Pan Takes - March 2024 Vol 1

Published : April 8th, 2024 Written by Panking

This month's edition of Pan Takes is filled with double shots of two of my favorite actresses at the moment in Maria Nagai and Noa Haruna. In addition, we get to see the return of the busty milf Ai Kano after taking more than a year off. It seemed like she decided to stay in the line of work as a soapland girl but has since made her triumphant return this month to the relief of all her fans. As always I'll review each film and provide an overall score at the very end. Without further ado, let's dive in.


Super Perverted Costume That Covers Even The Face Even More Provocatively! Divine Mouth Service in Reverse Bunny-Style

Starring Noa Haruna

I gotta say I was very pleasantly surprised to see Noa Haruna release a film with the likes of Moodyz, an S-tier studio. She's been relegated to more lesser-known studios so far for the most part so I was pretty excited to see how this would turn out. The plot for this one tasks Noa with playing a range of different sex worker roles such as a masseuse, soapland girl, and even a dominatrix to name a few. Some scenarios fare better than others but overall I appreciate the variety as it gives us a fresh setting and outfit for each scene. Needless to say, the wardrobe and her appearance are some of the brightest spots of the film for sure. Every outfit utilizes that open reverse bunnysuit design which brilliantly showcases her insane rack. Tantalizing eyecandy from start to finish. I will say that the camerawork could be better in some spots.

There are some shots that are too far away or just from a less-than-optimal angle. Not a deal breaker but still bothersome. Now when it comes to her performance...well you probably know what to expect by now. Her general enthusiasm is rather middling and it's hard to properly gauge her facial expressions thanks to the lame mask gimmick that results in her face being covered for the entire film. The action at least is in better shape consisting of two sex scenes, an admittedly mediocre blowjob scene, a paizuri scene, and a handjob scene resulting in some male squirting. All the scenes besides the blowjob scene are enjoyable thanks to the nice variety that helps keep things relatively fresh. Overall MIAB-126 was a pretty solid watch despite the stupid mask gimmick and occasionally wonky camerawork. This film likely won't win you over if you're on the fence about her but any seasoned fan should be pleased with this release by just the eyecandy alone.

Overall Rating - 8.3/10


The Bustling J-Cup Angel in a White Coat: Secret Boob Nursing Begins with a Nurse Call

Starring Noa Haruna

I'm always down for a new Noa Haruna film and one that casts her as a busty nurse is music to my ears. However, the execution certainly leaves a little something to be desired. The plot is pretty thin here as there's not much of a central theme beyond Noa loosely playing a nurse role. It's a tad disappointing as every scene ends up playing out the same pretty much and the structure is that of every release from this studio just with a nurse overlay. This leads me to the action which is very par for the course. It consists of two sex scenes, two paizuri scenes, a handjob scene, and a tittyplay scene that drags on for way too long. It's just a guy kissing and licking her titties for 20 minutes, yawn. Now the two sex scenes are very enjoyable at least and excellently showcase her tits.

However, the middle of the film featuring the nonsex scenes is a real letdown thanks to it being slightly bloated but more importantly all the cumshots are fake. And they're not even good fakes at that. It nearly ruins the scenes completely besides some decent eyecandy. Yet again that's easily the highlight of this film. Noa's tits once again look spectacular but I do wish there was some more variety in her nurse attire as there's really just one outfit for the whole thing. The rest of the production values are fine with passable lighting and solid camerawork. But nothing truly stands out overall. And naturally, her performance is what you expect. She's pretty flat and dull for the most part. It's an okay watch if you're a diehard Noa fan but otherwise, there's not much to this one.

Overall Rating - 7.5/10


The Innocent Classmate I Met Again After 20 Years Has Transformed Into A Lewd Big-breasted Married Woman With A Naughty Body!

