I Was Approached by a Cute Japanese Girl For a Full Service Massage

Published September 28, 2020

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Most street walkers you encounter in Tokyo offering full service massages are Chinese nationals. This time we get something more homegrown.

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I Was Approached by a Cute Japanese Girl For a Full Service Massage
Translation and Timing by ZENRA

If you've ever been to Tokyo--actually let's narrow this down more--if you've ever spent time in Kabukicho at night and after doing your dining, your clubbing, and gosh knows what else while trying to dodge all those "pleasant" touts who all seem to think you're their best friend, you may be antsy for some 'romantic' play.  Sure, big cities in Japan have brothels aplenty as the only type of sexual activity that's illegal to sell here is penis-in-vagina sex.  That doesn't mean there's no gray area because there's always customers who want more and women who may not have the desire to work at an establishment that may take half or more of her pay.

Now going back to our horny foreigner in Kabukicho, if the hour is right--several before the sun rises--his leisurely stroll through one of Tokyo's more seedier areas (that is slowly gentrifying--a story for another review), he may be approached by street walkers.  While anecdotal, the majority of those who engage in this questionably legal profession are not of Japanese descent.  Most of the time they're Chinese nationals on some random work or student visa trying to make extra money.  Most do indeed offer full service though the chance of bait-and-switches with the woman who approaches you being swapped for a granny or worse is something to take into account.

With all this in mind, HOT ENTERTAINMENT put together a fantastic movie that takes this late night risky paid sex theme and gives it a literal Japanese twist.  What we get in I WAS APPROACHED BY A CUTE JAPANESE GIRL FOR A FULL SERVICE MASSAGE is exactly what the name implies.  Until now, most of our massage seduction updates have been of the hotel masseuse variety where the customer is the one seeing how far he can go with a regular (and usually older) massage therapist who doesn't provide extras.  This time we're provided something a lot more brazen.

Believe it or not, my favorite part of this 136 minute update is not the sex itself nor even the massages.  It's the actual street portions that happen before them.  All three women nail it.  Obviously AMI AYUHA, the super cute college student that stars in the first scene (and the entire trailer) is the crowd favorite.  Some Japanese reviewers praised her performance while trashing NOZOMI SUHARA and MIORI AYAHA.  In terms of the reverse street pickup portion, all three are great.  AMI nails the "I'm a young student who's OK with having unprotected sex from time to time" whereas MIORI from start to finish emitted an almost unfathomable amount of sultriness.  AMI visually may be more my type, but MIORI's performance is nonpareil.  NOZOMI also is well worth checking out though I will admit her scene was filmed in a room a bit too cramped and her client needed to ease up on the talking when the play began.

I WAS APPROACHED BY A CUTE JAPANESE GIRL FOR A FULL SERVICE MASSAGE is fantastic.  It's low budget in that all the scenes are one-on-one affairs, but holy heck did they pull off a great theme you almost never see in JAV.  The cameras once inside are all fixed, but you get a great variety of angles.  The lighting and the sound is what you'd expect from HOT ENTERTAINMENT:  as good as it gets.  The sex?  Real.  Are they really doing it raw?  Are the creampies real?  Up to you to decide.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 792

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


*Amazing theme done exceptionally well.
*Outside portions have amazing dialog and setup.
*The sex is great and the foreplay is even better.


*Scene two's cramped room.
*Slight parody on "the Japanese do it better!" trope you see on variety TV sometimes may come off as mildly racist.

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