Ramen Boss's Rio Tribute Part 3 The Finale

Published : September 29th, 2021 Written by RamenBoss

How lucky am I?  

I'm a very humble writer here at ZENRA.  I don't care if I am a broken record, I am extremely proud and honored to offer a third and final follow-up to the one and only Rio.  It's part three!

It's really sad actually when I think about it.  This is the VERY LAST time I will ever write about this retired legend. 

I ask myself this.  Why couldn't I have been over in Japan during Rio's active career peak? 

Can you imagine walking into an adult shop and see Rio's DVDs on the shelf?  The good old days of DVDs (for example remember FYE in the mall) that were fortified in heavy thick security plastic.  Like a little vault.  I think just holding a physical copy of your favorite JAV model is something very special.  It's a whole different thing when you can hold a product in your hand.  Imagine being able to see and/or purchase her posters.  I'll take it to the next level. Imagine meeting Rio at a fan meeting special event?  I have never done anything like that, but for Rio, I would be the first in line.  Imagine getting to speak with her for only a minute, get your picture with her, get an autograph, etc.  Okay, now I am dreaming.

Rio is 110% on my normal watching rotation.  How can you just watch one of her titles?  


Ultimate Licks by Rio  XV-736

This is what I call a perfect Rio title.  The camera angles are all over the fucking place.  Sometimes it's POV, but mostly it's random.  Normally I would be tired of this, but I was weak for the close-ups.  I feel this whole release was close-ups.

Obviously, this title did a great job feeding my shiny lips fetish, I already knew this would happen from the title!

This release has a lot of what I crave as far as content.  There are even in between cute scenes with Rio walking in the park with you.  This is followed by an unapologetic make-out session on a piece of glass.  I love stuff like that, that is unique JAV gold.

Points for the kinky (somewhat kinkier) outfits and great fucking facials.


Worlds Top Class Soapland IPTD-707

As I have mentioned before, I normally pass up Soapland titles (outside of Ai Uehara uncensored) simply out of boredom.  Which again, is strange since I have an inflatable fetish.  

However, this may possibly be the last time I will make an exception!  It's Rio.  Can you imagine having the time of your life with a slippery Rio, doing every activity you can possibly think of?  I wasn't disappointed one bit while watching this, she couldn't look more beautiful.  


I know you probably won't be surprised by this, but damn Rio does a fantastic job here in this.  A complete JAV natural pro.  Every release I watch, I think is her best.  This included.


Oil body sexy IPTD-812

Keeping with this theme, we need to talk about Rio and Oil.  FUCK this one is hot.  To this day, I still debate whether this is or sweaty sex (IPTD-716) is my favorite.  

I can't describe what it's like to watch Rio completely wet getting fucked fucking hard.  Mix these visuals with her matted hair on her pretty fuckin face and her loud screams.  

The passion in this title shouldn't be missed.  It's above and beyond in terms of intensity in my opinion.  Rio gets banged and banged and banged, it's a perfect release.  Please don't miss this.  Very straightforward Gonzo art.  Seriously, I ask you this.  What else could you want in this release?  It's fucking incredible, and I doubt you need me to convince you!

Sports Costume Play in 7 Styles IPTD-870

I was such a super fan of Supon Chu SRXV-444/(other code), that I had to include this one.  I appreciate anything costume-related, I can't help it.  Dress up Rio in sexy fucking outfits for just that, fucking.  

Rio is truly special because every time I watch her films, especially themed like this one, I feel she deeply wants to fulfill the viewers' fantasies.  She seems like such a giver.  A professional too, as she does everything at 110%.  

Something that stood out to me REALLY stood out to me was Rio's masturbation scene with a fucking lacrosse stick.  Very unique JAV, thank you very much.  That's not the only time, she uses a tennis racket later.  This just shows how playful Rio can be.  And how about that cheerleader scene where she's using her little pom-poms?  At one point she even gives this lucky guy's cock, it's over fucking cheer!  Rio's chanting "let's go, let's go" is almost too much for me man.  Cutest JAV model ever.   Surprised?  VERY highly recommended.


