Naked in School But Only On Mondays First Half

Published May 22, 2023

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Will going to school without any clothes on really be what is needed to turn Japan around? An investigation by Sadistic Village.

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Naked in School But Only On Mondays First Half
Timing and Translation by Patonyan
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The Japanese government may try to conjure up every harebrained method of increasing Japan's continuously declining population and time and time again will come up short.  Sadly, a top-down approach to regulating bedroom behavior--a most private affair--simply does not work.  Besides, the real answer as to why so few are starting families is simple and quite depressing:  younger people (read:  anyone born after 1980) simply don't have the time nor money.  Japan, once described in the 1980's as a land appearing as if it was 2000 now over 20 years later still appears like a land where it's 2000.  The same people are in charge, greedier than ever, refusing to pay overworked employees any more than bare necessary.  Instead, higher pay for themselves and questionable tax write-offs in the form of countryside company retreats that nobody ever really uses (seriously, visit most any countryside an hour or two from any major Japanese city to see what I mean).  Where JAV gets involved is its attempt to make sense of a sorry situation.  To make sense of it and to make it sexy of course.

Just imagine--and bare with me here because this is pretty far out stuff--that starting next Monday, everyone at school must attend in the nude.  This includes students of course and teachers as well.  Janitors and other employees?  Probably.  Delivery people who only step in for a bit?  Debatable.  Either way, Sachiko, whom you may have had a crush on since gosh knows when is soon going to be parading in front of you in her birthday suit.  Imagine sitting behind her gazing at all her most intimate areas when you throw that crumpled paper to the right of her desk.  Somebody's gotta pick it up.  And that somebody is your beloved!  This and more SADISTIC VILLAGE incorporates into the first title of a series we almost certainly will be showing more from:  NAKED IN SCHOOL BUT ONLY ON MONDAYS.

Big in execution and filmed in a great, realistic classroom setup with the only downside being only three female students (what is with school-themed JAV movies and weirdly imbalanced classes?).  We get those three cute faces one with or without bolt-ons (again, it's obvious) mixing with their male peers under the tutelage of COMPUTER SONODA whom compared to an earlier appearance shot a few years ago has put on a ton of weight and in ways his master SHIMIKEN would frown upon.

What we get in this almost three hour release are great visuals, a decent plot including some oddly out of place but who can complain classroom gymnastics, and lots of embarrassment that combines accidental arousal and wild sex in front of an audience...well, except for the covert library sex scene but even that one while filmed with less present still turned out to be fantastic.  Having not previewed the other releases in this series, I kind of hope we get another teacher who is a bit less brusque.  COMPUTER SONODA came off more as a drill sergeant than an educator which hurt the realism of a movie that already did not have much.  But even this is far from a big issue as SADISTIC VILLAGE did push out something grandiose in mostly positive ways.

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+Even if it's only once a week, one cannot complain!
+Totally nailing the studio's namesake.
+All three females look great.


-C. Sonoda really needs to hit the gym.
-For budget reasons surely we only get three female students when another one or two would have been ideal.

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