding her favorite dildo and hasn't masturbated in months. or years. Watching this, you would think the toy whale fin is her favorite sex toy in the world. She cums hard and lays back exhausted looking. I watch this scene all the time.


1. Beach Ball Masturbation 6

This performance scene made the number one spot on the list because of the Actress's pure horniness. I don't think I have ever seen an inflatable JAV slut like this. She is a new level. 

Let's just skip right to the best part. After a lot of playing around, she starts making out with my favorite blue whale toy. Then she sits on it facing forward in the normal way. Except it's not normal. She positions herself in a way I haven't seen before. She's sitting on the back corner of the top fin, with the tip of it smashed between the back and her pussy. It's almost like she couldn't replicate that again even if she tried a 100 different times. 

She stays in this position for a long time. She just keeps grinding slowly back and forth. She seems to be the horniest out of them all. You have to see how she dirty talks to the camera telling us how it feels good. She seems to be begging us to let her cum.  Right at the end, she tries to keep inflating a yellow beach ball and fails. She can't take it anymore and grinds wildly. She crashes off the toy, and as she does you can see the top fin pop up, so you get an exact sense of how much of the air of the fin was packed between her legs and up her ass. 


In conclusion, these productions are a dream come true for those with the inflatable fetish.  They do a great job in worshiping the inflatable toy itself alongside the JAV actress having her way with it.  They really seem to be very happy and enjoy themselves throughout and generally have a lot of fun! There seems to be no script which I love, so the actresses seem very natural and do whatever they want. That is extra exciting to me, as we get to witness first hand what toy each woman selects and plays with.  Additionally, I love seeing what toy they pick to orgasm with.  It's like the toy speaks directly to them, begging and screaming the actresses to fuck them. These JAV features show the actresses many pleasure faces and their cum scenes look extra authentic if you ask me. You really get a sense that these women admire and cherish their new inflatables sex toys.  Maybe they will become inflatable fetishists themselves?  I can dream, can't I?  I hope to see more inflatable releases in the future, JAV anything is fucking possible!

RamenBoss JAV Review: If I Were A Beachball 1&2 and Beachball Onanie 1-10

Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


Fantastic fetish elements (like technique and toy usage)

Variety in both the actresses appearance and their style

Above and beyond camerawork to capture all angles you could ever want

Audio is great, you can hear the toys sound and moaning, and they do not cancel each other

Plenty of dirty talking


Lack of creativity in the setting

No story whatsoever, and there are endless kinky scenarios, what a waste for fantasy's sake

Could be more variety in inflatable toys available, specifically more ride-ons


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piratepresidentq 2 years ago
Hi, i'd like to ask, how did you buy these videos? Your review interested me a lot, and i'm trying to buy them on their website, but it seems I need a Japanese bank account to buy them. I'd really love to see these, so i'd appreciate any help :)
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Inflatagirl 3 years ago
Oh my goodness, I'm ready to buy these videos after reading this article. Fantastic fetish elements, and I already have an inflatable fetish myself so just reading about these videos are making me wet. Beach Ball Masturbation 8 is the video that intrigues me the most. Hearing about how obsessed the woman gets about the shiny black inflatable whale and the way she uses the fin gets me tingly all over. If you're not reading these articles and buying these hot inflatable vids then what are you even doing with your life?
0 0
SeptemberMoon 3 years ago
Nice and in depth! Glad I read this first because plot development is one of my things along with the kink. Endless scenarios kinda get boring. At least it has the authentic orgasming and my favorite, see through high glass blue whale, going for it. On second thought, I still might watch haha!
1 0
RamenBoss 3 years ago

Thank you very much for the comment. The blue whale will always be the best I agree. Think about the material!

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