Panking's 2023 Retrospective: Top 20 Best JAV Films of 2023 Part 1

Published : February 12th, 2024 Written by Panking

Better late than never right? It may be a bit past due but I've finally got my best-of-the-year post ready to go. 2023 was a pretty solid year all around with enticing collaborations between some of my favorite actresses and interesting setups that give me faith that all creativity is not lost in modern JAV. It was a bit difficult to narrow down my favorites but I think I got it. Part 1 will cover videos 20-11 with part 2 to come in a week or two to finish out my top 10. With all that out of the way, let's kick it off with none other than Mizuki Yayoi.

20. MTALL-056

Big Ass Temptation Lesson

Starring Mizuki Yayoi

I've talked about this film several times already as I recently included it in my Actress of the Year spotlight post for Mizuki Yayoi. I've raved about this film multiple times already and I'm here one more time to sing its praises. The plot for this one sees Mizuki playing a short see-through skirt-wearing teacher who through a series of different scenarios gets fucked by her students. A few examples are when she gets stuck in the doorway or falls down exposing her ass. It doesn't take itself seriously at all and often invokes a similar vibe to that of older Moodyz titles which I find quite refreshing. Or even Rocket studio through the doorway scene as it's very reminiscent of Yuu Shinoda's infamous stuck in an elevator scene. Now a great premise is nothing without some equally nice action which this film delivers. It's comprised of two sex scenes, an assjob scene, and a blowjob scene. Across the board, the action is super solid.

The cumshots are all real, the scene variety is terrific, and the major ass focus is on point. This is all bolstered by some excellent production values too. The camerawork is excellent always capturing some stunning shots of her massive booty such as when she's stuck in between the door and her booty is framed brilliantly. And the setting variety is relatively solid given the setup. Her wardrobe only consists of a single outfit sadly but it's super effective at the very least. I also have to give props to her performance. While she does take on a more submissive role, she does seem to welcome the action and still manages to boast some decent enthusiasm without being overly whiny. if you want a fun and silly setup that makes great effective use of her ass, this is for you. Materiall has certainly joined the ranks of my favorite studios and I can't wait to see what lies ahead for them.

19. NIMA-019

A Live-action Version Of The Hit Doujin Comic! Yoko, An energetic Wife With Huge Breasts Who Was Cuckolded, Was Turned Into A Masturbation Wife By A Younger Celebrity At Her Housekeeping Agency

Starring Nina Nishimura

I love a good doujinshi adaptation and boy is Nina Nishimura tailor-made for the genre. Her proportions are a perfect fit for the hentai milf body aesthetic. Not to mention the film boasts one of my favorite covers of the entire year. This film adapts a work titled "Yoko, Cheating Vigorous Busty Wife" which follows Nina taking up a part-time job as a housekeeper. She ends up breaking a USB drive for a client as she's cleaning and offers to make it up to him by roleplaying as his wife, leading to sex naturally. They keep this a secret til' the end when the guy straight up pays her a large fee to outright fuck her, which the husband agrees with. I'm usually not a fan of NTR setups but I didn't mind this one too much as Fitch does a remarkable job of adapting it. Many scenes are ripped straight from the original work and I love how they slide in shots from the manga during the film to compare. It's a very nice touch.

The positives roll on as the lighting and general production values are stellar. A little off in one scene but it's not too egregious. Her wardrobe and hair/makeup match the film extremely well alongside her naturally busty and juicy figure. The action is just as nice too. There's barely a dull moment here as the film gets off to a rather quick start and doesn't ease up at all. The pacing is very good, it's intense, and there's some lovely prone boning too. The only thing holding this film back a bit is her acting. In the manga, the character is much more energetic and engaged than Nina here. She plays it much more submissively so when you get those comparison shots, the difference is massive. I've seen Nina do better than this so it's frustrating as she's more than capable but misses the mark here by a fair margin. Her disappointing performance is really the only thing holding this back. Otherwise, it's fantastic and is easily one of her best releases to date.