Kendo Women's Captain IPTD-899

Some of these covers are works of art no doubt.  Look at this one and tell me it's not going to be the best Kendo JAV ever.  Points for this title having a somewhat story plot, I really enjoyed it.  Maybe it's me but Rio was damn convincing in this role too!   I could imagine her as a cute instructor for sure.  I am not being sarcastic, many other times I see her in outfits, I think that right there is a fucking porno outfit.  But this one worked, I can't explain why.  

The masturbation scene was very intense in this one, with two toys at once.  It included her signature squirt all over the camera lens as well as some good fucking screaming.

I wish the Kendo stick was used more for naughty things like her show with the lacrosse stick as mentioned above.  Even some spanking.


Max Girls SRXV-501/XV-502

Warning, no sex here.  I understand if you skip this one.  This just has Tina in a quirky peppy cooking video.  Yes, that is it.  I still think there is a point to this.  It's just Tina!  Isn't that all you need?   I was severely shocked when watching this that nothing happened, however.  Her food looks delicious and no matter what I was still absolutely mesmerized by her cute face.  The best part was the upskirt peak, and that was about a second long.  So this won't be for everyone, but Tina isn't just any JAV model.  Only Tina could pull this off in my opinion. 

I thought it was important to show just how unique she is.  Damn, hell, to be included in a title and all she has to do is the cook?   This is the power and charm of Tina, soon-to-be Rio!  

Having all that said, I still have to complain.  I'm pretty pissed.  Even a little sex toy play was missing when she was eating.  What a fucking missed opportunity here.  Imagine if Tina had a remote control vibrator here and was trying to eat her cute little meal, with it going off and on, with different settings changing all the time.  Imagine seeing her struggle and bite her lip and whimper and maybe eat one bite.


Welcome To Max Soap XV-495/SRXV-494

I just HAD to include this.  I say this over and over and over again, but Tina has an infinite amount of moments that are her MOST cute moments.

I always very much appreciate it when the JAV model wears the same fucking kinky outfit in the fucking action that she swore for the cover title.  Most of the time, they do strip it off too fast for me, but that's another rant for another time.  Tina wears this plastic dress in two different scenes, I was ecstatic.  Goddammit, I love these plastic MAX dresses, I wish they sold them online.  Both conditions, worn (by either Mihiro and Rio), or new ones on production! 

Rio is so naturally cute, I would almost be satisfied watching her fuck a popsicle just the same.  Almost.  I want to see her suck and fuck.  This outfit is ridiculously fucking cute and it isn't even the best costume in the title. 

This half-chair bondage-looking thing is as kinky as a motherfucker.  Both Tina and the lucky guy take turns sitting on it while the other lays down and licks them.  I feel the need to make a point Tina has very glossy lips and make-up with two pigtails here. 

Beautiful Teacher High Temptation  IPTD-464

I couldn't help myself, I had to add just one more Rio teacher release in here.  It's very special.  The moment I saw this intro a long time ago I was hooked.  

Rio is just the best.  Where does she get all her energy and passion?  Not only that but she's always smiling and full of life.  I don't think anyone can replace Rio.

Of course, Rio can fit into any role.  But the teacher seems to be perhaps a bit above the rest.  What do I mean by that?  It really fits her for some reason in my opinion.  She is a little bit more mature here which is my favorite time period of Tina!  She looks like a teacher and acts as an innocent teacher as well I think.  

I can't get enough of her look in this.  I also cannot simply keep saying "she's so fucking hot."  But sometimes, that's the only thing that fits and I believe this calls for it.  She is so fucking hot!  The first and my personal favorite scene was EPIC.  It starts as a nude drawing class, and suddenly Rio is the one stripping her clothes.  Her sexy hair, shiny lips, quirky feminine way of speaking, it's all too much.  And that is with her fully dressed.  

