Mao Kurata and Ayumi Kimoto - Real Deal Lesbian Pro Wrestling

Published May 31, 2021

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No holds barred. No clothes for that matter. Rage kissing, scissoring with reckless abandon and a messy soapland finale. What more could one want?

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Mao Kurata and Ayumi Kimoto - Real Deal Lesbian Pro Wrestling
Translation and Timing by ZENRA

REAL DEAL LESBIAN PRO WRESTLING is probably the first movie of its kind we've ever showed at ZENRA.  Until now, while I am very well versed on lesbian JAV and know a thing or two about wrestling, I never knew there was a way to combine them into something people would actually want to watch.  Thankfully, SADISTIC VILLAGE has proved me wrong with this unique--to say the least--release with perfect casting that seems to mix the right amount of actual battling with extreme lesbian play.  Perfect?  If you're a fan of both activities, it's close.

When initially selecting this movie to license, I figured we'd just get something that contained close to zero plot; something that would just have these two JAV stars going at it for a few hours.  Thankfully, I was wrong.  There is a plot:  MAO KURATA and AYUMI KIMOTO have been booked by SADISTIC VILLAGE to take part in a lesbian soapland movie (yea sure, like SADISTIC VILLAGE would ever film something that tame!).  AYUMI, the 'good girl' of the pair, arrives on time with MAO acting like a princess, waltzing in fashionably late only to immediately ignite a chain of verbal assault and minor pranks solely to ruffle AYUMI's feathers.  Once it's time for soapland filming to begin (in a big room that's unsurprisingly devoid of necessary soapland equipment, but does feature an extra large mat!), both ask the director if they can wrestle each other instead. Fortunately, he obliges.

What we then get is over 160 minutes of...well...lesbian wrestling.  Three matches that see them quickly lose their attire and combine actual real wrestling movies with the type of overt lesbian play JAV is known for.  I really enjoyed how you'd have one (naked) actress flip over to make a bridge while holding the others head in between her legs and finger her.  For the romantics out there, we get lots of passionate-bordering-on-angry kissing through all of it to smooth things out.  This may be REAL DEAL LESBIAN PRO WRESTLING, but it still has a heart.  The standout scene is probably the soapland finale where they're dumped with gallons of clear lotion while pretty much lezzing out with a huge double-headed dildo.  Not much wrestling at all in that last scene, but what we get before definitely makes up for it.

I'm not the biggest fan of either activity.  I like lesbians of course and wrestling isn't bad either.  I still ended up enjoying this movie.  "Perfect?" as I questioned above and the answer is indeed close, but its biggest flaw is the run-time.  The entire movie pushes three hours.  Consisting of three wrestling scenes when two would have done it.  The first two matches barely have any differences (the second adds in some sex toys and that's about it).  It's also all filmed in the same place.  I understand SADISTIC VILLAGE probably booked both actresses for a day of shooting, but the economist in me thinks they should have just spent half a day filming this and did some other type of production later in the day.  Thus, this one' a bit too long for its own good, but good grief is the eye candy spectacular.  Both are stark naked for almost all of it and it'll be impossible to pick a favorite challenger.  Besides, if I did pick one, I'd have to suffer the ire of the other.

Addendum:  SADISTIC VILLAGE has filmed a few movies like this and ROCKET, as some of you may know, has also been pushing out a lesbian battle movie of some sort almost monthly for a few years.  If today's update does well, we'll be sure to license more like it in the future.

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Very unique theme.
+Stark naked almost the entire time.
+Real wrestling moves!


-Too long for its own good.
-Real lesbian fans may not like it.
-Last scene is more soapland lotion lesbian make-out than actual wrestling.

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