18. MIAA-766

When She Consults With Her Teacher About Her Future Career, The Most Slutty Gal In The School (Her Student) Is Recommended To Go Into The Adult Entertainment Business

Starring Alice Otsu & Chitose Saegusa

Alice starred in many collabs throughout 2023 but this one ranks as one of the best. You just can't beat the juicy combo of Alice and Chitose. Now this one features an enticing premise that casts Chitose as a teacher who also side hustles as a sex worker. Alice plays a student who goes to her for career advice to which Chitose recommends joining her in the business. She shows her the ropes at first before joining in on the fun herself. It's no doubt ludicrous but it makes for an entertaining watch. Now one of the best aspects here has to be the interaction between the pair as they'll frequently fondle each other throughout. There's nothing too hardcore but it's still a very refreshing sight nonetheless that's further enhanced by their stellar acting and electric chemistry.

Both bring an exuberant spark to every scene thanks to their impeccable enthusiasm. There's also a wealth of fluids as you can expect a great amount of gushing from the duo too. There's never a dull moment. This all goes a long way to liven up each scene further enhancing the top-notch action. It features two sex scenes, a handjob scene, a paizuri scene, and a masturbation/JOI-type scene. There's little to complain about as their outstanding performances make each scene an absolute blast(in more ways than one). This is backed by some grade A production values including its lighting, wardrobe, and especially hair/makeup. These two make such a perfect pair and this film amazingly captures their spirited energy all backed by a fun premise to boot.

17. MIDV-259

A Busty Nurse Who Was Given A Love Potion By A Prick Patient And Couldn't Stop Cumming

Starring Fumika Nakayama

Fumika had a pretty solid year and honestly has quietly become one of the better performers around. There's no better example of that than this film right here. In this one, we see her playing a nurse who gets tricked into taking a "love potion" by a patient which in turn heightens her sexual sensitivity. It's not long before she succumbs to her lust and goes into full nympho mode fucking all the male patients she can. The pacing is fantastic as it ramps up with each scene until spilling over at the end. I really enjoyed this plot simply for letting us experience a different side of Fumika and seeing her push her acting ability to a new level. That aspect is easily one of the film's biggest strengths for sure. It is no doubt her most energetic and sluttiest performance to date. While she isn't exactly dominant, she still takes it with great enthusiasm and engages extremely well with the actors.

She breathes such a high intensity into each scene while at the same time never going too over the top. This is also matched by the equally entertaining action. It features three sex scenes with the final one being a group sex scene and then lastly a paizuri scene. Every scene here is enjoyable thanks to a terrific array of positions and the aforementioned intensity. There are fake creampies but on the bright side, we do get some real tittyfuck cumshots at least. Another element I loved is her wardrobe consisting of several sexy nurse uniforms and the best part is that she keeps them on during the sex scenes. The lighting and camerawork are all exceptional too and the setting variety is surprisingly solid. MIDV-259 is without a doubt one of Fumika's best films to date, maybe even ever. The production values are slick, the sex is brilliant, and her performance is electric. Fumika absolutely lights up the screen here and makes for one hell of a watch.

16. SSIS-641

Unconcealable Temptation That Captivates Men Glamorous Clothed J-cup

Starring Nagi Hikaru

Nagi Hikaru had a sensational glow-up in 2023. She went from being rather frumpy to honestly one of the best figures not only at S1 but in JAV as a whole in my opinion. And this film here was really the first one to properly showcase all this and it did so very well. The premise centers around Nagi playing a range of different roles such as a female boss and a newscaster. In typical JAV fashion, her massive chest catches the attention of some horny guys and well you can guess what happens next. The variety here in the scenarios is terrific and really helps to make each scene feel fresh. And the eyecandy factor is easily one of the film's biggest highlights. Nagi's new slimmed-down figure looks absolutely insane.

