Loving Life, But Not Husband - Onsen Cheating Diary

Published November 11, 2022

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The result of marrying someone two decades her senior is going behind his back to have a wild onsen getaway with a JAV director consisting of nonstop sex.

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Loving Life, But Not Husband - Onsen Cheating Diary
Timing and Translation by Patonyan

Noted in previous reviews for our GOGOS movies, as they've departed from shooting everyone's favorite lesbian massage movies and while they fortunately continue to regularly release lesbian onsen movies, we'd like to start focusing more on their bread-and-butter output:  cheating wives.  Some years back we initially tested the waters with TAE's appearance and not too long ago with a more recent cheating wives release featuring a cuckolding husband.  Today, it's as pure as it gets with the 138th (!) edition of their popular Married Women Onsen Love Trip series.  Purists may scoff, but rather than simply call this MARRIED WOMEN ONSEN LOVE TRIP 138, a nice title but also one that doesn't even begin to hint at how truly majestic this release is, we're going with something based more off the movie's official sub-title:  LOVING LIFE, BUT NOT HUSBAND - ONSEN CHEATING DIARY.

Starring "Akina", age 31 (most likely played by CHINATSU ASAMIYA), we deep dive into the world of a young wife married to a controlling husband 20 years her senior.  Looking for a way to feel loved again rather than simply lusted after and also a way for her to call the shots, she books a trip with GOGOS's resident expert on high-end ryokans for a weekend gateway while concocting a fib to keep her husband off her case.  This, like that cuckolding movie which pretty much follows the same theme, are extremely dialog heavy early on before making way to fantastic and most important, believable sex.

Before really getting into the heavy lifting of preparing this movie for the site, I clicked through it and aside from Akina's down to earth vibe and great body, what got my attention most was a number:  4...or maybe 5 depending on how strict one is.  4 or 5 what, you may wonder?  Sex scenes!  For big JAV fans, most know how these 2 hour'ish movies go:  two or three scenes with foreplay action (blowjobs, handjobs, masturbation, etc.) and maybe 2 scenes that feature full penetrative sex.  In LOVING LIFE, there are almost double in spite of it running a trim 160 minutes with the first half hour being almost entirely dialog as our weekend couple visits parts of Kobe before retiring for non-stop love-making.  Keep that number close to heart.

These types of movies take more time to work on, but the realism makes it worth it.  Akina is cute and who knows--perhaps part of her real life story worked its way into this movie.  Either way, the acting is top-notch and props to GOGOS for filming somewhere outside of Tokyo.  GOGOS has shot so many of these movies and we plan to show many more.  The biggest reason why we are started with this one is simply that it's their top-rated one from the last year and features a decent amount of positive reviews at a certain 3-letter conglomerate JAV platform.  Excellent and passionate.  The end-result of a marriage far from happy is the delight of tens of thousands of fans watching a wife finally find freedom to do what she wants cameras be damned!  A killer body, a sex drive near legendary, a butt of epic proportions, and gosh knows what else.  What a sad sap of a husband Akina has and I'm happy to see her find solace in the hands of adult video.

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+Almost everything.  Really.
+Extremely realistic cheating wife outing.
+Actress has a great body and is adorable.
+4 (or 5 depending on how one counts) full sex scenes when the average in most movies is half (!).


-Almost boilerplate now to write this, but movies like these feature long buildups early on to build realism.  Some may not have the patience for it and may want to skip ahead.