Starring Maria Nagai

Always nice to see Maria Nagai perform in more plot-driven films and that's precisely what we got here. The plot here centers around a man who runs into an old classmate of his, that being Maria. They then go back to her place to catch up and before you know it, things start getting heated. The rest of the film goes exactly like you'd expect with the two going at it multiple times throughout. I personally thought this setup was rather forgettable. It's not awful but just very simple and doesn't really go anywhere. Not a big deal though as long as everything else is good right? Well, it's a bit of a mixed bag starting with the action. It features two sex scenes and two blowjob scenes. The sex scenes occur at the very start and end which means the middle of the film is rather skimpy as the two blowjob scenes use fake cumshots and even then they're just lackluster all around.

Now the two sex scenes are at least enjoyable and do a decent enough job of showcasing both of her ridiculous assets. However, the pacing is rather skewed as the last sex scene takes up literally half of the runtime thanks to a nearly 20-minute-long section of Maria lotioning herself up. Another issue I have is with the camerawork as it's quite hit-or-miss. Some shots are just fine and others are either too close or not properly framed as they should be. The other technical aspects are fine at least such as the decently varied lighting and settings. Now lastly when it comes to Maria's acting I can't really say too much. Her enthusiasm is okay but her engagement is lacking at times and it just sorta feels like she's just going through the motions. Not a terrible performance but nothing here really wowed me whatsoever. Overall NACR-770 is a passable watch for Maria fans but nothing beyond that thanks to its very mixed bag of action and production values.

Overall Rating - 7.2/10


General Men and Women Monitoring AV – Lovey-Dovey College Couple Separates into Men and Women to Challenge AV Actress & Actor’s Amazing Techniques & Orgasm Control!

Starring Yuria Yoshine

I'm a big fan of this series personally. Don't get me wrong I know it's all staged but it's still a fun premise with its gameshow/challenge type of plot. Now I'm not 100% certain about the rules of the setup here so if anyone can provide better context then please correct me in the comments. But it seems to task the male half of the couple with enduring either a specific amount of time or a number of loads with Yuria. If successful then they receive a large sum of dough. While that's happening the female half is getting fucked by a male actor on the other side of the two-way mirror. It's an engaging watch and a key aspect of this theme is the acting as it really lets the actresses be themselves and let loose in a more natural environment which is always fun to see. Yuria does a terrific job throughout even if she doesn't quite hit the highs of a few other actresses such as Alice Otsu or Mizuki Yayoi.

Her enthusiasm at times could be a bit better but her facial expressions are absolutely on point helping to convey her lewd personality. And she's reasonably engaging too. The action is pretty standard fare consisting of four sex scenes in total with two devoted to Yuria and two for the girlfriends respectively. I honestly just skimmed through the girlfriend's scenes as I didn't really care for them and really was only here for Yuria. But it's at least interesting getting to see what's happening at the same time as Yuria's scenes just from a different perspective. And finally, there's really not much to say regarding the production values. What you see is what you get really. The setting and lighting are both obviously limited but I didn't mind too much. The camerawork is quite nice at capturing some juicy close-up angles and full-body shots. All around it's a pretty satisfying ride making for yet another solid entry in this series.

Overall Rating - 8.5/10


The Return: Next Generation M-Cup Porn Star – A Love Story: Intense Titillation and Continuous Encounters Melt Away the Mind and Body Bringing Never-Ending Ecstasy

Starring Ai Kano

Ai Kano aka "torpedo tits" was a big guilty pleasure of mine during her time. So when it was revealed that she was making her comeback I was understandably hyped. It's a shame that the director is Samoari but it is what it is. Thankfully it's not completely scuffed and still results in a mostly enjoyable watch. Like many of Samoari films there's not really much of a real plot here. The focus instead is centered around her huge tits for the most part. It definitely has that Samoari vibe for better or worse. I will say that the lighting is on point at least. And her wardrobe is quite nice, especially in the 2nd scene where she sports some fishnets with holes cut out for her boobs while also wearing a micro-bikini. Now the camerawork isn't as bad as you may expect from his work but still has a few off shots from time to time. Some angles are just not ideal at all.

