Oppaira's JAV Draft: Oppai

Published : January 19th, 2024 Written by Oppaira

Hey guys, Oppaira here. In some places I frequent this topic always comes up in some fashion: Oppai's JAV studio's roster sucks. Today I'm here to change it. Today I'm going to tell you exactly what I would do if I was CEO of Oppai and I could draft myself a new roster. It's no secret that Oppai's roster isn't what it used to be, but I think me of all people know exactly what to do to fix it and return it to its former glory.

I plan on doing several more of these with other major studios like Idea Pocket, S1, SOD, and more. Each time I'll go over a few things:

  • What the studio is
  • What my philosophy is for the roster
  • Who's currently there
  • Who is leaving
  • Who is joining

Think of this as me owning all of the studios and moving actresses around to maximize the strengths and weaknesses of actresses and rosters.

With that all said let's jump into the first JAV draft!

Who Is Oppai?

Oppai is as simple of a studio as it comes as the focus is directly in the name: tits, tits, and more tits. It's all about actresses with huge boobs. It's not quite at the level of studio Cinema GAS where they will take the biggest boobs and ignore anything else, Oppai instead casts mainstream actresses with big tits. Most people will remember them having Hitomi on their roster for years but they've had plenty of other busty but not Hitomi level actresses over the years like Julia. Their videos themselves range from simple things with a busty actress to things where their bust size is emphasized by the plot all the way to it being the entire plot.

Oppai is known for their roster having a good variety in every sense of the word. They're not afraid to have younger and older actresses, actresses who are a bit heavier, real and fake tits, actresses with larger than life tits or more reasonable tits. Fun fact, Oppai even once had an actress named Hitomi with even bigger tits than the Hitomi we know and love! They even sometimes smaller ones like Yui Hatano or Ai Uehara. They also typically maintain both a few actresses on their roster as well as a few freelancers who will frequently work with them.

Roster Philosophy

For me it's all about finding a few good actresses to round out their roster with some good variety. We really do want a bit of everything here to make sure each month has something for everyone. I don't mind actresses that are a little bit less busty but you equally need those larger than their head pairs. You also need actresses that fit all the age groups and such to really fill it out.

On top of that we're also looking for a big name anchor for the roster. Oppai hasn't been the same since Hitomi retired as she anchored their roster for many years. They've really dropped the ball since Hitomi left and with Julia gone from their roster now as well the bustiest actress that's exclusive to them is Kaoru Yasui at 98H. That's nowhere near what we want out of them and I think most people are way happier when we get freelancers in the door like Yuria Yoshine who really fit the bill. You might not find the anchor right away but you can find someone who you think can be the anchor and see how it goes.

Current Roster

Their current roster is really underwhelming in my opinion. The simple truth is that nobody is really the blend between big name and properly busty. It's clear that Karen Yuzuriha is their flagship actress and while she's not necessarily a bad pick (she's actually very popular) she's just not it on this roster. I'd be okay with Premium calling her that but at Oppai there's just a little something missing. The roster is also depressingly small at just five actresses and really needs to grow quite a bit. The only one not depicted above is Riho Matsumoto and she's even less busty than the above.


Karen does not strike me as an actress that belongs on Oppai. While I'm sure they are glad to have someone a bit more fresh and spunky they've got Riho Matsumoto to cover in that department. I suppose Karen also fits a bill of having fake tits but that's fine, there are a few others we can happily pick up, including some with much bigger tits. I'd far sooner see Karen be exclusive or shared exclusive elsewhere that can capitalize a bit better.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Riho is not an actress meant to be at the middle of the pack place as an exclusive. She has a lot of talent that can very easily be squandered by Oppai. When she was on SOD's KIRE label I just didn't watch her at all and hard passed all the time. With her on Oppai now I feel much the same. They're going to have far too many dull videos with her and she's already starred in their best video. Please let her disappear from this roster.


Nina Nishimura

It's downright surprising to me Oppai hasn't snatched up Nina because she seems like the perfect candidate to me. Here are all the boxes Nina checks off for them:

  • Mainstream actress that people know about
  • Larger than life tits that actually can possibly match up to Hitomi's in sheer volume
  • A bigger actress that their current roster is sorely missing
  • A mature actress their roster is also sorely missing

On top of that right now seems like the absolute perfect time to snatch her up. She spent a year or so on Madonna's roster as an exclusive and bounced last summer over to Fitch. That didn't last more than three videos before she went freelance again, and honestly a lot of the freelance options have been pretty disappointing. Venus, Love Manko, and anything for Manji Group just aren't it, and I can't really enjoy them whatsoever. As repetitive as Oppai's content can be sometimes I think it would be a step up compared to what Nina has been doing lately. This is also to point out that Nina's price has probably tanked in recent months and I am willing to bet they could get her at a good rate. If you're gonna play the exec role you have to think like a business person, and you can probably simultaneously capitalize on Nina's OnlyFans to point out how she only needs to do enough JAV to remind people what they're missing out on from her OnlyFans. Get her to do the once a month release she needs to stay relevant and things will work out for everyone.

Momoka is enjoying the spotlight over at S1 right now but I think she'll be better off on Oppai. It's been kind of crazy to me lately that S1 seems like the new Oppai studio. If I compare the five bustiest actresses at S1, all of them are above 100cm J cup which totally eclipses the entirety of Oppai's roster. It's just a no-brainer to me that they need to get someone much bustier and still slim on their roster, and Momoka is the one I would go with. I'd rather take someone with 100cm+ boobs and I'd rather take someone new, so that leaves us with just Ren Gojo, Haru Minato, and Momoka to pick from. Haru seems way too promising to me to take and Ren isn't the slim figure Momoka is.