Her boobs are still just as big but now with the benefit of having a slimmer physique to compliment them better. And the focus on clothed sex is especially nice consisting of three sex scenes and a paizuri scene. I also have to point out that all the cumshots are real which is always a major plus. The production values are all on point too with a remarkable range of settings and outfits. I do wish that her performance could've been a bit better but at this point, it's to be expected. And besides, you're not watching Nagi for some grade-A performance anyway. Your mileage on this one will largely depend on your feelings towards clothed sex but personally, as someone who is a massive fan, this film delivered. If you've been passing on her, this is a great film to dive on in with.

15. MIAA-815

Colossal Tits and Big Butts

Starring Hana Himesaki & Maria Nagai

How could I not include a video starring two of my top five favorites? I can't deny that it's a massive guilty pleasure but it's executed quite well and showcases both Hana and Maria's figures in brilliant fashion. It shouldn't come as much of a surprise to learn that there's really no plot to speak of here. It's a straightforward vanilla release centering around their big tits and asses, hence the title. The only slight caveat is that they're put into the driver's seat and generally take control. With that out of the way let's dive into the action. It consists of three sex scenes and two paizuri scenes all with real cumshots thankfully. Also, every scene features the pair together which is always nice as opposed to some films where they're separated for half the time.

The action is excellently balanced and the pacing is equally as nice as no scenes overstay their welcome or get too bogged down with dull setup. My one nitpick in this area is that I wish there was some level of interaction between them but I wasn't expecting anything to begin with so I wasn't too disappointed. The production values across the board are superb. For starters, the wardrobe variety is stunning consisting of some sexy slingkinis and full-body fishnets just to name a few. The lighting is generally solid as well. Performance wise both do a pretty decent job with good enthusiasm all around. They both manage to stay engaged throughout even when it's not their turn. All this results in one of my favorite collabs of the year. You just can't beat the phat tits and phat ass combo meal.

14. MTALL-071

When A Gymnast Complains About His Dirty Room, She Is Fucked and Fucked And Then Gets 61 Continuous Cum Shots Without Pulling Out

Starring Jun Suehiro

Jun Suehiro quickly became one of my favorite actresses of the year after my first impressions post of her. This was the film that pushed me over the fence into becoming a full-blown fan. The premise here tasks Jun with playing a nympho whose next-door neighbor is a slob. She goes over to try and clean up his place only for him to make a move on her. She more than reciprocates and ends up fucking his brains out draining load after load from him. She even allows his friend to join in later on. It's a wild premise and one that caters to Jun's strong acting skills as she's a perfect fit for this role. Over the span of her career, she has certainly proved that she's among the very best when it comes to nympho roles. Her facial expressions are extremely lively and her enthusiasm is exuberant.

Jun just oozes nympho vibes all over while feeling completely natural. All this while looking stunning thanks to some fantastic hair and makeup work. Also dat ass has never looked better. The lighting and camerawork do wonders in highlighting it, especially when she's in cowgirl position. The action is terrific too consisting of a one-on-one sex scene, a threesome sex scene, and a blowjob/paizuri scene. Now one major element is the focus on tons of (fake)cumshots. It can be a tad obnoxious at times but at least it makes sense in the context of the theme so I didn't hate it as much. Overall this film serves as a perfect showcase for what makes Jun so great and highlights all her key attributes. From her lively performance to that phat bubble butt. It's all on display here.

13. MIAA-760


Starring Alice Otsu

Anal in JAV is most of the time a disappointment. The setups can often be forceful, the action is often repetitive and dull on top of the actress's performance usually being quite whiny. But along comes MIAA-760 which is a breath of fresh air among the genre cementing itself as one of the best I've ever seen. The premise is interesting as it features a supposed American guy directing although he's likely Japanese. Beyond that, it's a simple setup featuring a hyper-focus on anal sex. However, there's an extra caveat as the director teaches Alice some English which makes for some cute and funny moments. It all results in an extremely entertaining watch overall mostly thanks to Alice's electric performance. No one in JAV tanks anal as well as Alice does. There's little over-the-top whining to be had and her moans are rather guttural which is kinda hot in a way. And on top of that, there's lots of squirting as you'd expect.