I just want to point out again, she has the perfect mouth.  Full lips and perfect white teeth.  It's difficult to watch, in a good way.  As always, the fucking is passionate and Rio takes facials like a pro.  I don't think you should miss this.  Nothing is missing here, there are toys, stories, POV, I could go on and on.  This is the kind of quality and magic that contributes to Rio's Legacy as an ultimate legend.

Miss Campus Loves Sex  IPTD-483

What the hell is going on in this one?  One minute she looks dressed like a scientist, then she's in some kind of swimsuit beauty pageant thing.  Wonderful. It's outside the depths of gonzo.  Anything with Rio that is not just a fucking bed is already gold to me.  I just wish I could follow the story more.  I applaud it for being different, and I am hilariously still puzzled and unsure of what the fuck I just watched.  Besides Rio getting fucked real good.

These fuck scenes are incredible, and I mean expert level.  

What is happening in the microphone scene.  At first, I thought she was just going to sing a song.  And then, yeah.  You should see for yourself.  I love the intro with Rio acting like dammit this is the first day to the rest of my life, and then the fucking campus is a fucking campus.  Check the video you'll see.  Bizarre and awesome.

Fucked by Two Strangers in a Week IPZ-457

I had to include at least one release feature of a short-haired Rio.  I really love the dark atmosphere here again.  Yet another example out of dozens, that Rio has talent is unlimited.  She was sure as fuck can act like she is seriously unhappy about what's happening if you know what I mean.  The expression of horror on her cute face.  I love the role play and story. I love when she looks like she is about to cry too.  I personally prefer longer hair, but when the action is so fucking good like this what's the difference?   

This release, like many of Rio's, doesn't hold back.  Superb acting from Rio.  I feel two things here.  This cover and title speak for themselves, as long as you understand it's dark!  And two, this is another one you have to see for yourself.  


Dirty Talk Manual IPTD-727

This woman was meant to wear costumes.  To me, this is the best uniform compellation of Rio's career.  In my opinion simply as a JAV admirer, that you witness the first scene of this.  

Rio is a secretary and starts by sitting above you on the desk with lets legs wide open and using a vibrator in your face.  It's wild and that is just the first part of the first scene, my friend.  

Out of all the times I have Tina play out a nurse fantasy, I think she looks the hottest here.  Like a damn model.  Just look at the cover.  That's the fucking quality you're getting with her.  Releases like this make it hard to settle for anything less in JAV!  It's a good and bad thing.  


Pleasurably Peeing, Squirting Maid IPTD-789

I am always a huge fan of seeing Rio squirt.  I could watch her do that all fucking day.  So a long time ago when I first found out there was a squirting maid release, I "ran" to get it.  

There are in-between scenes where Rio is playing a hose sprinkler outside in a garden.  I see what you did there.  

This movie went even beyond my expectations.  This was the least disappointing Rio release if that makes sense.  The squirting is nonstop, how could it not be with this title?  That's not even the best part, what's that tell you?  Her dedication to this maid role play is unmatched. This release does an excellent job with variety.  In all fucking areas, we are talking about different outfit changes, sex toys, and scenarios.  Rio does everything from masturbating to threesomes.  This release has it all.  Hands down one of my top favorites.  She keeps the outfits on (the entire outfit, knee socks, and shoes to her headbands), and even acts like a cat woman in one whole scene.  Fucking hell she's is stunningly beautiful and perfect as a maid.  This will be watched on rotation for infinity.  


My Oh So Sweet Sex Life While Shacking Up With Rio and Aino IPZ-127

Okay, here it is.  I wanted to finish with a bang.  And here to do the job, I combined the minds of two amazing writers who both previously wrote about this release.  Please click on each, and visit their blogs and respected entry.