Let's not forget that S1 -> Oppai has actually been a fairly common transition recently. Two actresses on their roster, Kaoru Yasui and Hina Nitori are both former S1. I don't think either of them are the bright spots that the roster needs but it at least is the data we need to push for more from S1.

Noa Haruna is someone I'd also like them to take a gander at. The way I see Noa is that she is a boobs only actress, that's all she has going for her. She's not pretty and is a dull performer, but holy moly does she have near perfect tits. I think that's perfect for Oppai who could use someone with such incredible tits on their roster even if it means someone a little more mediocre in all other regards. Oppai doesn't always have strong performers and I think it kind of doesn't matter. You can come for the tits and be perfectly happy with their content, especially with tits as nice as Noa's. She has a release for them this month and I think they're going to realize her tits are so nice they need to sign her ASAP. Especially when you look at all the garbage content she's putting out for studios like Mercury, you're actually kind of happy to see her at BoinBB which is not something I thought I'd ever be saying. Get her out of low tier hell and onto a roster that will appreciate her boobies.

Marina Yuzuki finally came back to JAV mid last year after several years on hiatus. She's always been talking about not being done with things and she honestly had a pretty solid comeback. Not every video was a winner for sure but in about two dozen videos I'd say about four or so of them were interesting enough. It might not sound great on paper but I won't exactly complain when we've been devoid of her for years, and 4/24 videos being watch worthy sounds way worse than 4/8 months having worthwhile videos. Even though January features Marina in a lesbian video alongside Shiori Tsukada I don't exactly expect it to be particularly compelling (I've heard it's downright trash) and that's kind of how I feel about Marina as a whole. She'll take whatever random stuff she gets and a lot of it will be mediocre. I think placing her at Oppai as an exclusive would be a great move for them. Especially when I have Karen Yuzuriha leaving them, Oppai is going to want another actress who fits that busty petite look. Marina's tits might not make her look that way (hers are 108K cup, the same size as Momoka Kagura's above) but she's the same height as Karen at just 148cm (both stats according to her Fitch debut profile). She doesn't have quite the cute look that Karen has and her tits are quite a bit bigger than Karen's bolt-ons but I think she'll suit the roster even better if I'm being perfectly honest. It'll be a good pickup to snatch her while she's still got some of that popularity floating around because I would guess things will eventually go the same way for her as before.

PS. I've heard Marina's boobs are real but I don't buy it.

Yua Kasumi

Yua Kasumi has gone by a few names over the year, perhaps most notably Ayu Sakura and Yua Asakura. She's got some hella big tits, most places seem to be looking at around 116cm K cup tits. I know Yua has taken time off recently from filming, she was off for a year and a half and only came back to JAV late last year. She's supposedly got some other stuff she's doing but if she's back to JAV now then this seems like the perfect place for her to be. Get her out of the low tier studio hell she's finding herself in and give her the monthly video and call it a day.

Yua has also worked with Oppai in the past, starring in their GES series. That video was fantastic, Yua did amazingly well, and I think that should make them interested in working with her again. It wouldn't surprise me if she does work with them again sometime soon but they should really get her there full time.

Yuri Honma

Yuri Honma is someone I have such a love hate relationship with. I love her, she's amazing, but her career is a tragedy. I don't know what studios do or don't see in her but she somehow manages to always be working at the bottom of the barrel. Maybe Center VIllage, Dogma, and Non pay decent prices for actress but my guess is they don't, and even if they do the content is awful. Yuri Honma went from being someone I paid no mind to all the way to one of my top three during the pandemic and then back down to someone I don't even look twice at. It's really sad to see her all the way down there but when the opportunities aren't there what's a guy supposed to do? She has a recent release with Oppai in a pretty mediocre release and I think they can do better. Her starring in GES would be absolutely incredible and I can see them swinging her as the stepmom the way Ayumi or Rena had back in the day. Yuri is turning 31 this month (compared to Nina being 36) so I think she'll compliment her as a younger MILF role to round out the roster, especially as Nina's body type also makes her fit a different position.

With Karen leaving us we need an actress that can also realistically top the charts. Karen Yuzuriha has done surprisingly well this year and among actresses topping the physical charts she's in fifth place overall. Don't forget that Karen is a shared exclusive with Premium so her sales are quite high as a result. I think Kokoro is the actress Oppai should go for to replace her. She'll fit that more kawaii style Karen brings to the table with her youthful appearance, and Kokoro's going to fill out rather similarly physically speaking to Karen. She's also the best freelancer to join in terms of sales and who I think will fit the roster, being one of the few to consistently make the top 100 dvd sales. She's not all that close to Karen but few are, and we can make Kokoro into more of a star.

With that I give you my draft for Oppai. I'm still not quite sure who ends up being their flagship actress and personally I would try to change it over time. I'd start off with Nina Nishimura being the veteran training Kokoro to take over almost immediately and then long term I'd plan for Momoka Kagura to take over some time in 2025. The way I see it is that Kokoro is probably ready to do it now with a bit of a support structure but long term I think you want your eggs in the Momoka basket. Regardless, it's been fun hypothesizing who I would put on their roster and I think with these changes I can really get them back to their former glory days when they had Hitomi and Julia. I've always seen Oppai as the blend between mainstream JAV and huge tits, something their current roster really lacks. The simple truth is that they don't have women with the tits they need to please someone like me and it's a damn shame. We're picking up some newer actresses and veterans alike, some younger and older, and some with reasonably sized boobs all the way up to omg those can't be real sized.

I really hope you've enjoyed it and I hope you look forward to the next roster I draft. Please let me know in the comments what your thoughts were on the draft and who you would pick. Until next time!

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