Hotel Massages Gone Wrong 2 Part One

Published June 3, 2019

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Apparently showing hotel massage therapist your erection leads to sex as shown in this incredibly popular series by HOT ENTERTAINMENT.

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Hotel Massages Gone Wrong 2 Part One
Translation and Timing by ZENRA
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Let's just get it out of the way now:  our apologies again for taking so darn long to release a sequel to this incredibly popular series by HOT ENTERTAINMENT.  We're well aware many of our subscribers upon joining (thank you!) go to movies in this series before anything else.  It's been almost a year (!) since the last one and we hope the wait's been worth it because today and Friday's 4-hour double update is exactly what you've been eager to see.

Finally--finally!--we bring you HOTEL MASSAGES GONE WRONG 2, the sequel to this beauty.  We may have mentioned it then, but while we opted to show something from the main series before, upon taking a close look at usage stats, it's the "BEST" titles that are the most popular.  We're talking the ones that take content from the original series where each encounter runs 40-60 minutes and reduces them to easier to digest 20 minute chunks.  The sex is mainly left intact and only bits and pieces of the dialog have been cut.  We're not sure how these fare in Japan compared to the originals, but showing 12 massage therapists rather than just 4-6 should be something agreeable to near anyone.

Make note that actually ordering a hotel massage in Japan and brazenly dropping your pants to jerk off is a fast way to both terminate the service then and there followed by you and your belongings being respectively escorted off the premises.  I would not--definitely not!--attempt what you see done in this title in real life.  Now, if you're desperate to experience something like it, there's nothing aside from a language barrier stopping you from calling up an out-call 'rejuvenation' massage service specializing in older women.  These types of massages + handjob services exist in multitude in any major Japanese city.  You can even tell them ahead of time you'd like to emulate the 'married hotel masseuse reacts to erection' fantasy and they'll make it happen!

HOTEL MASSAGES GONE WRONG 2 like all its predecessors is shot mainly with still cameras in intimate settings.  Some may scoff at this setup.  Some may prefer a constantly active cameraman and many close-ups.  Rest assured that there *are* times where the camera is moving and you get closer footage, but given the ages of most therapists (40-60!), sometimes zooming in super close like you'd see in more vanilla JAV titles may not be a good idea.

Unless you prefer young and beautiful hotel masseuses, there should still be ideal therapists in this update.  Yes, they're all older, but there's curves, wedding rings, untapped eroticism, and some very voracious foreplay leading to some wonderful sex.  As a fan of chunky women, I had my fill and then some.  Even those who love women with armpit hair are in for a surprise (fourth scene in Part One).

Production note:  the first four scenes in this release were originally from a title shot in HD (1280x720) whereas the rest is FHD.  HOT ENTERTAINMENT opted to present these in letterbox format.  We tested stretching the footage out, but the results were less than optimal so we're keeping the letterboxing as is.  Enjoy!

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 1593

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