But again the eyecandy factor here is through the roof and Ai Kano is in remarkable shape. Those torpedo tits have never looked better. Even her acting is a slight step up from her usual outing. It's one of the few things I can credit Samoari with is that he can usually bring out the best in an actress's performance. She certainly seems more lively than I remember with better facial expressions to boot. Still not perfect but is serviceable enough. The action is also quite good here consisting of three sex scenes and a tittyfuck scenes. I will say the pacing in the 3rd scene could've been better as it's a tad too long for my liking and the paizuri scene is kinda meh. But the actual sex is great and does a fantastic job of highlighting her magnificent chest. All in all, I was pretty satisfied with her return. Some of Samaori's quirks to get in the way but Ai Kano looks amazing and it's just nice seeing her back with hopefully many more releases to come. Welcome back!

Overall Rating - 8.6/10


Lewd Slut Whispers Dirty Talk To Men And Makes Their Lower Body Go Crazy With Her Explosive Body

Starring Maria Nagai

That's certainly an eye-catching cover. It's no secret that I'm a mega Maria fan so naturally I had to give this one a look. There's not really any central plot or even theme to speak of here. It's a pretty vanilla release with a slight focus on dirty talk and general sluttiness. If you've seen any video from this studio before then you know what you're getting into as this one is par for the course. Which isn't a bad thing entirely just that it's pretty straightforward in its execution. If you're looking for a film that plays up her huge ass and tits, then this will be right up your alley. As such, many of her outfits showcase her assets quite well and result in some excellent eyecandy. The settings are a bit bland though as they end up reusing two locations and the lighting at times is a bit flat. But it's not a major issue overall.

Another aspect that is a mixed bag is the action. It consists of two sex scenes with one being a threesome, an outercourse type scene featuring a mix of footplay, facesitting, and assjob focus alongside a mostly forgettable solo masturbation scene before a guy comes in near the end to drop a hilariously fake load. That brings me to one of my grievances which is the copious fake cumshots. Every single one here is fake and quite obnoxiously so. At least try to make it look somewhat authentic is all I ask. Besides that though the sex scenes are solid and equally highlight her ass and tits through a decent range of positions. Lastly, when it comes to Maria's performance, she's just average really. She has the slutty persona down at least but her enthusiasm leaves a little something to be desired sometimes. In the end, AVSA-298 is a simple but mostly satisfying release for any diehard Maria fans. Just don't mind the ridiculous fake cumshots.

Overall Rating - 8/10


Hikaru Nagi’s 1st Anniversary Work, A Gathering Of Breast-loving Fans! Explosive Titty Fuck & Amateur Cock Special

Starring Nagi Hikaru

I love myself a good fan thanksgiving film so one starring a favorite of mine in Nagi Hikaru sounded like a great idea. I'm happy to report that it's mostly a success. The premise brings together 12 "fans" and lets them fondle Nagi's big tits before getting the opportunity to tittyfuck her. A few lucky guys even get to have full-on sex with her afterward. To the film's credit, the fans do seem convincing enough as I've never seen any of them before and if they are actors, they're likely just amateurs. Now if there's one aspect of the film that doesn't quite impress is her acting. Her performance is a bit better than her usual outing but still is a far cry from what you want to see in a theme like this. She isn't awful but her enthusiasm, engagement, and facial expressions are all kinda middling.

A lot of times it feels like she's just going through the motions without a ton of genuine emotion. But on the plus side, she does look fantastic and her hair/makeup job is superb. I still say she's one of the prettiest actresses around right now. The action is also pretty good although your mileage will vary depending on how much you enjoy paizuri. I say that because the first half of the film is just devoted to tittyfucking before devolving into actual sex. But her technique at least is solid and all the cumshots appear real which is a major plus. I will say that the pacing could've been handled better as the last sex scene feels way too brief while the 2nd scene goes on for about an hour. Despite a few grievances, I still had a good time with it. A better performance though would've gone a long way.

Overall Rating - 8.4/10

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