"This film is a masterclass execution of POV. The plot centers around you moving in with two good friends in Aino Kishi and Rio. Things start out rather innocently but quickly escalate and before you know it you're neck-deep in threesome action. I gotta say the pacing and directing of this film are masterful. It's built up extremely well and takes its time with lovely little scenes of you three playing around and having fun. It bolsters the plot and makes it much more engaging overall to the viewer. One reason for that is their excellent acting. Aino and Rio make a great pair and work very well together. They're so cute and bubbly with wonderful facial expressions. Good performances like this are vital for POV and they definitely nail it.

Now moving on to the action which as you can probably guess is fantastic. There’s plenty of amazing threesomes along with a really nice risky sex scene of you fucking Rio while Aino Kishi is in the dining room. She even ends up squirting several times throughout which is a huge plus in my book. Each actress gets an equal share of screen time which is always important so the overall balance isn't uneven. Another nice aspect is that the girls aren’t afraid to engage with each other throughout as they grope and kiss several times. And boy do they look gorgeous together. Such a cute pairing. Round everything off with remarkable production qualities such as its lighting and camerawork and you've got a POV masterpiece."

"Starting off our list is an absolutely fantastic collaboration between the tiny Aino Kishi and the mature Rio in POV action. Each girl gets her own sex scene, some sneaky sex from each other, before coming together for two excellent threesomes. The sex features some light lesbian action, squirting, and lots of POV fucking. Aino and Rio are two pure petite queens. Aino being more youthful and while Rio is more mature and older looking.

Aino and Rio have great chemistry and they have lots of fun with each other during the filler scenes. On a side note, Aino stated in an interview that Rio starred in the first porno she watched and that she was a big fan of hers, and admiration that shows in the video. The girls aren’t afraid to touch and play with each other but I would’ve wanted was a harder girl-on-girl action like fingering and pussy eating. One of my pet peeves in JAV is that as a whole girls seem to be holding back regarding lesbian sex (not true for everyone). What we do get though is pretty great, like watching Aino stretch out Rio’s ass so we get a nice view as she is getting pounded. Their chemistry is the best thing about the video and these two petite angels seem to genuinely enjoy each other’s company."

I couldn't have written better myself.  These guys have great taste in JAV!  Just goes to show how many people simply love Rio.



I promise you, I took a very long time on this project.  As always, with all my entries I only write what I personally am GAGA about and not just what would make a good article.  With all my entries I take the time and analyze all the material.  It's completely worth it one thousand percent to be able to express my opinion and admiration for these beautiful women and their work.  It's very rewarding to think that these entries might reach new fans and even present titles to old fans they weren't always of!   It's time-consuming and I like it that way in fact.  

Thank you so much for viewing Tina Yuzuki/Rio's review.  I believe that once people see her work, they won't be able to forget her.  Rio has left an impression on me that will last forever.

I may also compare other JAV models to Rio in many aspects.  She is a top worker, who has tried to fulfill the fantasies of her fans.  Possibly the best actual actress in JAV.  I think she could have done more on the drama side, to be honest. Her titles range from light and fluffy to just straight dark dramas.  What a professional.  I don't know what I love the most?  Seeing her get fucked, or seeing her with a facial.  Seeing her moan wildly or watch her cute moments.  Even though she is retired, there is more than enough to enjoy for years and fucking years. Thank you Rio for all you have done, you will never ever be forgotten!  


My apologies if I missed any releases mentioned in the comments in my first entry.  I promise you, if one is missing, there must be a damn good reason.  For example, I was unable to find it anywhere, or it didn't fit the themes I was going for.


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RamenBoss 2 years ago

Thank you all for reading! Who will be the next Tina Yuzuki???

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Random Gaiden 2 years ago
I must say thank you RamenBoss for the three parter tribute. I enjoy reading it, seeing several of my favorites as well as some that I was less familiar with. This was a great tribute to one of my favorite JAV actress.
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ZENRA 2 years ago

We appreciate this.

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R0ck 2 years ago
IPZ-127 is still a masterpiece for me. It rare that two girls share the spotlight perfectly 50/50 in a threesome like Aino and Rio.
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