That leads me to the action which is superb as it features two one-on-one sex scenes, a threesome, and an anal masturbation scene at the start which is pretty underwhelming but it doesn't overstay its welcome. The action as a whole is very intense and boasts a plethora of fun positions. There are also some humorous moments in the last scene like when they use her asshole to jump rope. Last but not least we have the production values which are a home run. Often it invokes more of a western porn vibe mainly with its vibrant set designs. But even better is her wardrobe and the lighting which do a phenomenal job of highlighting her incredible figure. Also major props to her hairstyling in this one. Alice looks stunning from top to bottom. MIAA-760 stands as one of the very best anal films of all time in my opinion thanks to its entertaining and unique premise, fantastic action, slick production values, and top-notch performance from Alice. A must-watch for any fan of the genre.

12. HMN-441

Cheating Investigation Harem Sluts - Double Big Ass Punishment

Starring Mizuki Yayoi and Yui Hatano

I've largely fallen off the Yui Hatano bandwagon but with Mizuki Yayoi as her co-star and Nao Masaki as the director I had a strong feeling this would be a banger. And I was absolutely correct. The plot revolves around the pair tracking down supposed cheating men and "punishing" by fucking them silly to teach them a lesson. It's pretty absurd but these two back it all up with their bubbly and engaging personalities that light up the screen. Mizuki in particular is an absolute firecracker. The chemistry between them is quite good and there's even some nice girl-on-girl action. There's a whole scene practically devoted to it as they kiss, fondle, and eat each other out. It's nothing too wild but is very refreshing to see and it's played off well as it's shot in POV as you're made to watch while you jerk off. The action in general is quite nice with three full sex scenes and the aforementioned scene above.

The screen time is well balanced between both actresses all the while boasting a heavy focus on their asses so expect plenty of cowgirl and doggystyle. The pacing could've been a bit better in some spots as it's a whopping three hours and 48 minutes long with some excessive build-up in some scenes. Also, it's criminal that there's no actual sex scene utilizing those police officer uniforms. It's just for the setup scene at the start and that's it. Pretty lame sadly. But beyond that, the film is executed brilliantly thanks to the GOAT director. The lighting is terrific and the camerawork is solid as well. Nao Masaki once again delivers a thrilling watch with her trademark top-notch production values, fun action, and exuberant performances from both Mizuki and Yui. No one does it better than the GOAT herself.

11. PPPE-150

Harassed by Senior Duo Colleagues With Vulgar Dirty Talk And Breast Harassment

Starring Kana Kusakabe & Non Ohana

To think this film almost flew under my radar completely back when it was initially released. But I managed to catch it just in time and it blew away all my expectations. The premise sees the duo playing a pair of busty konbini employees who seduce one of their male co-workers. I usually have lukewarm feelings on the whole konbini setting due to how repetitive it can be but the film does a decent job of keeping it interesting as each scene features a unique location such as the bathroom, backroom, main floor, and even back at home. This variety really helps alleviate the repetitiveness issues that typically plague this setting. The other aspects of the production are a homerun too such as the phenomenal lighting and camerawork. It's most notable in the second sex scene with its POV shots alongside its soft and warm lighting that gives it a nice inviting feel. But the performances are really where this film stretches its wings.

The chemistry between these two is downright electric. Not only do they physically compliment each other but they get along extremely well. Best of all there's some lovely girl-on-girl action here with a bit of fondling and kissing, It's nothing too wild but it is such a huge refreshing change of pace from the usual 3P film. And the action is no slouch either featuring two and a half sex scenes and two paizuri scenes. Both actresses get an equal amount of screen time and the position variety is decent although I would've liked to have seen more doggystyle personally. But beyond that minor issue, this film is simply brilliant. It's easily one of the best 3P films I've seen in a while that really checks all the boxes you want to see. Great interaction? Check. Excellent production values? Check. Tantalizing action? Check. And juicy eyecandy? Double check.

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