Oppaira's Top JAV Asses Part 6

Published : March 28th, 2024 Written by Oppaira

Hey guys, Oppaira here, back with another top ass post. Hopefully you're not getting bored of these yet and hopefully you're okay with the boob guy talking about asses. Today I've selected a few veterans with 10+ years in the industry to talk about. I hope you enjoy!


AIKA is an actress that has a surprisingly nice ass, something you don't necessarily think of when you think of her. When I think of AIKA I'm thinking more of her being the gal actress not that her ass is actually banging. I find her ass is that nice toned type where it's curvy because everything around it looks great. You can really see on the top clip how much it stands out without a lot of effort from her to arch her back. You can also see in the bottom clip where she's bent over a little and you can see the outline of her ass cheeks. As someone who historically isn't that into AIKA an ass like this really makes me rethink that.

AIKA's ass is best on display when videos put it as a focal point and a video like MIAA-850 for Moodyz last year is a great option. It has that simple plot background that sets up the narrative and then instead takes a turn and focuses on her ass. It is honestly just a fairly normal video with a relatively low plot that just decides to focus on her booty. We get that all the time with boobs but not so much with ass, and it's a really great way to harmonize a bunch of different things together.

Airi Suzumura

I first reviewed Airi as part of a trade of reviews with fellow blogger Fried Chikan and noted her ass was her best quality. Looking at the clip above it absolutely is. Compared to a lot of asses it's on the smaller side but sometimes smaller, curvier asses like this can be nice. Everyone knows me as the boob lover that wants them as huge as humanly possible but with asses I can appreciate different sizes and shapes. Airi's has a good curve to it and looks like it's got a nice wider size in some angles. The simple truth is that I can appreciate it for what it is: a nice ass.

Prestige is a studio that tends to focus on very simple themes and guess what, ass is a very simple theme. Airi being around for many years has contributed to some such themes including this one literally says 尻 in big font on the cover. Give me a simple office lady theme where her ass is accentuated by her skirt or a schoolgirl theme where she's got her skirt hiked up and you've got yourself a winner. As much as I love a good plot there's something to be said about the simplicity of focusing on body parts and Prestige is honestly very good at giving you the right amount of a theme to supplement a video like this where a body part is the focal point.

Mako Oda

I think there isn't a single person who knows Mako and has an imagine in their mind of her ass being nice. Let's face it, her tits are amazing and that's the star of the show. Even in videos for Fitch they often promote her tits over her ass. I can confidently say her ass is actually quite nice. She is quite good at arching her back and promoting it, often resorting to a great face down ass up look. There's also a good amount of fat on it plus her slim figure coupled with her narrow waist allows it to look great. Sometimes I get caught up in thick thighs saving lives that I forget slim asses figures can make asses look nice just like Mako's.

Her video for Planet Plus in their naked maid series is a great one to look at. I find that series to be really great at capturing physical qualities because you get so much variety. When else is someone going to show an ass angle from underneath while they're standing or cleaning the house? There's still all the sex bits with some good angles but a lot of asses will look solid when bent over regardless of how mediocre they might actually be. It's only in these more natural positions that you really get a true sense of it and for Mako you do truly get a sense of it.

Mana Sakura

Like many on this list Mana is a well known industry veteran who probably isn't predominantly known for her ass. I feel like sometimes when your ass is good but not quite at the top 1% people kind of forget about it at some point. Well, maybe that's just me because I don't forget about awesome tits. Mana's ass is quite nice, it's just a great all around ass. Big, curvy - it's just nice. I always remember that it's great but I find myself consistently surprised at just how much I enjoy watching her in doggy. It just really suits her as a position and if you watch a couple of videos you'll definitely be hooked.

Speaking of videos to watch, for those who truly want a great ass video I recommend going way back to 2015 and checking out STAR-583. Yes, it's nearly 10 years old on its own now, but it's a video that truly does show off her ass. Like with Airi's video when you put 尻 in big font on the cover you know you're in for a treat there. It's a video with no plot but when the booty looks just right who really cares? I find Mana's ass isn't as prominent in more recent videos as they tend to be very heavy on the plot side. Sure, it will look nice in some positions, but there's a huge difference between the random doggy or cowgirl looking nice compared to a video with tons of explicit focus on it. Especially as I find Mana is capable at acting, you often find her not doing doggy so she can act, so the ones that focus on it are a nice treat.

Mao Kurata

Mao Kurata has been known for having one hell of a bubble butt for years and years. I find her career ebbs and flows, and at the low points people tend to completely forget about her. I'm not the ass man but even I can appreciate it and then wonder why we ever forget about her. The clips above and images below speak for themselves, I don't need to tell you it's a nice ass. The way she can bend over and truly make it look like a bubble butt is remarkable, and her slim figure has always aided her tremendously there.

I'm sure someone will cry foul with me using a video that has a fish eye lens to promote her ass but who cares if the end result is it looking incredible. Her entry in Marrion's legendary ass series is no joke, I mean just look at it. We've all heard of 巨乳 (big tits) but 巨尻 (big ass)? Yeah, usually it's not that term and Marrion doesn't care, they know you can tell from the cover. They always point out just how huge it is and at 96cm it's no joke.

I hope you've all enjoyed another set of wonderful asses. Stay tuned for next month when I share another great set, until next time!

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AV Alex 2 weeks ago
Mao it's just great, a true underdog.
ZENRA 2 weeks ago

Mao Kurata may have the most recognizable 'globes' in the industry.

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